House Republicrat Hypocrisy & Hiding Homophobia

The State House Republicans, as usual, are stuck in the dark ages along with their Democratic friends.

This week? They’re hollering about taxes while many of their members support regressive local options taxes.

Fun, dishonest claims that 280,000 Kentuckians have lost health insurance. Instead of accurately stating that their former plans aren’t compliant with the law and those people qualify for other plans that are often much cheaper than their prior plans.

Also cute that they’re selectively hiding Stan Lee’s sickening homophobia.

We Have Some Great Gift Ideas For Stan Lee

A bill that would further deregulate telephone service in Kentucky breezed through a House committee Thursday amid intense lobbying by AT&T, which crafted it. [H-L]

The U.S. government uses $37 as its estimate of how much a ton of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere costs, including decreased agricultural productivity, damage from rising sea levels and harm to human health related to climate change. [HuffPo]

It’s been more than a decade since Adam Carter did time in prison for dealing cocaine — but when it comes to trying to get a job interview, it might as well have been yesterday, he says. [C-J/AKN]

At the end of 2011, Chesapeake Energy, one of the nation’s biggest oil and gas companies, was teetering on the brink of failure. [ProPublica]

The sponsor of a right-to-work law in Kentucky knew it had no chance of passing a House committee Thursday. [Ronnie Ellis]

Wall Street bonuses rose 15% last year, to the highest level since the global financial crisis, according to the New York state finance chief. [BBC]

The reinstatement of a central Kentucky mayor has been put on hold until a judge reconsiders his decision in the case. [WKYT]

The deadly threat posed by German submarines during World War One helped spur scientists to develop sonar, using underwater sound signals to locate objects like subs that might be taking aim with a torpedo. [Reuters]

Where there’s smoke on the animal advocacy front, there’s fire. And mismanagement. Potential fraud. Scandal after scandal. [The ‘Ville Voice Here, Here, Here, Here & Here]

The Affordable Care Act — which many see creating challenges for businesses — could benefit a particular group of business people: entrepreneurs. [NPR]

Steve Beshear’s own executive orders on the anti-gay discrimination front apparently don’t matter much to him. [Conflicts Check]

Advocates expect the Supreme Court to decide a case addressing same-sex couples’ marriage rights in the next few years. But to get there, cases have to be heard by lower courts first. [BuzzFeed]

Richie Farmre is still dumb as hell. Former University of Kentucky basketball star Richie Farmer wants to delay his report date to federal prison by a week… to watch his son play basketball! [H-L]

Colorado’s second-highest court ruled Thursday that some people convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana can ask for those convictions to be thrown out under the law that legalized recreational marijuana in the state. [HuffPo]

Someone should send a bunch of these totally not safe for work, vulgar, amazing things to Stan Lee. [DON’T CLICK AT WORK]

Just Submit Your Hospital Bill To Mitch McConnell

Food stamps are fast becoming a flash point for the House farm bill this week — but also an increasingly partisan, even racially tinged debate in Congress over the future of the social safety net in these hard economic times. [Politico]

HAHAHA! Ruh ro. The owner of WROC, the CBS affiliate in Rochester, N.Y., says Time Warner Cable is rebroadcasting its station in Louisville “on an unauthorized basis in an illegal manner.” [C-J/AKN]

Breck Girl Stan Lee got an independent opponent in his 45th District State House race. This means Stan Lee will likely win re-election with ease. People just wouldn’t feel right not having a full-on bigot in that seat. [H-L]

If you’re a history nerd or enjoy learning about civilization? Then you’ll want to read this interesting story about a settlement discovered in Canada. [HuffPo]

The thought-free muppets who host Fox News’ illiterate dementia variety hour Fox and Friends briefly mentioned the actual news nugget about the unveiled U.S. Olympic Team outfits yesterday. [Wonkette]

Here’s your best girlfriend, Mitch McConnell, working hard to make sure your kid with a pre-existing condition can’t obtain health care. [The Hill]

Clark County switched from a magistrate form of government to a county commission about a year and a half ago, but some residents want to turn back the clock. [H-L]

You can’t even sleep in your home in Lexington these days without a terrifying invasion that’s followed by being robbed at gunpoint. [WKYT]

You probably need to puke this morning. So here you go. An Arkansas man known as the “Toe Suck Fairy” for a series of assaults directed at woman’s feet over more than two decades was sentenced to one year in prison on Wednesday. [Reuters]

The Federal Reserve is open to taking further action to support the struggling U.S. economy. But minutes of the Fed’s June meeting show policymakers at odds over whether the economy needs more help now. [HuffPo]

At a time of soaring health care bills, experts say that doctors, middlemen and drug distributors are adding hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the costs borne by taxpayers, insurance companies and employers through the practice of physician dispensing. [NYT]

Greg Fischer, along with the ignorant help of Jim Gray, isn’t just pushing to raise taxes on people who already can’t afford it. He’s also allowing a handful of asshats to sink his entire administration with nastiness. [The ‘Ville Voice]