Donald Trump’s First Weekly Address

Here’s Donald Trump’s first weekly address.

Hold on tight for the barely-able-to-read-the-teleprompter bullshit:

How do you even rip that mess he spewed apart?

To think your taxpayer dollars made that happen.

Meanwhile, the White House was busy literally denying the Holocaust, instituting religious tests and going after the media. It’s what people who aren’t mouth-breathers would typically refer to as Nazism.

Let’s Talk About Homophobe/Transphobe Scott Jennings’ Latest Garbage

Feast your eyes on the latest cowardly garbage from giant apparent homophobe/transphobe Scott Jennings:

The last major decision of President Barack Obama was to commute the sentence of a traitor whose most recent accomplishment since giving battlefield secrets to Osama bin Laden was undergoing a taxpayer-funded sex change transition. It was a fitting end to a failed presidency that leaves President-elect Donald Trump mess after mess to clean up on the world stage.

Let’s revisit the curious case of Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning). He was court martialed(sic) in 2013, “three years after Manning was first detained in Iraq for suspicion of having leaked the video of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack that killed several Iraqi civilians. He was subsequently charged with the leak of 750,000 documents that were a mix of U.S. military battlefield reports from Iraq and Afghanistan and diplomatic cables,” according to ABC News.


If Obama felt one shred of shame, he would send his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize back with a note of apology to the people of Aleppo.

The necessity and urgency of American leadership and a foreign policy vision unclouded by the extreme liberal ideology demanded by Obama’s political base cannot be understated. Trump’s work is now more than just moving American foreign policy forward; he must dig out of the deep hole left him by the Obama administration.

It should be noted that the government says the release by Manning resulted in no harm and no deaths. The fact that Jennings spent several paragraphs insinuating that Manning had anything to do with slaughter is beyond offensive. It’s dangerous rhetoric. It was done intentionally by him to incite fear and anger. There’s no way he’s that ignorant.

Seems like Jennings has turned into a giant child. A whiny ass titty baby who is crawling back into the depths of hateful homophobia and transphobia. He’s turned into a disgusting coward for having the audacity to use such anti-trans language to intentionally incite hate among the already hate-filled folks he knows will read what he has to say.

Manning will have served more than seven years in prison upon release and has admitted guilt. It’s not like President Barack Obama is allowing her to get off without any consequence.

The remarks Jennings made about Aleppo and Russia are fascinating in light of his own direct and blind support of Donald Trump. Remarkable in light of his own Republican Party’s support of Russia’s invasion of other countries. It’s unreal to witness. But not unexpected, really, since Scott’s Super PAC (Kentuckians For Strong Leadership) received $50,000 from Donald Trump on May 21, 2013 and $10,000 on October 21, 2014. Birds of a feather and all that.

Sure is cute watching this self-important armchair warrior whine about the scary black man in the White House while simultaneously throwing digs at the LGBT community. Those pointed remarks about Chelsea Manning make it clear that Jennings is a bigot and he’s finally come out of the bigoted closet. Particularly in light of his praise of racist Jeff Sessions and his own racist jokes – told by him – at Fancy Farm. He’ll run from the ‘bigot’ label and whine about it but that’s what he is. Anyone insulting the LGBT community in such an indefensible manner while cracking racist jokes is a bigot. And that’s coming from me – a member of the LGBT community.

Hopefully people will remember Jennings’ disgusting and deliberately ignorant remarks when giving him a platform in the future. Hopefully none of his kids grow up to be gay or trans or have the misfortunate of having to deal with his ignorance. (Cue whining about mentioning kids…)

“It’s just politics” though, right? Such a delicate snowflake so easily upset by President Barack Obama’s thoughtful and well-explained actions.

Think Ignoring Jamie Comer Is Okay?

Do you really think ignoring Jamie Comer is totally fine, Kentucky? Especially now that he’s a U.S. Congressman?

He destroyed records from DURING HIS TERM.

Here’s a taste:

That’s merely a tiny sample. In one instance, Comer destroyed ten cubic feet of records. In many others, he destroyed tiny electronic files that took up no space at all – in part, apparently (since no one could provide an answer), because some of the files contained information Republicans found troubling.

The Kentucky Democratic Party and the majority of media in the Commonwealth are just twiddling their thumbs. All while people like Jonathan Miller actively work to protect him.

That’s why I need your help covering open records requests to keep digging in.

Bevin Appoints Another Tea Extremist

Who is Kathy Gornik, a woman Matt Bevin just appointed to the Work Ready Skills Initiative & Work Ready Skills Advisory Committee?


Right up Matt Bevin’s alley to appoint a borderline racist tea lady, steeped in pseudoscience and Ayn Rand bullshit, who complains about “race baiting” and denies climate change.

She’s a real piece of work. And she’s in charge of, according to Bevin’s office: developing “a highly trained, modernized workforce in the Commonwealth to meet the needs of employers and promote sustainable incomes for Kentuckians” and establishing an “application process for partnerships seeking state support for partnership programs, establish an application review process and review, consider and approve applications for funding.”

It’s Frankfort Tidbit Update Time Again

A few Frankfort tidbits…

Governor Teabagger, Matt Bevin, has long claimed to embrace transparency and accountability. One key thing that helps on both fronts is segregation of duties.

So what’s Bevin do when given the opportunity to practice what he preaches? The opposite. In order to cut just a few hundred thousand dollars per year in expense, he’s decided to combine the crime victims board, board of claims and the board of tax appeals into one: the Kentucky Claims Commission. An extremely tiny savings when compared to the potential for wrongdoing with such consolidated power.

From a release:

The Executive Order entered this week creates the new Kentucky Claims Commission and abolishes the Kentucky Board of Claims, Board of Tax Appeals and the Crime Victims Compensation Board. The new commission will take effect on October 1 and will be reviewed by the General Assembly during its 2017 session.


“This reorganization will benefit Kentuckians in a number of ways,” said Gov. Bevin. “Consolidating these agencies will reduce costs and make funds available to reduce a $2 million backlog of payments to crime victims and to healthcare providers who conduct sexual assault examinations. Rather than pay excessive salaries to board members, this money will be used to compensate victims. It’s an easy and prudent decision that will benefit Kentuckians.”

It’s what you call right-wing nonsense. Putting Kentuckians at risk by giving just a few people extreme power.

On top of that – a press release from the Public Protection Cabinet claimed that “Kentucky legislators are responding positively to the newly created commission.” Those legislators? All Republicans, with the exception of hot mess Denise Harper Angel. The others: Alice Forgy Kerr, Donna Mayfield, Regina Bunch, Jim DeCesare, Whitney Westerfield.

The entire Cabinet for Health and Family Services is being required to resubmit I-9 forms within three weeks. Every. Single. Employee. In. That. Giant. Cabinet.

The Bevin crew claims their records aren’t as “clean” as they’d like.

And since these are the people who think gutting Medicaid and services that assist the most needy in the Commonwealth, you know it’s not surprising. More pressing issues never take precedence.

Finally, the Legislative Research Commission has pulled some shady shit. It’s the kind of thing Frankfort nightmares are made of and a bunch of folks are up in arms.

David Byerman, the LRC’s new head, thought it would be a slick idea have all employes submit requests for raises – with he and upper management deciding the amounts. In part because the raises vary widely and not everyone is receiving one.

Staffers were required to submit a transition memo to justify their raise request. The result is some people who have been at LRC for ages receiving little to nothing and some newly-hired employees receiving allegedly as much as a 10% increase in pay.

All this comes on the back of a June 2 meeting Byerman held to address changes he intended/intends to implement. (He recorded the meeting, so I’m guessing the video should be extra-awful.) And on the back of the human resource director apparently resigning immediately following the Southern Legislative Conference.

You can almost hear the fireworks that are sure to go off in 3, 2…

What The Heck, Magoffin County???

The Magoffin County Fiscal Court is a disaster.

Want a taste?

Here are the most recent audits from Frankfort:

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) for 2013.

Some highlights:

  • These jackasses blamed the March 2012 tornado on their shenanigans
  • The county treasurer did not monitor disbursements which caused total budgeted appropriations to be over spent.
  • The fiscal court did not amend the county’s budget for unanticipated receipts.
  • The county treasurer did not present an annual settlement to the fiscal court within the time period required by state law.
  • The county treasurer did not monitor fund cash balances which caused the 911 Fund to have a negative balance.
  • The county did not maintain capital asset schedules in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • The county’s administrative code does not address commuting mileage or the personal use of a county vehicle.
  • The fiscal court did not prepare a Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.
  • The fiscal court lacks adequate segregation of duties over payroll.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over gravel inventory.
  • The fiscal court did not follow proper procedures for timesheets.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over health reimbursement accounts and flexible spending accounts.
  • County did not update insurance policies for capital asset changes.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over notes receivable.

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) for 2014.


  • The county did not maintain capital asset schedules in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • The county treasurer did not present an annual settlement to the fiscal court within the time period required by state law.
  • The county treasurer did not monitor bank account cash balances which caused the road fund bank account to have a negative balance.
  • The county’s administrative code does not address commuting mileage or the personal use of a county vehicle.
  • The fiscal court did not prepare a schedule of expenditures of federal awards.
  • The fiscal court did not have insurance on a 2013 Mack truck that could not be found during a physical inventory test.
  • The fiscal court lacks adequate segregation of duties over payroll.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate internal controls over gravel inventory.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over health reimbursement accounts and flexible spending accounts.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over notes receivable.

This is why Eastern Kentucky can’t have nice things.


Bill Estep at the H-L is now covering the $35,000 missing truck.

Here Are Scott Jennings’ Remarks. Early.

Scott Jennings, who once pleaded the 5th in order to avoid incriminating himself in the George W. Bush email scandal, still doesn’t understand how embargoes work. Pro-tip: They only work when you arrange them. A blanket directive from your PR firm won’t cut it.

UPDATE – Right off the bat, Jennings started with a racist joke. And he was dumb enough to bring up the Clinton email mess when he has his own very real email scandal on his record. *END UPDATE*

So here are his remarks at Fancy Farm:

Thank you Mark and Father Venters, and welcome, everyone to the 136th annual Fancy Farm picnic! How about a round of applause for Mark and Lori Wilson … another great job, guys, thanks for what you do.

What an honor it is to be here! I love this event and I look forward to it every year. Politicos from across Kentucky come here to show off some personality and creativity.

And to be honest, it is a little intimidating being up here.

I mean, last year Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio was the emcee and he was great.

I wish I could just read his jokes. You know, copy and paste his stuff.

But of course, plagiarism is a big no-no in the political business.

So instead, let me just say that…on behalf of my husband Barack and my daughters Sasha and Malia, it’s an honor to be here.


To those watching at home, let me introduce you to the most important players in today’s event – this huge crowd!

First, in this corner, please welcome…THE REPUBLICANS!

And, this corner, please welcome…THE DEMOCRATS!

And, finally, let me introduce the most important people of all … the DEMOCRATS who vote REPUBLICAN every November!

It’s ok guys, everybody knows what you do in the voting booth. There’s no time like the present to come out of the shadows.


It’s true, Kentucky is a real two-party state these days and a lot of Democrats are actually voting Republican. There are three issues motivating this migration:

Hillary. Rodham. Clinton.

Man, she’ll say anything to get elected. I don’t want to say Hillary is pandering to get votes in Kentucky, but I’m not totally convinced she’ll send Bobby Knight to Guantanamo Bay.

If she does pull this off, the only thing less safe than our national security information will be the White House interns. Look out! Slick Willie on the loose!


Hillary’s opponent is, for now, Donald Trump.

I don’t want to talk too much about The Donald, mainly because I’ve been told that every time someone makes a joke about Trump, an angel gets deported.

Oh wait, I misread it.

That’s “Ángel gets deported!”


Can you believe what’s going with the Russians? Trump says they ought to be hacking Hillary’s emails. The Democrats say Vladimir Putin is trying to meddle in our elections?

Now I don’t know if that’s true, Jamie Comer, but if folks start handing out vodka instead of bourbon to win School Board races in your neck of the woods we’ll know something’s up.

But I have to say, Trump picking Governor Mike Pence for Vice President was genius. In Indiana, Mike Pence wanted to start a state-run news agency! A political operative would write all the news stories.

You know, the way it works over in North Korea. Or at MSNBC.


Governor Matt Bevin, good to see you today and welcome back to Fancy Farm!

There is no doubt, Governor, that you are getting things done in Frankfort.

After eight years of Steve Beshear, a lot of folks forgot what it was like when a Governor, you know, actually tried.

Now Governor, it is true, a lot of Republicans were kind of hard on you back in 2014 when you first came along. Now, I wasn’t one of them…but since we are at church today I’ll go ahead and ask for forgiveness.

You know the Establishment isn’t very good at predicting the future. Heck, this time last summer I was all in for Jeb Bush!

The truth is, Governor, you are doing a terrific job.

Just ask Attorney General Andy Beshear. He thinks your criminal justice reforms are terrific – because of you, some of the people in Andy’s office might actually get to vote for him in the next election.

Now Andy isn’t here today. But if you are watching at home, brother, I’m just kidding around. Don’t sue me! We’ve known each other for a very long time. You are the Beshear I actually get along with.

I’m just waiting for Governor Bevin to rename Lake Beshear over there by Dawson Springs, where your Dad and I were born.

Maybe…Lake Obamacare. Or Lake Pension Shortfall. Who knows?


Senator Mitch McConnell, good to see you here today.

An event like this is perfect for a guy like him. When Kentuckians think entertainment and excitement they think of two words: Mitch. McConnell.

They actually took a survey of the most exciting, dynamic senators. Senator McConnell came in right ahead of Tim Kaine, which is no small feat.

By the way, thank you for releasing an audio version of your memoir. It changed our lives in the Jennings Household. Thanks to the sound of your voice, our little baby Thatcher has never slept better.

I’m just kidding…because I can! Mitch McConnell is my old boss, of course. And apparently I have no interest in ever working for him again, so I will just keep going here.

In all seriousness, the Senator has been a true mentor. I’ll never forget what he told me at the end of the last campaign. He looked me right in the eye, shook my hand and said “Scott, if you ever talk to the Louisville Courier-Journal about anything you’ve seen here, I’ll kill you.”

That’s actually not a joke.


Speaking of the Senate, Rand Paul, good to see you back at Fancy Farm.

Now Rand is disappointed he’s not running against Hillary right now, but running for Senate from Kentucky is far better than running for President.

One good thing … at the debates, your podium is in the center of the stage rather than falling off the end of it!

Oh, Jim Gray. I forgot you were there. And apparently so did the rest of your party.

Hello and welcome to Fancy Farm.

I don’t know much about old Jim over here except he’s spent most of his time as Mayor trying to fill a huge hole somebody dug in the middle of Lexington.

Here’s a thought … you may need a place to bury your political career after this election.


Again, I want to welcome everyone watching at home on KET. Bill Goodman has microphones all over the picnic grounds to capture the sounds of Fancy Farm.

It’s sort of the same in Frankfort these days, where the FBI has microphones all over the cooperating witnesses.

Which reminds me! Alison Grimes passes along her regrets. She couldn’t be here today because her husband is about to go away on a long trip.

Funny, I heard her Dad may also be going away for a long time.

Want to scare a Democrat in Frankfort these days? Sneak up behind one and say: “You have the right to remain silent!”


Before we get started, I want to take a moment to recognize some people who come here every year. They endure the heat and the hecklers so we can enjoy our First Amendment rights.

I am talking about the Kentucky State Police, the U.S. Capitol Police, and the local officers from all over Western Kentucky.

To all law enforcement officers here today, thank you. And, also, we thank your families for enduring the stress that comes with supporting the THIN BLUE LINE.

Now more than ever, we owe these men and women our gratitude.


Ok, ok, let’s get on with it. These politicians are ready to go.

Trust me when I tell you, what these folks are about to do is incredibly hard.

You want easy? Go hack Hillary’s email. That’s easy.

Speaking here at Fancy Farm… that takes guts!

Now, let me go over a couple of ground rules.

First, no noisemakers. If you use a noisemaker we will personally have Donald Trump tweet what a SAD! PATHETIC! LOSER! you are.

We know you are going to hoot and holler. Just be civil, and remember to use clean language and good manners.

We are all Americans, we are all Kentuckians and we all need to remember to love thy neighbor.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get down to business and see what these politicians have to say here at Fancy Farm!


Scott is busy defending Donald Trump’s racism, homophobia, transphobia. So it’s fun to see him emcee Fancy Farm.

As always, there’s this, this and this.

And remember – Democrats didn’t show up at Fancy Fart (not really a typo) because their assistance isn’t needed. The Republican Party of Kentucky doesn’t need the Democrats to help them burn down their barn with Trump-style racism and hate.