UK Is Run By A Bunch Of Assholes

Eastern Kentucky needs your love. She died alone in the middle of the night, and her body was swiftly autopsied, embalmed and carted 135 miles to a remote Kentucky county where she had been raised. [H-L]

The Department of Justice made a landmark decision last week when it announced it would direct the Bureau of Prisons to let its contracts with private prison companies lapse. But last week’s change in policy left the U.S. Marshals Service untouched, even though that agency is also under DOJ control and keeps nearly as many people locked in privatized jails as the Bureau of Prisons. [HuffPo]

You know, like Jim Ramsey took the high road when attacking ON TELEVISION anyone questioning Robert Flener, who went to prison. “Chairman Benz needs to keep his comments on the high road and work with all of the UL staff, its affiliated boards and their leadership, and the media to promote harmony,” said Hughes, who also serves on the Board of Trustees. [C-J/AKN]

A bipartisan quartet of lawmakers is circulating a letter that seeks to delay a pending arms sale to Saudi Arabia. [The Hill]

With just less than six weeks before a countywide election to determine whether legal alcohol sales will be allowed in Barren County, election officers are seeking some temporary polling places. [Glasgow Daily Times]

North Carolina’s university system must allow two transgender students and a transgender employee to use bathrooms matching their gender identity, a U.S. judge ruled on Friday, in a partial victory for those fighting the state’s restrictive restroom law. [Reuters]

The first guy was believable but Russ Meyer doesn’t carry the same credibility. That’s problematic, sure. His ties to Adam Edelen and the the Cormans also do not help him. But that doesn’t mean what he’s saying is in any way untrue. Thankfully for him, Sinnette’s story went public first, establishing a pattern. It’s clear that the Bevin team is attempting to retaliate against ANYONE holding them accountable. A second Democratic state lawmaker now claims Republican Gov. Matt Bevin tried to persuade him to switch parties and that the governor’s chief of staff threatened to punish him politically when he refused. [Ronnie Ellis]

Physicians whose state boards have sanctioned them for harming patients, unnecessarily prescribing addictive drugs, bilking federal insurance programs and even sexual misconduct nonetheless continue to receive payments for consulting, giving talks about products, and more. [ProPublica]

Louisville can’t stop killing everybody. Two vigils were held for three different victims of homicides near Shelby Park this week. [WDRB]

Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan don’t agree on much — but both are lending their support to an anti-poverty proposal that cuts across racial and party lines. [Politico]

The University of Kentucky could soon be taking legal action against its own school newspaper. [WHAS11]

Hillary Clinton has launched a full broadside against Donald Trump, accusing her Republican opponent of issuing a “steady stream of bigotry” and espousing policies that would “put prejudice into practice”. [BBC]

State Rep. John Short, whose name surfaced this year in a federal vote-buying investigation in Magoffin County that led to several convictions, said Tuesday that he doesn’t want to discuss the case. [John Cheves]

A massive crack in one of Antarctica’s largest ice shelves has grown exponentially in recent months, and scientists worry a break-off could destabilize the entire structure. [HuffPo]

No Equestrian Games For Kentucky!

Kathryn Brooke Sauer isn’t due to get out of prison until June 2026, but Bradley Jones wants to marry her now. [H-L]

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Saturday responded to the father of a U.S. Muslim soldier killed in Iraq who accused the mogul of never sacrificing anything for his country. [HuffPo]

So, I ask you. What does “GED” stand for? I was surprised recently when I was given several different answers, even from official sources. Education web sites that I checked never clearly said. They just used GED. [C-J/AKN]

Supporters of a California ballot measure to raise state taxes on cigarettes have collected more than $16 million in nine months, raking in seven-figure checks from labor unions, anti-smoking advocates and green mega-donor Tom Steyer. On the other side, Altria and R.J. Reynolds, the two largest tobacco manufacturers in the country, contributed a combined $17 million on a single day in July to defeat Proposition 56. [The Hill]

In preparation for the return of students, many schools are hosting back-to-school nights and orientations for families and future pupils next week. [Richmond Register]

A federal judge on Friday struck down a string of Wisconsin voting restrictions passed by the Republican-led legislature and ordered the state to revamp its voter identification rules, finding that they disenfranchised minority voters. [Reuters]

The county-wide election on alcohol sales in Boyd County would not only allow the sale of packaged alcohol in county gas stations — it would make Ashland and Catlettsburg completely “wet.” [Ashland Independent]

Many patients sent to rehab facilities to recover from medical crises or procedures sometimes suffer additional harm from the care itself, a government study concludes. [ProPublica]

Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. has been chosen by his peers as President of the Conference of Chief Justices and Chairman of the National Center for State Courts Board of Directors. [Ronnie Ellis]

Donald Trump launched a fresh takedown of Hillary Clinton on Friday, with the Republican presidential nominee leading the effort and dispatching his surrogates to join the attack. [Politico]

An assistant coach for a Barren County Sports League all-star team has been indicted for third degree rape involving a minor. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Mr. Manafort was one of several American advisers to Viktor F. Yanukovych, the Russian-backed leader of Ukraine until he was forced out of office two years ago. Mr. Yanukovych was a key Putin ally who is now in exile in Russia. [NY Times]

Kentucky will not pursue the 2018 World Equestrian Games which were pulled from Canada last week, because the state determined it would “put the Commonwealth and the taxpayers at enormous financial risk.” [H-L]

The computer network used by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked as part of a broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. [HuffPo]

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Where’s The Statue Of Tina Conner?

Former Gov. Paul Patton joked Tuesday that while supporters don’t usually put up statues of people before they die, he might not have been able to make sure a likeness of him was done correctly if they had waited. [H-L]

Donald Trump on Wednesday said he hopes Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails have fallen into the hands of Russian hackers. [HuffPo]

This little birdy is singing a really long song. The sentencing date for former Kentucky Personnel Cabinet Secretary Tim Longmeyer has been rescheduled for 2 p.m. Sept. 22 in federal court in Lexington. [C-J/AKN]

President Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday he’s “hopeful” about race relations improving in the country. [The Hill]

A new board to develop strategies for agricultural water use in Kentucky is closer to its first meeting. [WFPL]

California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law on Friday a bill to require anyone planning to build a homemade firearm to first obtain a serial number for the weapon and submit to a background check, his office said in a statement. [Reuters]

Messy hands happily smeared strips of paper across large sized figures as creatures began to take form Wednesday morning at a camp hosted by Berea Art House. [Richmond Register]

President Barack Obama charged Sunday that divisive rhetoric from Donald Trump on Muslims and terrorism is “ultimately helping do ISIL’s work.” [Politico]

Boyd County will spend $80,000 for a one-question “wet” election on packaged alcohol sales — three months before it spends another $90,000 on the presidential election. [Ashland Independent]

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has attended his first rally as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, saying: “America was not built on fear”. [BBC]

Rowan Fiscal Court has agreed that the Tri-County Animal Shelter is for dogs and cats only and the feline capacity is limited to 30. [The Morehead News]

Donald Trump made clear this weekend that he has not rolled back his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, despite top allies insisting that he had. [WaPo]

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes used her speech Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to paint Hillary Clinton as caring and inquisitive and “a fighter for every single thing Donald Trump is against.” [H-L]

A quarter-century after winning his party’s nomination for the presidency, Bill Clinton took the Democratic National Convention stage to tell a story on the night his wife officially won it herself… [HuffPo]

Meanwhile, In The Big Sandy Area…

The Big Sandy Community and Technical College in eastern Kentucky will launch the state’s first broadband technology program this fall. [H-L]

In NPI’s telling, white Americans are increasingly under siege in their own country, doomed to be a hated minority as people of color grow ever more numerous and politically powerful. And Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has given the group’s members more hope than ever that help is on the way. [HuffPo]

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have dug herself a deep hole across Kentucky and Appalachia tonight, even though she may not have intended to do so – and she may have won votes in other states. [C-J/AKN]

Hillary Clinton appeared deeply uncomfortable when confronted on her support for the death penalty by a man wrongfully imprisoned for 39 years. [The Hill]

The heated special election race for the state’s 98th District House seat brought back young, local talent in political campaigning for the Greenup County candidates. [Ashland Independent]

Liberal-leaning Vermont could become the first U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana use through legislation, rather than by voter initiative, in a move that advocates for the drug say could speed its acceptance across the nation. [Reuters]

On Saturday, the newest members of the Barren County Community Emergency Response Team were told a tornado had touched down in at least two places in the county, and they were being dispatched to help with search-and-rescue efforts. [Glasgow Daily Times]

The violence at Trump’s rallies has boiled over in recent days. Trump himself canceled his rally on Friday in Chicago, citing safety concerns. [ThinkProgress]

Can KentuckyOne fix what ails the state? No. But it’s sure gonna spend every last cent it’s got on public relations and getting media coverage. This is just the latest example of the hype. [Business First]

Wall Street has been on a wild ride the last few months with big daily swings increasingly the norm. And one major reason is no one can figure out the 2016 election. [Politico]

Sharon Woods, associate director for workforce at the Barren River Area Development District, says there’s been a misunderstanding. However, Simpson County Judge-Executive Jim Henderson’s emails given to the Daily News on Tuesday show behind-the-scenes discussions about the current workforce process in the region that, if true, could jeopardize her agency’s ability to bid on whatever workforce plan surfaces. [BGDN]

Stray penises have long been a problem for presidential aspirants, but ordinarily candidates try to conceal the evidence rather than boast about the dimensions of their manhood. [BBC]

The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission has dedicated 88 acres to an existing preserve in Pulaski County. [H-L]

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump refused to take responsibility on Sunday for clashes at his campaign events and criticized protesters who have dogged his rallies and forced him to cancel one in Chicago last week. [HuffPo]

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A Dumb KRS Thing Going On In Morehead

Almost a year after the president of Northern Kentucky’s state community college retired amid running tensions with its board of directors, the college’s foundation will begin paying him a $348,000 incentive in July. [H-L]

A Donald Trump rally that attracted thousands to the University of Illinois at Chicago was abruptly canceled Friday night amid his campaign’s security fears, sparking shouting and scuffling between the candidate’s fans and anti-Trump protesters. [HuffPo]

A day after increasing their majority in the Kentucky House, Democrats were confident they could continue to hang on to the chamber when the general election rolls around in November. [C-J/AKN]

A Republican congressman on Friday slammed his party’s presidential front-runner Donald Trump, saying the businessman is an “embarrassment.” [The Hill]

Under recommendation by the Department of Education, Barren County Schools’ Board of Education approved revisions to the project involving the Career Technical Education Facility and Athletic Field Replacement. The BOE met in a special meeting Thursday evening at Barren County Middle School. [Glasgow Daily Times]

A U.S. senator has asked government regulators what, if anything, they’re doing to stop nursing home workers from taking degrading and dehumanizing photos of residents and posting them on social media. [ProPublica]

This is crazy. If state legislators can do crap like this, there’s no reason Tom Carew should have to resign. Morehead City Council soon will have an empty seat to fill. Longtime Council member Tom Carew will officially vacate his seat at a special meeting on Friday morning at City Hall. [The Morehead News]

Washington, D.C. has been hit with “Justin Fever” as Prime Minister Trudeau is in town to meet with President Obama — and attend the first U.S.-Canadian state dinner in nearly two decades. But the real impact of his visit might be felt less by the capital’s celebrity-starved journalists and more by the polar bears. [ThinkProgress]

I’m not sure I’ve ever spent a week in Frankfort that featured more surprising political twists and turns than this past one. [Ronnie Ellis]

It was not long ago that Canadians had their own game-changing election, when Justin Trudeau swept the Liberals to an unexpected victory last October. But now they are fascinated by an election going on next door. [BBC]

Despite Thursday’s clouds, many Kentucky high school students, including those from Berea High School, Madison County ATC and Madison Southern High School, gathered on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus to compete in the Future Business Leader’s of America (FBLA) Region Six Leadership Conference. [Richmond Register]

A new study confirms what many Americans already knew deep in their hearts: We’re not good at math. Not only that, when it comes to technology skills we’re dead last compared with other developed countries. [NPR]

This is what happens when you allow private businesses to take ownership of public utility systems. A proposed rate increase would put Kentucky American Water among the Top 30 most expensive taps in the country, according to a recent survey. [H-L]

U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday blamed supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for protests that shut down his Chicago rally, calling the U.S. senator from Vermont “our communist friend.” [HuffPo]

Way To Go, Matt Bevin. Way. To. Go.

Ivonne Beegle, the former principal of Cardinal Valley Elementary School who said she was asked in 2012 to resign or be fired, alleges in a court document that she was retaliated against because she complained about unequal treatment of her and Hispanic students. [H-L]

Can you imagine the Kentucky Democratic Party doing something like this? Of course you can’t. We can’t. The KDP not only fears the gays, it fears women. So something like this isn’t going to happen any time soon. [HuffPo]

The company that Kentucky officials say brought radioactive waste into the state illegally has been ordered to stop, or face $100,000 per incident fine and potential criminal charges. [C-J/AKN]

“Religious Liberty” is the new FEAR THE GAY buzzword. Candidates in Kentucky sure are taking advantage of it. [FiveThirtyEight]

House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, said Tuesday he expects the House to vote on a two-year state budget plan early next week, one which will restore most of Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed funding cuts to education. [Ronnie Ellis]

Matt Bevin is once again the laughingstock of the nation. When outsiders know more about the state legislature than the governor, you know you’ve got a problem. Hell, you know you’ve got a problem when your governor is appointing Jamie Comer’s people and hiring devout racists as cabinet secretaries. [Jezebel]

Democratic rebirth in Kentucky? Not so much, Greg Stumbo, not so much. Remember, the Kentucky Democratic Party fights against women and can’t say the word “gay” at all. [WKYT]

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has branded leading U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a threat to peace and prosperity while Chancellor Angela Merkel said it had always been a pleasure to work with Democrat Hillary Clinton. [Reuters]

As Donald Trump looks to land a knock-out punch in the upcoming Florida primary, some activists are questioning his conservative credentials. [Richmond Register]

Donald Trump is cracking down on protesters. He’s forcing people to take loyalty oaths and is sending out plainclothes guards while further restricting media access. [Politico]

Republicans in Perry County helped make history on March 5, as they funneled into Hazard’s City Hall to cast their votes in Kentucky’s first ever Republican Presidential Caucus. According to the final tally, 849 registered voters made their voices heard in Perry County. The caucus sparked mixed emotions with the local people. [Hazard Herald]

Here’s how the foreigns are viewing the shenanigans here in the United States. In January 2017, the most powerful nation on earth will have a new leader, after a drawn out and expensive campaign – but how does a US presidential election work? [BBC]

The Damon Thayer Hot Garbage Train Rolls On! The ex-fiancée of Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer wants a judge to order the sale of a house they jointly own and have the proceeds split between them. Tonya Branham also alleges that Thayer called a Lexington nonprofit where she is chairman of the board and “defamed” her in order to apply pressure to her to relinquish her interest in the property. [H-L]

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday that he won’t launch a third-party run for president, fearing a three-way race would divide voters and ultimately be settled by congressional Republicans likely to unite behind Donald Trump. [HuffPo]

Everyone’s Gonna Have A Budget Meltdown

Of course Greg Stumbo and Jeff Hoover want to raise your taxes. That’s what politicians do. Who needs another damn arena or convention center? Certainly not the places that will be raising taxes. [H-L]

Twenty million previously uninsured people have gained health coverage since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, President Barack Obama said during a speech in Milwaukee Thursday. [HuffPo]

Matt Bevin is whining about the legislature. Spoiler alert for Bevin: The legislature is gonna be his worst nightmare for the next four years and there’s nothing he can do about it. [C-J/AKN]

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump reportedly qualified for a state property-tax break for people who make $500,000 or less, business newspaper Crain’s reported Tuesday. [The Hill]

Just how important are the four special state House elections? Well, it’s apparently important enough for the president of the United States to get involved. President Barack Obama recorded a phone message to voters in the 8th House District in Christian and Trigg counties on behalf of Democratic and African American candidate Jeffrey Taylor of Hopkinsville who is running against Republican Walker Wood Thomas. [Ronnie Ellis]

U.S. stocks ended near the lows of the day on Tuesday as energy shares tumbled alongside the price of oil and soft Chinese trade data rekindled fears that the global economy is weaker than anticipated. [Reuters]

Surprise! Medicaid expansion was good for Kentucky’s economy. [Business First]

The former director of the Anti-Defamation League said that Donald Trump having his supporters raise their right hands and pledge to support him “is about as offensive, obnoxious and disgusting as anything I thought I would ever witness in the United States of America.” [Politico]

In an effort to gather feedback on how Kentuckians define school success, State Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt is planning a series of town hall meetings starting next week. [Richmond Register]

A US air strike has killed more than 150 al-Shabab militants in Somalia, the Pentagon says. [BBC]

Staffers from area family resource and youth service centers will travel to the Kentucky Capitol on Thursday seeking to stave off budget cuts they say would impede their ability to provide essential services. [Ashland Independent]

The GOP presidential race has been brutal and often vulgar. So how do you talk to kids about it? [NPR]

House Speaker Greg Stumbo said the House’s version of a two-year state budget would substantially lessen or reverse the cuts to public education proposed by Gov. Matt Bevin. [H-L]

Wayne Barrett had considered his 1992 book on Donald Trump to be a commercial flop. Though Trump was “king of the hill” when Barrett signed the publishing contract, he was “a joke” by the time the book actually came out, Barrett remembers. The press and public had soured on the high-flying mogul awash in debt. [HuffPo]