Fletcher’s Legal Defense Fund Update

Tom Loftus reports that more than $90,000 was given to Ernie Fletcher for his legal defense fund. Fletcher filed his report two days early (today) with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission.

Fletcher received 11 donations in 2007:

  • James or Linda Booth, Lovely, $12,000
  • J. Chester Porter, Mount Washington, $10,000
  • Stan Cave, Lexington, Fletcher’s chief of staff, $3,500
  • Mira Ball, Lexington, home builder, $12,000
  • Don Ball, Lexington, home builder, $12,000
  • Brian Nolan, Lexington, $250
  • Robbie and Lisa Rudolph, (Fletcher’s cabinet secretary and running mate), Kirksey, $24,000
  • Ward Correll, Somerset, $6,000
  • Jess Correll, Stanford, $6,000
  • Eugene Goss, Harlan attorney, $1,000
  • Stan Chesley, Cincinnati attorney, $5,000

On a somewhat related note, gambling/racing ponied up for the Beshear-Mongiardo inaugural festivities to the tune of $90,000.

Friday Daily Briefing Dept

Next year’s budget looks scary. The-gays-will-redecorate-your-condo scary.. Did you know the world will end? Kentucky’s budget is a disaster waiting to happen. [C-J]

Ernie can’t raise the skrilla. Only $261K raised for his 15-day pre-election report compared to $600k in 2003. Uncle Steve raised $1.09 million in the same period. That’s kind of a lot. [PolWatchers 1, 2]

Another OAG arrest. This is insane. The second arrest in the Attorney General’s office in as many days. Jason Moore was arrested the day before on DUI charges in Louisville. Now? George Seelig has been arrested for and charged with misdemeanor stalking. He was reportedly placed on administrative leave before the arrest. [WTVQ]

Pizza man ringing bells. John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s, will ring Nasdaq’s closing bell on Monday. The special event is to celebrate Papa John’s role in the release of Spider Man 3 on DVD. [Business First]

Mongiardo makes a joke. At a rally for Democrats in Central Kentucky Dan Mongiardo cracked a joke: he said he had a “novel idea” of communicating with the legislature. Stark difference with the Fletcher administration. And Robbie Rudolph says Republican momentum as returned. Guess he hasn’t seen the polls. [State-Journal]

Candidates for Lt. Gov. Homophobic?

Sure seems like both Dan Mongiardo and Robbie Rudolph could be a bit afraid of the gays. Only one brought God into the mix of their anti-gay marriage rant during last night’s debate, though. We’ll let you guess who. You’re sure to be surprised.

Neither candidate believes gay couples– who pay for 100% of their domestic partner benefits— should be afforded health insurance? Everyone should have access to health care but gay people? What the?

Heads-up to the winners on November 6, 2007: You’ll be bringing us actual gay folk to the table to resolve this matter. It’s 2007. There’s no place for homophobia.

And we thought we’d seen the last of homophobia this campaign season.

Robbie Rudolph: Gubernatorial Material?

Tire King and candidate for Lt. Gov. Robbie Rudolph’s arrogance cost Western Kentucky hundreds of jobs. In a lucrative real estate deal Rudolph snubbed his nose at a world-saving (at least in Calloway County) opportunity to create nearly 1,000 jobs.

Major groups like the Tennessee Valley Authority pushed Rudolph to put turning a personal profit aside in favor of permanently improving the region. Instead, he bought an 800,000 sq ft warehouse and employs one person.

That’s definitely the way Kentucky should be run! Right? Stifling job growth like crazy while parading all across the Commonwealth preaching about the importance of creating jobs.