Kentucky’s 2011 Races: Who Will Run?

Let’s speculate on who will run for Kentucky’s top elected offices in 2011.

Governor/Lt. Governor

  • Democrats: Steve Beshear & Jerry Abramson
    Greg Stumbo, despite what he says?
  • Republicans: Richie Farmer/Anybody
    Trey Grayson if he loses?

Auditor of Public Accounts

  • Democrats: Adam Edelen
  • Republicans: Linda Greenwell? Who?

Attorney General

  • Democrats: Jack Conway if he loses?
    Jonathan Miller
  • Republicans: Who? Maybe Stan “Baby Killing Is Okay So Long As a Parking Garage Does It” Lee?

Secretary of State

  • Democrats: Jennifer Moore
    Jody Richards
  • Republicans: Damon Thayer


  • Democrats: Failure and Homophobe Todd Hollenbach
  • Republicans: That lady who wants to abolish the office, who should win, because the office should be abolished?

Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Democrats: Who even wants that job? Maybe Joey Pendleton again?
  • Republicans: Ditto

Foaming at the Mouth Update Dept

Cheves takes Mitch to task. Sen. Mitch McConnell is taken to task by the Herald-Leader’s John Cheves for his sickening $25 million earmarks. The National Legal and Policy Center is up in arms as well. The funds, you’ll recall, are for British defense contractor BAE which is under investigation for bribery. We’re just surprised BAE isn’t red Chinese. [H-L]

Ernest Lee plays childish politics. Proof Ernie Fletcher is playing politics with the Ten Commandments. Shocked? Surprised? Didn’t think so. Only three more days. [PolWatchers]

Looking out. Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s office announced yesterday that Kentucky Bureau of Investigation agents will guard elections in the Commonwealth on November 6. Agents will act to protect voters from discrimination and will help file “Oath of Voter” documentation if a vote is challenged at the polls. [Press Release]

According to a press release, Republican candidate for state auditor Linda Greenwell will be rejoining her campaign for the final 72 hour crunch. The same press release also touts her chances– based on what’s effectively a poll of non-voting high school students. No matter where we stand ideologically, we still wish her family the best.

Non-political but equally disturbing. A Louisville goth “couple” (HAHAHA– please) are starring on this season’s Amazing Race which begins Sunday. Just go read the story and look at the pictures. Trust us. It’s worth it. [C-J]

Thoughts for Linda Greenwell

It’s not often a candidate for higher constitutional office in Kentucky has to leave the campaign trail and when it happens it’s usually for a serious reason.

As most readers have heard by now Republican candidate for Auditor Linda Greenwell has had to leave her campaign in the hands of her very competent supporters. Unfortunately, her elderly mother is hospitalized with pneumonia and complications stemming from COPD. A press release indicated her mother’s condition will sadly not improve.

What an unfortunate time for life to happen. The final week before election day is always the most exciting for a candidate and their staff.  We hope Ms. Greenwell’s group of people are able to find some enjoyment these next six days.

Should go without saying our warmest of thoughts go to the Greenwell family. We encourage you to send words of encouragement and support to Linda via her campaign website.