“Boycotting” Indiana But Not Kentucky Is The Height Of Equality Hypocrisy

Jonathan Miller may be one of the biggest self-important mooches in Kentucky but he’s partially right about this discriminatory nonsense. Just a shame this guy continues to insert himself where he doesn’t belong and there are obviously better authorities to turn to. [H-L]

The National Security Agency considered abandoning its secret program to collect and store American calling records in the months before leaker Edward Snowden revealed the practice, current and former intelligence officials say, because some officials believed the costs outweighed the meager counterterrorism benefits. [HuffPo]

Anheuser-Busch Companies reported spending far more money on lobbying than any other group during the first two months of the Kentucky General Assembly. [C-J/AKN]

A light bulb made with graphene – said by its UK developers to be the first commercially viable consumer product using the super-strong carbon – is to go on sale later this year. [BBC]

Now that the amendment to ban electronic cigarettes in public places is in effect, Morehead smokers are beginning to react. [The Morehead News]

They’ve gone from being afraid of non-whites to being afraid of the gays. [NPR]

Count Delta Air Lines among those supporting changes to the board that oversees Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. [Cincinnasti.com]

Less than a month before the U.S. Supreme Court hears their historic case, lawyers for gay couples from four states with bans on same-sex marriage are close to finally resolving which of them will argue before the justices. [Reuters]

The Kentucky Office of the Attorney General has filed the prosecution’s argument against the appeal of William Chesher, who fatally shot Ronnie Hiser in 2013, offering counterpoints to each of three issues raised by the defense. [Glasgow Daily Times]

What, you thought Republicans weren’t all trying to cling to fear by appeasing anti-gay bigots? [The Hill]

African American leaders in Louisville are speaking out against Kentucky’s U.S. senators and their efforts to block the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as U.S. attorney general. [WFPL]

It’s nice that so many people are standing up for equality. But good freaking grief at the hypocrisy. Bands like Wilco are canceling shows in Indiana while still playing in Kentucky — a state that also has a bigot law. Yes, there are variations to the law from state to state but come on. [WaPo]

The weaknesses in Fayette County Public Schools’ budget and financial management processes and other issues that state Auditor Adam Edelen revealed in September “didn’t occur overnight, and they won’t be fixed overnight,” he said recently. But Edelen said he generally was satisfied with Fayette County’s response, which district staff has been detailing in monthly reports to Edelen and the school board. [H-L]

Australia announced on Sunday that it would join negotiations to establish a new a Chinese-led Asian regional bank that has emerged as a potential challenge to United States influence in a part of the world where the Obama administration has tried to forge stronger ties. [HuffPo]

Now Ed Hart Wants To Get His Money Back

Spoiler alert: Ashley Judd wasn’t really surprised that Alison Grimes lost and knew all along Grimes’ campaign was a lost cause. She would have gotten much further because she’s true to herself. Actress and Kentucky native Ashely Judd said this week that she was “shocked and disappointed” that Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes lost to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, adding that she might run for office “some day.” [Bluegrass Politics]

Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan consulted the White House before directing agency personnel to sift through a walled-off computer drive being used by the Senate Intelligence Committee to construct its investigation of the agency’s torture program, according to a recently released report by the CIA’s Office of the Inspector General. [HuffPo]

Operators of Kentucky Kingdom amusement park at the Kentucky Exposition Center are seeking state financial incentives valued at up to $3.75 million to defray the cost of around $15 million in improvements they plan to make at the park for the upcoming season. [C-J/AKN]

Here’s another good look at University of Louisville-Robert Felner lackey, John Deasy, getting caught by the U.S. Department of Education in the iPad scandal. Turns out the FBI focused on his relationship with Apple executives. Imagine that. [Click the Clicky]

Jack Conway joined a small group of locals at a meet and greet in Ashland at Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 248 on Tuesday night, just a day after officially filing his campaign paperwork in Frankfort. Conway, running for governor as a Democrat, was joined by runningmate for lieutenant governor and current state Rep. Sannie Overly of Paris to shake hands and talk about his campaign with the 30 or so who turned out. [Ashland Independent]

Oh, wait for it, here’s the sweet new gig John Deasy scored. He’s going to be training school superintendents. What a disaster. [LA Times]

Glasgow and Barren County’s new leaders were among a contingent of nine individuals who traveled to Frankfort on Monday to demonstrate that the county has a team working in a united manner to move it forward. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Rand Paul began the new year by lobbying for one of his favorite causes: criminal-justice reform [Mother Jones]

Adam Edelen found something else to be angry about in Bullitt County. [The ‘Ville Voice]

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) circulated a long-awaited discussion draft on taxing online sales this week, lobbyists and congressional aides told The Hill. [The Hill]

Two coal companies operating in Harlan County have issued WARN Act notices of their intentions to terminate a total of 95 employees. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

In our story last month about credit rating agencies and tobacco bonds, we detailed numerous instances in which bankers pressured Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s to give favorable treatment to bond issues being put together on behalf of state and local governments. [ProPublica]

Jonathan Miller was of course there attempting to get some attention. Just like the last time Kennedy was in town and his people had to fight him off with a stick. [H-L]

In health insurance prices, as in the weather, Alaska and the Sun Belt are extremes. This year Alaska is the most expensive health insurance market for people who do not get coverage through their employers, while Phoenix, Albuquerque, N.M., and Tucson, Ariz., are among the very cheapest. [HuffPo]

Conley Apologist Defends Shady Beshear $$$

Oh, looky! Jonathan Miller is back with his thumb up his butt. Only this time he’s not apologizing for convicted felon and grifter, Tim Conley.

This time he’s crying about an editorial about the Beshears. He goes on and on about ethics, honesty and transparency — all the things the Beshears have run from and all the things Miller squandered. From hotel receipts to paying his ladyfriend a monster of a salary.

Here’s the best part of the entire piece:

Despite all of the scrutiny the 24/7 media places on our elected officials, the Beshear administration hasn’t suffered even a whiff of scandal or ethical impropriety.


I was especially disturbed by the Herald-Leader editorial, “Son’s fundraising mars Beshear legacy.”

In it, the editorial board alleges that record fund-raising by attorney general candidate Andy Beshear opens his and his father’s integrity to question.

This is a very grave, very personal accusation.

Sorry for the lack of a pee alert.

Steve Beshear Is Still Afraid Of Barack Obama

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When we told you that actual leaders in West Liberty have not been involved or included, we meant it. And this latest story pushed by Jonathan Miller, the self-important hack that he is, names not a single “leader.” They’re all outsiders. Greg Kocher should know better than to fall for that bullshit. There are obviously some people involved but they’re far from leaders and they’re part of Tim Conley’s inner circle. Period. [H-L]

Death profiteers, indeed. And you thought Hospice of the Bluegrass with its corrupt practices and absurdly overpaid CEO was bad? How dying became a multibillion-dollar industry. [HuffPo]

[Beshear] acknowledged that Kentucky’s program was named kynect to distance it from Obamacare, a name initially used only by critics to associate the Affordable Care Act with President Barack Obama. Obama was and remains unpopular in Kentucky. [C-J/AKN]

Two U.S. Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday introduced legislation in the Senate and the House of Representatives to ban deals where Web content companies could pay Internet service providers to deliver their traffic to users faster and more reliably. [Reuters]

Flatwoods, often refered to as the “bedroom community of Ashland,” has been recognized as the fifth-safest city in Kentucky by ValuePenguin.com, an online data collector based in New York. [Ashland Independent]

The U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a landmark order that required the government to share secret intelligence with defense lawyers. [NPR]

An investigation of Mason County School District in 2011 created changes in the district and resulted in the indictment of former superintendent Timothy G. Moore last month on a felony charge. Moore was in Mason County Circuit Court on Friday, and entered a not guilty plea to a charge he used public monies in excess of $10,000 but less than $100,000 “… as his own …”, known as abuse of public trust. [Leder Independent]

Gay rights activists can’t take the pressure off Congress to pass sweeping nondiscrimination legislation despite an executive order that will ban federal contractors from firing LGBT employees based on sexual orientation, President Obama said Tuesday. [The Hill]

Motorists attempting to travel KY 3459 through the Sunshine community are finding their progress difficult due to road work that has been halted due to a court order. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

As the West burns, the way the feds fight wildfires doesn’t jibe with the reality of climate change. [Mother Jones]

If you want an interesting look at how legal Personal Service Contracts play out with state universities, here you go. It’s a big PSC for Morehead State University. [External PDF Link]

What was that, again, about Iraq never being about oil? [NY Times]

State officials are seeking information about damage done to a western Kentucky bridge that spans the Ohio River. [H-L]

Four Republican former administrators of the Environmental Protection Agency had a message for the Senate on Wednesday on climate change: It’s real, it’s bad and the United States should do something about it. [HuffPo]

Jonathan Miller Is Still Meddling In West Liberty

We thought Jonathan Miller had learned his lesson about palling around with Tim Conley and attempting to insert himself into recovery efforts in West Liberty.

He didn’t:


Unfortunately, Miller continues to meddle. And he’s conned Christy Brown into believing his hype. Many receiving the invitation won’t even know what’s going on. They’ll just show up because Christy’s name is mentioned. The woman ought to be ashamed and should offer a public apology after distancing herself. No, we don’t blame her, but enough’s enough.

Spoiler alert: those responsible for recovery efforts in West Liberty have no idea what Miller is up to. They tell me (Hello? Jonathan? You shitbird, this is my hometown and people there talk to me.) Miller is just trying to toot his own horn.

It’s disgusting that this grifter continues to use West Liberty’s tragedy for his own personal promotion. What’s more sad is that Christy has no idea what he’s doing.

Here’s a refresher for the Brown Family:

That town needs help. Not some rich asshole who is so self-involved he can’t keep locals involved, can’t avoid promoting himself, refuses to distance himself from criminals and won’t put his petty differences aside in order to work with people who know what’s going on.

You know things are bad when people in West Liberty are complaining to me that Miller won’t go away.

Nope, Jamie Comer’s Hemp Trip Wasn’t Wasteful

During the months of May and June, all we heard from the Democratic House Caucus Good Old Boy Network was foaming at the mouth about Jamie Comer.

The drama was all about how Comer was allegedly wasting taxpayer dollars like woah on the Hemp Commission and specifically on his trip to Washington, D.C.

While Comer suffers from a serious case of teabagger panic, he is not known to be wasteful in any stretch of the imagination. Naturally, we filed some open records requests to access Comer’s travel documents because the Democratic foaming at the mouth was severe.

Below were the amounts authorized for those taking the D.C. trip followed by actual expenses:

Jamie Comer
Lodging $600
Per diem $200
Airfare $400
Misc $200

Actual expenses – Comer
$30 breakfast
$30 lunch
$45 dinner
Airfare $267.80
$50 airline excess baggage fee

Cory Bridges
Lodging $0 (shared room)
Per diem $200
Airfare $400
Misc $200

Actual expenses – Bridges
$22.15 breakfast
$61.44 lunch
$69.88 dinner
$82.38 lodging (Frankfort to Paducah)
Airfare $267.80
$50 baggage fee

Jonathan Miller
Lodging $600
Per diem $200
Airfare $400
Misc $200

Actual expenses – Miller
$870.70 airfare
$125.74 lodging (he later wrote a check for reimbursement?)

Other Expenses

  • The evening prior to departure for D.C., $125.36 was spent at the Crowne Plaza in Louisville for a double room for Comer.
  • Same $125.36 spent for Miller.
  • In Arlington, $219 per night was spent at a Courtyard Marriott for both Comer and Miller.
  • $125.37 on car service in D.C.

Maybe the Democratic talking points were bunk? Doesn’t exactly seem like a lavish, wasteful trip at all.

Interesting how that works.

For the record: any money spent on Jonathan Miller is wasted money.

Louisville Wealthy Surprised Poor People Exist

Kentucky House leaders have appointed state Rep. Derrick Graham, D-Frankfort, to be chairman of the House Education Committee. This wasn’t earth-shattering news, so we didn’t hype it up on Friday as other outlets did. [H-L]

Turns out it wasn’t a hedge funder who bought that naked Golden Girls painting. Damon Thayer can rest easy. [Gawker]

Republican Rand Paul will run for re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2016 regardless of any decision to launch a presidential bid. And he will campaign for his Kentucky colleague and Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014. [Ronnie Ellis]

A significant majority of Americans favor legalizing hemp, according to a HuffPost/You Gov poll. The poll found that 56 percent of Americans support the plant’s legalization. Twenty-four percent are opposed, while 20 percent are unsure. [HuffPo]

Instead of actually doing work this morning, go watch this Hal Rogers interview with Bill Goodman on One to One. [KET]

Wondering just out disconnected from reality Jonathan Miller is? He seems to think major scandals – involving Heather French Henry herself, not just her husband – are no big deal. Fitting, really, when you consider his own. No wonder the Kentucky Democratic Party has fallen apart the past several years. People like Henry and Miller muck everything up. [The Daily Beast]

That entire bunch is responsible for the hot mess that has become the U.S. Senate non-race. Really says a lot when the potential Democratic challengers have so many scandals that they’re afraid to face one of the most corrupt men on earth. [C-J/AKN]

When CVFC, a conservative veterans’ group in California, applied for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service, its biggest expenditure that year was several thousand dollars in radio ads backing a Republican candidate for Congress. [NY Times]

Kentucky State Police say Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis was ambushed Saturday morning while picking debris off the roadway. [WKYT]

In Kentucky, Republicans are getting the last laugh on Democrats when it comes to the U.S. Senate. In Minnesota, Al Franken is getting the last laugh on Republicans. [Politico]

Three of the largest industries that buy power from Big Rivers Electric Corp. have created a lobbying coalition to oppose a pair of large rate increases that Big Rivers is proposing as it braces for the loss of its two largest customers. [Henderson Gleaner]

The biggest overhaul of U.S. immigration laws in a generation won bipartisan approval from a powerful U.S. Senate committee last week, but there is a strong chance that Republicans in the House of Representatives will end up killing it. [Reuters]

The number of suburban poor grew substantially in the 13 counties surrounding Louisville, up 72 percent since 2000. The trend mirrors a pattern of increasing poverty outside the urban core in 100 metro regions nationwide, according to the Brookings Institution. [C-J/AKN]

In the classic American story, opportunity is always in front of you. You finish school, find a job, buy a home and start a family; it’s a rosy dreamscape. [NPR]