Sarah Palin Came, Our Intrepid Reporter Saw

Former Miss Alaska and current Republican vice presidential failure of a nominee was in West Chester, Ohio yesterday. Our Intrepid Reporter was there being all intrepid-y.

It was boring. She kept talking about ACORN and how black people are terrorists or whatever. And Joe the Plumber or Mr. Joe Six Pack.

This story in the Enquirer said 15,000 tickets were distributed for the event. But the paper didn’t bother reporting how many people were actually there.

So let’s take a look at some fancy pictures and such.

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Wednesday Update Dept of Man, What a Week!

What happens when you live in Pineville and you and your dad get charged with buying votes in an election? You testify against your pops, of course. Meanwhile, this happens every day in all 120 counties in Kentucky. It’s what we call political reality here in the beautiful Commonwealth. [H-L]

Governor Steve Beshear’s E-Transparency Task Force will meet tomorrow, October 2 at 10:00 A.M. Members of the public are encouraged to attend for the public unveiling of Kentucky’s Open Door website, which will be officially launched in January 2009. The task force’s preliminary results will be unveiled on the state’s website on October 6. [Press Release]

Fancy pants Don McNay was featured in Editor & Publisher! Check it out. Dave Astor wrote a column about the financial meltdown and Don was the big dog in the story. Nice shout-out for Don. [Editor & Publisher]

In the spirit of all this crap that’s going down with the University of Louisville. Take a look at this story of a public employee protected by the First Amendment for speaking out against what they perceived to be wrongdoing. UofL should take notice. [Law Professors]

Also, have you seen the cover of the latest New Yorker? Haha, we almost peed. It’s a watercolor of Sarah Palin, America’s most esteemed and fancy governor, lookin out her winder with some binoculars at the foreign land of USSR Russia or whatever. Aww, poor Sarah. [The New Yorker]

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Fighting That Crazy Relative Via E-Mail

While we’re all suffering without the magic of the internets, have a read of this fancy rant from one of our Intrepid Reporters. They’re all fired up. -Jake

It’s always cracked me up to hear conservatives toss about terms like ‘bipartisanship’ and ‘civil discourse’– not because of what they mean, but because of what people on the right think they mean. Not too long ago I had the joy of being on the receiving end of an email from a family member who is, put nicely, right-leaning, and chose to respond, not in kind, but with an email of my own creation, so as to better avoid the rampant factual errors and lack of citation that was presented to me.

As you might imagine, the sender offered no immediate response, but one other family member came back to me with a variation on a very common theme of those on the opposite end of the ideological spectrum from myself–obviously I had fallen into the trap of wanting to help the little guy, but the Democratic Party was merely a vehicle of corruption, and this was going to be the last conversation we were going to have about politics because we were family and we shouldn’t fight.

I won’t deny, the Democratic Party does corruption as well as anybody. Look at William Jefferson, John Murtha, and Steny Hoyer. We’re still waiting for real press on most of those, by the way. But that logic– and that he did not want to slug it out with me via e-mail– was not really why we were having our last conversation about politics. Really, it was because freezing the debate in the name of unity is the oldest trick in the conservative book.

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Porn Star for U.S. Senate? Really?

Okay, seriously. This Sonny Landham situation is getting out of the control and we love every minute of it.  I mean, can you imagine?  Bill Goodman bringing up pornography during a KET forum?  Priceless.

Go read the AP story about him. We can’t excerpt from the piece or we’ll die a horrible death.

He’s a white supremacist or whatever.

He served 31 months in prison for beating his wife and children, blaming his time on “fascist women.”

And there’s all kinds of fancy material of his on the YouTube.  Thankfully, no one has uncovered weener footage and we’d be greatly appreciative if no one ever attempts to do so.

One particularly interesting role Landham played was in the 1974 movie The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann. No, we’re not joking. He played the role of “Political candidate” in the movie about a housewife who was tracked by a private investigator. Fancy keywords for the film include: Chauffeur, Private Detective, Housewife, Hardcore, and Sex.

Get ready for the crazy circus, Kentucky!

WKYT Loses Anchor to The Mooo Crew

HAHA. Seriously.

Our Intrepid Reporter dug this one up in the Herald-Leader:

CBS affiliate WKYT-27 is losing anchors Renee Charles and DeAnn Stephens.

Charles, who anchors the station’s 5:30 p.m. news, is moving to Peoria, Ill., where her husband will take a promotion with Caterpillar Inc.
Stephens, who anchors the weekend newscasts, has taken a job as part of The Mooo Crew morning team on radio station WBUL-98.1 FM.

She had filled in as part of that team previously, along with other WKYT anchors.

How hilarious is that? She’s leaving WKYT to join The Mooo Crew. The Mooo Crew.

We love how the H-L just threw that in there like it was the Nightly News or World News Tonight.

FEAR! TERRA! Scary OHS Commercial

Remember it? Our Intrepid Reporter discussed it last October. It seems the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security is still trying to scare the mortal crap out of everyone in the Bluegrass.

The Kentucky Kernel, UK’s student paper that usually leaves a lot to be desired, has some background on the ad itself.

Antonia Lindauer, a public information officer with the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, said the commercial reflects the direction of the media campaign that was chosen by the previous administration. Since Gov. Steve Beshear was elected, the office is under new leadership and has plans to begin a new media campaign.
Christy Giles, director of the UK Office of Emergency Management, said the commercial is a reminder that disasters can happen in this area, and people need to be prepared and ready to take action accordingly.
John Stempel, a senior professor in the UK Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, said the commercial is a useful way to make people pay attention to important issues.

“If you’re not ready when terror hits, you’re often dead with no chance to learn,” Stempel said.