Good Jobs In EKY Just Not Happening

Collapsing ground at a cemetery in Harlan County is threatening the grave of a Revolutionary War soldier who helped settle the county. [H-L]

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is quickly losing some of his Hispanic advisers and supporters after a hardline anti-undocumented immigrant speech on Wednesday. [HuffPo]

John Owen has a vision of a streetcar line returning to Market Street to connect West Louisville to downtown and East Louisville, capitalizing on the fact that much of the rail line infrastructure is still intact beneath the pavement. [C-J/AKN]

Lawmakers are returning to Washington next week to confront an impasse over funding bills that threatens to cause a government shutdown, something Republican leaders want to avoid at all costs. [The Hill]

Communication is the key to all human interactions, and most human endeavors. The transfer of information from one point to another and back again facilitates a wide range of actions and processes from the relatively simple to the incredibly complex. [Ashland Independent]

President Barack Obama snorkeled on Thursday in the electric-blue water off Midway Atoll, a remote coral reef that serves as a reminder of both modern global climate challenges and the United State’s dominance in the Pacific since its World War Two victory there. [Reuters]

There are trees at Brigadoon State Nature Preserve that are so large Harold Kelley can’t encircle them with his arms. [Glasgow Daily Times]

A little-known program under federal environment law is being used to permit oil and gas companies to inject waste into the state’s aquifers, even as the thirst for groundwater grows. [ProPublica]

A record number of drug overdoses reported in the Ohio Valley in the past week made national news Monday. But overdoses in Madison County have trailed off the past two weekends after setting a new record Aug. 6 and tying a previous record Aug. 13. [Richmond Register]

The founder of Latinos For Trump has been widely mocked for warning of a future with “taco trucks on every corner” in the US if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election. [BBC]

With 12 heroin overdoses occurring in a two-day span in Mount Sterling last week and 174 overdoses within six days in Cincinnati, local health and elected officials met Friday with first responders to address the rise in heroin overdoses in the region. [The Morehead News]

The U.S. added 151,000 new jobs in August and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9 percent, according to the monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [NPR]

If you want to know why so many average Kentuckians are unhappy about the lack of good jobs and better wages since the Great Recession, read a report published Wednesday by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy. The report has a mix of good news and bad news, with most of the good news in the “Golden Triangle” between Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati and most of the bad news in rural and chronically depressed parts of Kentucky. [Tom Eblen]

Donald Trump has become what he has long mocked. After a full year ridiculing his rival candidates for relying on a teleprompter and finding himself on a shorter leash from his new handlers, the Republican presidential nominee has fully embraced the tool. There is, of course, one key difference: He is bad at it. [HuffPo]

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Hillary To KDP’s Rescue? Probably Not

Surprise! The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. The daughter of Energy and Environment Secretary Charles Snavely landed a $38,000-a-year non-merit job this month in the office of Gov. Matt Bevin. [H-L]

After the chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign resigned on Friday, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tried to insist Trump’s bid for the White House was going just fine. Lewandowski, who was fired by Trump in June, drew a puzzling parallel to make his point, arguing that in 2004, John Kerry was also making staff changes as the election approached. [HuffPo]

A Hillary Clinton political committee transferred $793,000 to the Kentucky Democratic Party in July – a huge and apparently sorely needed infusion of cash for Kentucky Democrats, who so far this year have struggled to compete with the Republican Party of Kentucky in the fundraising battle leading up to the November elections. [C-J/AKN]

Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was asked to resign, the campaign said Friday. [The Hill]

The Madison County Board of Education took its first step Thursday afternoon in the creation of a new elementary school for students in northern Madison County. [Richmond Register]

More than 30 major technology and communication companies said on Friday they are joining the U.S. government to crack down on “robocalls,” automated, prerecorded phone calls that regulators have labeled a “scourge.” [Reuters]

Rand Paul said it could be “too late” for AK Steel to bring its workforce back in Ashland, despite a tax increase on Chinese steel imports imposed by the United States. [Ashland Independent]

ProPublica’s reporting on the water crisis in the American West has highlighted any number of confounding contradictions worsening the problem: Farmers are encouraged to waste water so as to protect their legal rights to its dwindling supply in the years ahead; Las Vegas sought to impose restrictions on water use while placing no checks on its explosive population growth; the federal government has encouraged farmers to improve efficiency in watering crops, but continues to subsidize the growing of thirsty crops such as cotton in desert states like Arizona. [ProPublica]

A free, wireless Internet network is up and running throughout downtown Morehead. The city, in partnership with Rajant Corporation, installed wireless meshing nodes in March to help provide instant Internet access to anyone within the network’s parameters. [The Morehead News]

As the Republican nominee for the US presidency, Donald Trump received a classified briefing on Wednesday. What does that mean? [BBC]

The vast majority of the crowd of more than 100 people who attended Mayor Dick Doty’s Friday afternoon press conference made it clear they weren’t buying the message he was trying to sell. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Surprise! Fraternity atmosphere can (especially in Frankfart) make state capitols hotbeds of sexual harassment. [USA Today]

The Madison County school district has decided to take a drug company up on its offer of two free doses of Narcan, a life-saving drug in instances of heroin overdose — even though the district hasn’t seen an overdose problem. [H-L]

Oh, look, Valarie Honeycutt Spears noticed that there were more than 200 testing violations in Kentucky schools. She’s failed to investigate anything in Montgomery County. [More H-L]

Religious freedom is a valid defense for a Michigan business owner who fired a trans woman after she asked to dress in accordance with her gender identity, a federal judge ruled Thursday. [HuffPo]

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Mitch McConnell Is Apparently Hilarious

Coal is dying and there’s nothing the Republican Party of Kentucky can do about it. Although the state’s coal industry continued to shed jobs from April through June, the decline was not as steep as in the first three months of the year, according to a report released Monday. [H-L]

Retired Marine Gen. John Allen warned on Sunday that if Donald Trump were elected president, there would be mass unrest among the military rank and file over the policies that he would implement and pursue. [HuffPo]

Senate Bill 11 – signed into law earlier this year – took effect July 15 and is now allowing alcohol-related businesses statewide to receive new and increased privileges that are meant to support tourism and advance production. [C-J/AKN]

The U.S. Navy will name one of its new class of oil tankers after Harvey Milk, an activist who became one of the first openly gay people to be elected to public office in the United States before his assassination in 1978, officials said on Friday. [Reuters]

Local leaders and advocates for the hungry joined State Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles on Tuesday to discuss what is being done at the local level to combat food insecurity in the area. [The Morehead News]

Some restaurants have secret menus, special items that you can only get if you know to ask. New Jersey’s student loan program has secret options, too — borrowers may be able to get help from the agency, but only if they know to ask. [ProPublica]

Revelations about lucrative perks doled out to former University of Louisville president James Ramsey’s top deputies brought outrage Friday from faculty members and taxpayers, but was of no concern to two top trustees. [WFPL]

Unlike every other major party nominee since 1976, Donald Trump has not released his tax returns. [ThinkProgress]

Opponents of a plan to let an aging pipeline carry natural gas liquids through Kentucky continue to call on federal regulators to conduct a more thorough review of the project. [WDRB]

The US economy grew at a much slower pace than expected in the second quarter and GDP was revised down in the first three months of the year. [BBC]

Perry County lost a beloved citizen on July 26. Danny Rose passed away at the age of 56. Rose served as an attorney in Hazard for many years, with his office located downtown. [Hazard Herald]

Donald Trump is pushing back on a key Democratic argument against him: that he’s dangerous and too erratic to be commander in chief. [Politico]

Pee alert… Out with a new book this year, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled on Sunday that he’s far from reaching the epilogue of his long political career. The Kentucky Republican said there’s a “great likelihood” he’ll seek a seventh Senate term in 2020. [H-L]

Donald Trump appears either unfamiliar with Russia’s annexation of Crimea or directly supportive of the intrusion that began in the winter of 2014, further chilled U.S.-Russian relations and has left thousands dead. [HuffPo]

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High Hilarity Has Finally Come To 2016

Want a dose of extreme, far-right, neocon nonsense Republican political b.s.?

Here’s the latest insanity from Scott Jennings in A Kentucky Newspaper:

Gov. Matt Bevin (R) – Kentucky’s new chief magistrate has shaken up Frankfort and performed brilliantly in tackling the messes left behind by his predecessor, thrilling conservatives across the state. Bevin has banished a pervasive timidity that had taken hold on the first floor of the State Capitol and replaced it with a culture of fearlessness when it comes to using the full executive authority of his office. This has rankled Attorney General Andy Beshear and House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who are desperately trying to stop Bevin via the courts. To move even faster on his policy goals, Bevin could use the help of a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and the picnic provides a great forum to make his case.

Performed brilliantly. Thrilling conservatives. Banished timidity.


This is Republican insecurity at its best. It’s fun to see that when Jennings isn’t defending and promoting racist bigot Donald Trump, he’s pushing delusions about Matt Bevin. Or complaining about having to be politically correct in front of liberal thought police. All while getting more extreme and emboldened by the day.

What Matt Bevin has done is target people based on political partisanship. He’s gone after Jane Beshear, his people pushing to remove her name from buildings, going after a cancer charity she’s tied to. Because she’s married to former Governor Steve Beshear. Gov. Beshear no doubt turns a blind eye to extreme corruption from the likes of people like Tim Longmeyer and W. Keith Hall but that doesn’t mean his wife is satan.

Bevin used his personnel secretary, through the Republican Party’s staffers, to beg me to help them identify potentially corrupt Democrats from the Beshear Misadministration. His personnel secretary has gone so far as to dig through personnel records on a fishing expedition but has turned up nothing. If they were so good at rooting out corruption, they most certainly wouldn’t need me to help. They would have coughed something up by now.

The Bevin Flustercluck team has even come to me in search of material to use against Jim Ramsey. They were that dumb. Dumb enough not to realize it’s all been out there in the public eye for nearly a decade.

Matt Bevin has gone after the gays and transgender youth, using state tax dollars to fight against them. Because how dare a trans kind want to pee in the school restroom without getting the living crap beat out of them. How dare us gays want to do something like get married, hold down a job, have a place to live or receive medical care without being called a faggot and kicked to the curb. Yes, it’s appropriate for me to use “faggot” because, last I checked, I’m gay and am proud to discuss equality openly.

Matt Bevin has consistently denied climate change, despite mountains of evidence stacking up before him. While bending over graciously for coal baron campaign cash.

Matt Bevin has maligned the characters of those involved in racial justice movements with snide remarks. He’s focused on the “blue lives matter” and “all lives matter” malarkey (glad Biden brought that back) while ignoring the plight, whether he wants to admit it or not, of the black community. I mean, the man has children of color and publicly supports and praises Donald Trump. Yes, it’s appropriate to mention his kids because he parades them around, posts photos of them on social media and talks about them.

Matt Bevin has deliberately worked to dismantle the expansion of Medicaid. There is no way to deny that. None. Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians have been put at-risk because of the man. He is not entitled to his own made-up facts on that one.

Matt Bevin is such an ill-prepared blowhard that he’s been dragged into court twice. Once for potentially illegally dissolving the University of Louisville Board of Trustees and once for dicking around with the Kentucky Retirement Systems. You can bet this will become a common theme.

Yet Scott Jennings wants to suggest Bevin is some brave warrior for humanity.

Can you imagine how much fun it’ll be to watch him sweat-yell into the microphone at Fancy Fart this year? Here’s hoping he doesn’t forget about the liberal thought police coming for his politically incorrect speech. Hope he doesn’t slip up and actually spew out a racial epithet, something disgustingly homophobic or a bit about women having small brains. Because that’s what they’re hollering about when they get mad about political correctness.

Maybe he’ll slip up and mention Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. You know, so the media can dredge up his role in the George W. Bush White House-RNC email scandal. Remember when he pleaded the Fifth or whatever? Seems like that’s ripe for the picking by Democrats.

I’ve got my popcorn ready.