What The Heck, Magoffin County???

The Magoffin County Fiscal Court is a disaster.

Want a taste?

Here are the most recent audits from Frankfort:

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) for 2013.

Some highlights:

  • These jackasses blamed the March 2012 tornado on their shenanigans
  • The county treasurer did not monitor disbursements which caused total budgeted appropriations to be over spent.
  • The fiscal court did not amend the county’s budget for unanticipated receipts.
  • The county treasurer did not present an annual settlement to the fiscal court within the time period required by state law.
  • The county treasurer did not monitor fund cash balances which caused the 911 Fund to have a negative balance.
  • The county did not maintain capital asset schedules in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • The county’s administrative code does not address commuting mileage or the personal use of a county vehicle.
  • The fiscal court did not prepare a Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.
  • The fiscal court lacks adequate segregation of duties over payroll.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over gravel inventory.
  • The fiscal court did not follow proper procedures for timesheets.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over health reimbursement accounts and flexible spending accounts.
  • County did not update insurance policies for capital asset changes.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over notes receivable.

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) for 2014.


  • The county did not maintain capital asset schedules in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • The county treasurer did not present an annual settlement to the fiscal court within the time period required by state law.
  • The county treasurer did not monitor bank account cash balances which caused the road fund bank account to have a negative balance.
  • The county’s administrative code does not address commuting mileage or the personal use of a county vehicle.
  • The fiscal court did not prepare a schedule of expenditures of federal awards.
  • The fiscal court did not have insurance on a 2013 Mack truck that could not be found during a physical inventory test.
  • The fiscal court lacks adequate segregation of duties over payroll.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate internal controls over gravel inventory.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over health reimbursement accounts and flexible spending accounts.
  • The fiscal court does not have adequate controls over notes receivable.

This is why Eastern Kentucky can’t have nice things.


Bill Estep at the H-L is now covering the $35,000 missing truck.

Yesterday Was A Flustercuck For Kentucky

Tim Longmeyer, a former secretary of the state Personnel Cabinet under former Gov. Steve Beshear, pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to bribery. [H-L]

If you run a business, are employed by one, care about the stability of the financial system, or would prefer that the U.S. economy not be needlessly thrown into disarray — a group that seems like a pretty broad coalition of voters — Cruz’s economic policy is not OK. [HuffPo]

The Independent Pilots Association, the collective bargaining unit for UPS pilots, is turning up the heat on the shipping giant by opening a strike operations center in Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Pope Francis says a brief meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just “good manners” and not political interference. [BBC]

Five hours after the Ashland Police Department posted a Facebook status about a recent spike in theft and burglary, officers were on the hunt for a robber downtown. [Ashland Independent]

Mitch McConnell is “increasingly optimistic that there actually may be a second ballot” at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer, the Senate majority leader told a Kentucky ABC affiliate over the weekend. [Politico]

People in rural areas of Appalachia are more likely to die early deaths than in other parts of the country. A big reason, researchers say, is that people in places such as Leslie County, Kentucky, or Boone County, West Virginia – both part of coalfield regions – die from drug overdoses at greater rates than the rest of the country. [Glasgow Daily Times]

If you’re a gay person surprised by the reality that most Republicans, and many Democrats, are ignoring you or politicizing you? You’re screwed up. [ThinkProgress]

Fried mushrooms, mushroom soup, mushroom hunting, and a Fungus 5K, will be just a few of the mushroom-themed items and activities sporing downtown at the City of Irvine’s 26th annual Mountain Mushroom Festival. [Richmond Register]

The Associated Press won the Pulitzer Prize for public service for reporting on abuse in the seafood industry that helped free 2,000 slave laborers, and Reuters and The New York Times shared the breaking news photography award for images of the European refugee crisis. [Reuters]

A Morehead woman was shot by accident by her son on Wednesday. [The Morehead News]

The Obama administration has made a concerted effort to improve its relationship with Mexico following Donald Trump’s call for a massive border wall and his criticism of undocumented immigrants in the United States. [The Hill]

They cover this sort of crap but ignore Montgomery County. Clark County Superintendent Paul Christy, and George Rogers Clark High School baseball coach Matt Ginter and principal David Bolen all have to take three hours of training from the Kentucky Department of Education on accounting procedures for school activity funds, according to a final report from the Kentucky Office of Education Accountability dated March 30. [H-L]

An eight-member Supreme Court appeared skeptical on Monday that President Barack Obama’s decision to defer deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants could be subject to a multi-state legal challenge in a court of law. [HuffPo]

Solve This Nightmare In My Hometown

This is about a childhood friend of mine, Jon.

From The Morehead News:

Morehead police and the Rowan County coroner are on the hunt for a man who left another for dead.

Coroner John Northcutt said at about 5 a.m. Sunday, a black sport utility vehicle arrived at St. Claire Regional Medical Center with an unresponsive male in the back.

“Two nurses were outside the emergency department area and witnessed a gentleman exit the vehicle he was driving,” said Northcutt. “The man then made a brief statement to the nurses and left immediately, leaving the vehicle.”

Northcutt said that’s when the nurses found Jonathan Lykins, 34, of West Liberty, in the back of the SUV.

“When he was found not breathing,” Northcutt said. “Emergency personnel tried to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful in doing so.”


Lykins’ body was taken to Frankfort to be autopsied by the Kentucky Medical Examiner’s Office.

Anyone with information on the operator of the vehicle is asked to Northcutt through MPD Dispatch at 784-8824 or Salley at 784-7511.

Jon, like many back home, got caught up in the world of addiction. But that doesn’t make his life any less valuable than yours or mine.

If you know who left him, contact the police, tell someone, spill the beans.

This horrific drug nightmare in Eastern Kentucky has gotta come to an end.

Will it be over in my lifetime? Is that a silly hope?

And when will agencies in EKY start distributing Narcan? It’s already saving lives in Louisville.


If anyone wants to help me focus more on digging in to the mess in Eastern Kentucky, please consider throwing your support this way. The cityfolk are too busy worrying about Bernie Sanders and fair trade coffee to care about what’s going on in the foothills.

Damon Thayer’s Week Was Ruined

Janet Patton always brings it when it comes to reporting facts that Damon Thayer hates. The Kentucky Horse Park is “making good progress,” state Tourism, Parks and Heritage Secretary Don Parkinson said after hearing Wednesday that the park is on track to meet budget projections for the year. [H-L]

In an effort to curb America’s deadly opioid crisis, federal health officials are urging doctors to largely avoid prescribing highly addictive painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin when treating patients for chronic pain. [HuffPo]

He was a vegetable farmer in Syria before the civil war forced the family of seven to flee. She is a University of Louisville professor who lives on an unused 16-acre farm. [C-J/AKN]

Every year, thousands of foreign workers come to the United States using H-2 visas, a little-known guest worker program that fills some of the nation’s most menial jobs. [ProPublica]

Caveland Environmental Authority has begun work to replace water valves in and around town as part of its effort to upgrade the water system. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Environmental policies are often vilified as economical agents of destruction. From the Clean Power Plan, to methane rules, to the Paris Agreement, every time a new environmental policy is proposed detractors argue that new rules drive costs up, kill jobs, and hamper trade. But a new study is challenging the idea that curbing pollution hurts business to the point of stifling export trade. [ThinkProgress]

CSX Corporation informed employees in Russell Tuesday that it’s reducing operations immediately. According to a CSX spokesperson, 101 union and management employees in the transportation and mechanical departments are affected by the decision. Some yard and all locomotive shop operations will continue without disruption. Engineering employees also aren’t affected by the cuts. [Ashland Independent]

Much of the US has just switched to daylight saving time, gaining an extra hour of light in the evening for the next few months. But not everyone is in favour and every year the practice triggers a national debate. [BBC]

No matter how badly people freak out at Hillary Clinton, coal is still dead. It’s time for Eastern Kentucky to come to terms with that reality. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

At Southwest Baltimore Charter School, preparing lunch takes a few extra steps. “We don’t use the water from the building for cooking, not at all,” say cafeteria worker LaShawn Thompson, shaking her head. [NPR]

The Kentucky Community and Technical College (KCTCS) Board of Regents approved a new associate degree program in broadband technology – the first in Kentucky and just the third in the United States – for Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) at its meeting on Friday. [Hazard Herald]

Meanwhile, in Colorado… The Colorado Department of Agriculture is introducing a new program aimed at bringing industrial hemp into mainstream agriculture. Seed produced and conditioned under this program will be issued “CDA Approved Certified Seed” tags through the Colorado Seed Growers Association if the production standards are met and then will be available for purchase through the developer. [Click the Clicky]

Republican state Sen. Ralph Alvarado of Winchester has reached a settlement in his defamation lawsuit against Democratic political consultant Dale Emmons, though Alvarado’s legal battle against former state Sen. R.J. Palmer continues. [H-L]

Donald Trump received nearly $2 billion in free media exposure this past year, dwarfing his Republican rivals and more than doubling the attention paid to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, according to tracking firm mediaQuant. [HuffPo]

Do You Still Have A Sad For Lil Rand?

You can thank Kentucky Democrats for allowing this informed consent nonsense to happen. Way to go, Democrats! Who you gonna attack and defame now that you’ve alienated everybody? [H-L]

Rand Paul (R-Cookie Tree) is suspending his presidential campaign, Politico and CNN reported Wednesday. “It’s been an incredible honor to run a principled campaign for the White House. Today, I will end where I began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of Liberty,” the senator said in a statement on Wednesday, following his fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses. [HuffPo]

Louisville had the sharpest increase of any U.S. city in terms of residents age 65 or older who are scrapping by to pay their rent, according to findings released Monday by a national affordable housing group. [C-J/AKN]

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Gina McCarthy said Michigan state officials misled her agency in the run-up to Flint’s lead contamination crisis. [The Hill]

Allie Secor, manager of the Community Recycling Center, said she plans to retire in June. In a recent meeting of the recycling center board, one idea that was mentioned was for her replacement to be an employee of the city, which would mean adding a benefits package in order to attract qualified candidates. [The Morehead News]

The lawyers who enable an abusive business model for collecting consumer debts are now on the hook for their clients’ screwups. [ThinkProgress]

The 2014 tax audit for Metcalfe County Sheriff Rondal Shirley was released Monday by state auditor Mike Harmon. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-Cookie Tree) has dropped out of the race for US president after a disappointing fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses. [BBC]

Peoples Bancorp Foundation, a non-profit corporation formed to make donations in Peoples Bank market areas, recently awarded $3,000 to Russell Independent Schools Endowment Foundation, Inc. [Ashland Independent]

The U.S. House of Representatives has subpoenaed the former Midwest chief of the Environmental Protection Agency over the Flint, Michigan, drinking water crisis, Representative Jason Chaffetz said on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Main Street and High Street in downtown Hazard were closed to traffic on the morning of Jan. 28, as a Kentucky State Police dog sniffed through the area in search of possible explosives. [Hazard Herald]

The United States is still lagging the world in the rollout of broadband. Look at the map and you’ll hate people like Brett Guthrie, Jim Waters and anyone associated with them even more than you already do. You’ll rage against just about any telecom-tied lobbyist you can think of after seeing it. Disgusting. [The Register]

When Benjamin Harrison moved from Indianapolis to Washington in 1889 to become the nation’s 23rd president, the White House kitchen steward hired a French chef to prepare meals for the new president and his guests. [Tom Eblen]

Jared Fox, 28, knows first-hand about the perils of intolerance. Just two years ago, when Fox was visiting his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, from New York, he was brutally attacked by a group of teenagers. They beat him, stole his belongings and called him anti-gay slurs. He suffered bruises all over his body. [HuffPo]

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Hey, Shelby Co, Justice Is Coming

Before you read this, please know that I’m not the least bit objective when it comes to issues animal care or elder abuse. What you see is what you get. Track record speaks for itself. Like a dog on a bone, so to speak.

Almost every year around February 2, something big on the animal care front happens. Example: In 2011, it was me forcing out yet another Louisville Metro Animal Services shyster and Greg Fischer holding a press conference to talk about The ‘Ville Voice. It’s bizarre but happens so frequently I felt it worth a mention.


And here we are again on Groundhog Day.

Recall, if you will, a brief mention I made about atrocities at the Shelby County animal care facility in 2014:

When you hear “Shelby County Animal Control/No Kill Mission” you automatically think warm fuzzies, right? Because you assume animals are adequately cared for, well-fed and not euthanized. Because that’s what any sane person would do.

Unfortunately, the folks there — because they want to live up to being no-kill — are STARVING ANIMALS TO DEATH.

Note: Do not click the link if you cannot handle graphic images or the reality of what passes for acceptable animal care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The level of abuse and torture blew my mind then and it’s blown again just seeing the photos.

I promised justice at the time but only after giving officials in Shelby County the opportunity to do the right thing. Whattya know? They didn’t do the right thing. Didn’t even try.

Now those bad actors find themselves staring down the barrel of a lawsuit:


Filed by Dan Canon, fresh off a Supreme Court victory, and Ted Walton.

Some of the facts:

  • In late 2013, Ms. Moore and several other local residents became aware of disturbing conditions at the Shelter. Many of the dogs in the care of the Shelter were noticeably undernourished, their ribcages plainly visible. Crates were not cleaned regularly, and canine waste was permitted to collect for days at a time. When cleaning was attempted, disinfectant was sprayed into cages with the dogs still present causing chemical burns, bleeding paws, and skin conditions. Dogs were not permitted any exercise, and their living spaces were not adequately protected from the weather.
  • Shelby County Animal Care Coalition was organized in early 2014 in response to the appalling conditions at the Shelter.
  • Shelby County Animal Care Coalition worked closely with County officials and the Shelter management, including Defendant Federle, throughout 2014, providing volunteers, guidance, and support in the hopes that animals would receive more humane treatment. These efforts were unsuccessful, and animals continued to be subjected to unacceptable conditions at the Shelter.
  • The relationship between Shelby County Animal Care Coalition and Mr. Federle became increasingly adversarial, and Mr. Federle ultimately barred Coalition members from access to the Shelter so they could not help care for animals or monitor the conditions in which the animals were kept.
  • Mr. Federle agreed to meet Ms. Moore to transfer the Surveillance Videos on May 21, 2015. Mr. Federle cancelled the appointment on May 21, shortly before the scheduled meeting.
  • Ms. Moore and Mr. Federle rescheduled the appointment for May 28, 2015. Mr. Federle again cancelled on the day of the appointment – one hour prior to the appointment time – and rescheduled for the following week.
  • On June 5, 2015, Ms. Moore and Mr. Pendleton were finally able to meet with Mr. Federle at the Shelter and were allowed access to the electronic storage of the Surveillance Videos. However, at that time, Ms. Moore and Mr. Pendleton discovered that all stored footage of the Surveillance Videos had been deleted on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 1:53 a.m.
  • Mr. Pendleton, an experienced technology professional, expressed the belief that “there are too many steps that must be taken” to erase the hard drive such that it could not have been accomplished accidentally.

On top of all that, here’s an October opinion from the Office of the Attorney General telling the animal shysters they were in the wrong:


That’s some extreme cover-up activity that went down.

This is why we can’t have nice things in Kentucky.