Fancy Fart Farm 2016 Will Be Unbearable

The University of Kentucky is starting a new program to help Appalachian students prepare for careers fighting cancer, a disease that disproportionately affects their home region. [H-L]

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will not be releasing his tax returns, his top aide said Wednesday on “CBS This Morning.” [HuffPo]

Seems like only yesterday when Jones and his crew were trying to stifle our coverage of the pension mess when everyone else was ignoring it. [C-J/AKN]

Under the Freedom of Information Act, ProPublica requested letters closing HIPAA complaint investigations. Here’s what we’ve received so far. [ProPublica]

Cave City’s police chief and the mayor said this week they came to an understanding regarding the police chief’s retirement. [Glasgow Daily Times]

Nearly 50 years ago Richard Nixon launched his successful election under the banner of restoring “law and order” to a nation wrecked by violent protests and social upheaval. Now, another Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is going to run under that same banner. [BBC]

Glued to your television, mesmerized by the drama of the two political parties’ national conventions? Well, if you’ve never attended the annual Fancy Farm Picnic and its raucous political speaking event, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. And with this year’s emcee, you’ll get to hear what someone who excuses racism, bigotry and homophobia thinks is cool. [Ronnie Ellis]

Big City is watching you. It will do it with camera-equipped drones that inspect municipal power lines and robotic cars that know where people go. Sensor-laden streetlights will change brightness based on danger levels. Technologists and urban planners are working on a major transformation of urban landscapes over the next few decades. [NY Times]

Republican Sen. Rand Paul made a campaign stop in Harlan on Tuesday, speaking to a large crowd of supporters at the Harlan Center. [Harlan Daily Enterprise]

Work that involves complex thinking and interaction with other people seems to help protect against the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, according to research presented Sunday at the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference in Toronto. [WaPo]

Morehead State University’s Presidential Search and Screening Advisory Committee will host seven public meetings to obtain input from members of the MSU community and the general public on the presidential search. [Ashland Independent]

Cities and states have limited resources. When they’re faced with a growing homeless problem, those resources can either go toward finding housing for the homeless or to policing and criminalizing the daily habits of the homeless. [ThinkProgress]

Laurel County is back to being the armpit of the Commonwealth. A body was found Tuesday morning in a pond in Laurel County, the sheriff’s office said. [H-L]

At the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, in an interview with me on SiriusXM Progress, gay former congressman Barney Frank lashed at out Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his repeated claims that he is a better candidate for queer people than Hillary Clinton. [HuffPo]

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Volume 22: The End Of Joshua Powell’s Testimony Comes With Closing Remarks That Definitely Left Big Bruises

THANK JEEBERS! We’ve reached the end! This is the final volume of Joshua Powell’s 22-day-long Education Professional Standards Board hearing transcript.

Get caught up on the previous 21 volumes before continuing:

  • Volume 1: Powell’s Scandalous EPSB Transcript [April 27, 2016]
  • Volume 2: Powell’s EPSB Transcript Gets Crazier [May 2, 2016]
  • Volume 3: The Powell Transcript Gets Real [May 5, 2016]
  • Volume 4: New Perspectives On Powell’s Exploits [May 9, 2016]
  • Volume 5: Board Member Drama Was Unreal [May 12, 2016]
  • Volume 6: Legal You-Know-What Hits The Ethical Fan And Things Finally Get Exciting In The Powell Hearing [May 17, 2016]
  • Volume 7: Jacqui Johnston’s Shady, Corrupt Colors Become Apparent, We Learn Why Catherine Bailey Fled & Get A Glimpse At Anna Powell’s Erratic Behavior [June 1, 2016]
  • Volume 8: Two Former Board Members & A Powell Confidant Go Out Of Their Way To Blame Page One For Powell’s Myriad Troubles [June 13, 2016]
  • Volume 9: A Board Member Reveals Scandalous Details And A Powell Confidant Has Extremely Selective Memory [June 27, 2016]
  • Volume 10: Testimony of Board Chairwoman Sheds Light On Joshua Powell’s Tenure As Superintendent [July 1, 2016]
  • Volume 11: Jacqui Johnston’s Scandalous Testimony Sheds Light On Her Role In The Powell Shenanigans [July 5, 2016]
  • Volume 12: Catherine Bailey’s Testimony Dogged The Powells & Phil Rison Was A Non-Stop Disaster [July 7, 2016]
  • Volume 13: Testimony From Joshua Powell Doesn’t Exactly Help His Case At The EPSB [July 11, 2016]
  • Volume 14: After Months Of Waiting, Anna Powell’s Testimony Finally Goes Public And You Get To Read It [July 13, 2016]
  • Volume 15: Powell’s Own Witnesses Fell Flat For Him When Testifying At His EPSB Hearing. Here’s Testimony From Six Of Them. [July 15, 2016]
  • Volume 16: Entertainment Has Arrived In The Form Of Testimony From An Entitled, Spoiled Teenager & Richard Hughes [July 18, 2016]
  • Volume 17: Phil Rison’s Entire Family Was Apparently Involved In Anything And Everything Related To Powell [July 20, 2016]
  • Volume 18: Three Of Powell’s Key Players Finally Hit The Hot Seat And Boy, Do They Ever Disappoint [July 22, 2016]
  • Volume 19: Union County’s School Board Got Fired By The Community Because Of Joshua Powell’s Shenanigans There [July 25, 2016]
  • Volume 20: Lisa Stone Returns And Joshua Powell Finally Takes The Stand Again [July 26, 2016]
  • Volume 21: The Crazy Train Has Rolled Back Into Town With You-Know-Who [July 27, 2016]

Volume 21 continued with Joshua Powell’s testimony, if you can call it that. So dig right on it.

Here are the highlights:

  • Page 4 – Discussion of his background, growing up in Trimble County
  • Page 5 – “Well, I sold vacuum cleaners for a bit, and then I worked at a place called Lighthouse Youth Center.” … “It’s a really unique facility where you had juvenile delinquents with pretty bad criminal records, lots of felonies.”
  • Page 6 – Got a job in 2000 at Trimble County High School, didn’t mention it was on an emergency/provisional certificate and he had a bunch of issues with the district administrators because he kept screwing up on the certification front. (We published stories featuring that personnel file, so feel free to dig through the archives)
  • Page 7 – Details his year of teaching FMB kids with functional mental disabilities. Hearing Officer calls him out for having all kinds of incorrect dates on his resume
  • Page 9 – Discussion of Cloverport
  • Page 13 – Claims he performed financial miracles there
  • Page 16/17 – Owsley repeatedly asked Powell why he left Cloverport and it took a while to give a straight answer. “It just was so much work there.” Or, you know, board members wanted him to leave.
  • Page 17 – “I was really big into economic development…”
  • Page 18 – Discussion of Union County. Powell points out that Owsley was involved in the negotiation to hire Powell in Union County. That freaked Owsley out and he said, “Well, I’m not testifying.”
  • Page 19 – Claimed Union County was just like Cloverport. But Cloverport had 330 kids and Union County had 2,220. So… yeah, not alike in the least.
  • Page 20 – He fled Union County because of the OEA investigation. And after his buddies on the school board either fled or lost their elections like woah.
  • Page 21 – Q. Is the bottom line that you lost the significant support that you had on the Board? A I think I had three votes to stay, but I just didn’t really want to either. There were some other things. When you have children, there’s a mindset that I’m really opposed to. I’m impervious to negative things, but when you have impressionable kids growing up, you start really thinking about the situation you want them to grow up in.
  • Page 21/22 – Discussion of he and his wife getting their degrees from the same place at the same time from (UofL) Blake Haselton, Joe Prestco and Tom Rio.
  • Page 23 – Discussion of Montgomery County.
  • Page 24 – His suspension
  • Page 25 – Regarding Phil Rison, a man you know lied under oath, “He’s got more honesty and integrity in his pinkie than most people have in their finger.”
  • Page 26 – Discussion of test scores
  • Page 27 – Powell claimed he wanted to be Top Ten in finance
  • Page 28 – He also wanted to be Top Ten in: test scores, working conditions, civility (seriously), “top ten in every possible measure”, athletics, mock trial, everything.
  • Page 28 – Discussion of finances – which were in control of Jacqui Johnston and two of Phil Rison’s relatives… with an auditor who serves as Powell’s personal and professional reference. You know, a bunch of impartial people.
  • Page 30 – Complained about “government brand agencies” driving him nuts. “No one watched the stuff that they spent on contractors.” Like Powell, who spent gobs of money on his pals who were contractors. Okay.
  • Page 31 – “The number one thing that’s been shown to improve student achievement is a lower ratio.”
  • Page 32 – Claims Tim Southern told him Faulker (HVAC) was taking their old equipment and reselling it. That’s an extreme allegation to make. When you claim you’re paying someone $330,000 per year and they’re stealing your equipment to resell, that’s a big deal. Something that you would think Powell would, you know, REPORT TO THE POLICE. But of course he didn’t. Because it was probably more bullshit. Just something for him to use to demean someone he’s envious of.
  • Page 33 – Regarding Bruce Walters: “One crazed man came to every Board meeting and did all kinds of stuff.”
  • Page 36 – Claimed he was $4 million shy each year and moved mountains
  • Page 37 – Claims he’s such a financial genius that he got a group of 30 people together and started training them on finance. “But I found so much impropriety financially, that I took about two weeks and got everything together.”
  • Page 41 – Powell included Food Service numbers in order to fluff up his carryover fund balance in an attempt to make him look better
  • Page 42 – Alice Anderson and Sharon Smith Breiner.
  • Page 42/43 – Regarding the board, “They cannot like me and think I’ve done a bad job and not renew me, and that’s just the way it is.”
  • Page 43 – Owsley bring sup “social media” again. Regarding the board and “social media”: “It is probably the most pitiful thing I’ll ever seen in my life.” Then he claimed Eastern Kentucky has “the largest activity of social media in the world.” Insane.
  • Page 43 – Referred to Bruce Walters as “the guy who used to rip you off for mowing yards”
  • Page 44 – Claims people were mad because he was holding people accountable
  • Page 44 – This is golden projection: “Some people obsess and go crazy, and spend every single second trying to get you back. There are some people I’ve dealt with that qualify for full psychotic disorders, and they’ll stalk you. One guy said — he was at a Board meeting — that he looks at my family and I through his rifle scope. He lives up the road from us.”
  • Page 44 – “And then there’s this one person that runs a blog space in Louisville, Page one — we talked about that — that finally has an audience of crazy people in Montgomery County.” Yep. “Crazy people.” They’re all crazy people for holding him accountable.
  • Page 44 – Recall that he had no way of knowing what had been spent at the time: “It’s nuts, man. The investigation — I think the Board spent about $200,000 investigating me since January, and most everything has stemmed from social media stuff. So, for example, the longest hearing, I would say, has stemmed from social media. It’s all been on Page One.”
  • Page 45 – Powell was upset that I filed open records requests. Then he brought up his trip to Italy. You know, the trip he refused to provide records for. The trip he tried to hide and keep secret. “We didn’t ever tell anybody we were going because you get stalked like crazy.” Then he accused me of reporting that the district had paid for his trip. But… we actually reported that they refused to provide records regarding the trip. Here’s what we wrote at the time: Unfortunately, the district won’t release records relating to the trip because they’re apparently keen on being eaten alive for violating open records laws in Kentucky. Insane.
  • Page 46 – Discussion of the Chinese program. “I have a very good relationship with the program. I can request as many teachers as I want and get them.”
  • Page 46 – Powell, racial justice warrior: “And diversity is — the two major subgroups in Montgomery County are white and really white, and they have no outside influence of any diversity whatsoever.”
  • Page 47 – Chromebooks came up and Powell mentioned Page One, because of course he did. You’ll recall everything we reported. He claimed that Alice Anderson said the internet would be extinct in three years.
  • Page 48 – Discussion of his “best place to work” award that he paid for. “It’s through the Chamber and something else.” It’s actually a company you pay.
  • Page 49 – “We were the only school district that was selected.” Because they were the only school district that spent literally thousands of dollars to get the award. Then they discussed his “culture and civility” surveys.
  • Page 50 – Says he didn’t go after Dusso for filing an EPSB complaint. Then he said it was impossible for him to have retaliated against Kelly Wallace for filing a Title IX complaint.
  • Page 51 – Claims he didn’t retaliate against Jesse Bacon
  • Page 52 – Claims he didn’t retaliate against and extort Gene Heffington into retirement in exchange for removing a demotion letter. Despite testifying previously that he removed the demotion letter.
  • Page 52 – Q. Did you misrepresent the facts relating to Michelle Henry and Jim Dusso and Gene Heffington’s employment performance in Montgomery County? A. I don’t even know what that means.
  • Page 53 – Claimed his job caused him pain and misery every single day
  • Page 54 – Q. Mr. Powell, you testified that you taught for five years in Trimble County. A. Yes. Q. The first year, how were you certified as an FMB teacher? A. Maybe emergency certified. Q. The second year when you were teaching LBD, how were you certified? A. Maybe alternative certified.” Q. What university were you attending at the time? A. I don’t know. You’ll have to check the records. I don’t remember. Q. So you don’t remember? A. I don’t.
  • Page 55 – Q. Did you get an LBD certificate? A. I don’t think so. Q. How many years did you teach LBD? A. Three, maybe two.
  • Page 55 – Turns out when he was a principal in Cloverport, he was only on an alternative certification! He didn’t even get his certificate.
  • Page 56 – Q. Well, how would you have gotten a certificate? A. You could have done it either way. Q. So you don’t remember how you completed a principal program? A. Think that was maybe regular. I think the counseling was alternative.
  • Page 56/57 – Regarding his superintendent certification: Q. Was that a traditional program or an alternative? A. Alternative.
  • Page 57 – Claims Anna got him into education, he was studying “geratology” before that. “That was my speciality, and I conducted a lot of research in assessing the prevalence of depression in the elderly and adult daycare centers.”
  • Page 58 – Q. Right now are you certified to teach anything? A. No.
  • Page 59 – Explaining what a family business is: “Family business is ran with like every single decision, action is important and can lead to the overall demise of the business and the family as well.”
  • Page 60 – Q. Have you ever run a family business? A. I helped my dad. He did taxes and bookkeeping for several entities. Q. Your dad was a bookkeeper? A. Something like that. Q. Was your mom a stay at home mom? A. No. Q. What did she do? A. She was a secretary for social services.
  • Page 59/60 – Catherine Bailey was so valuable because she could do third-party Medicaid billing
  • Page 60 – Discussion of Powell psychoanalyzing people he comes into contact with. Spoiler alert: He’s pretty terrible at it.
  • Page 61 – “I don’t think I’ve psychoanalyzed anyone since graduate school in a two-way mirror. Psychoanalysis is a term and a technique. It’s not what you would do in a work setting. I don’t think you could do it in a work setting.”
  • Page 62 – Admitting to asking Anna what she did in Hancock County when he came up with her new job description. When she worked in Hancock County, she was just a preschool coordinator and handled nutrition. In Montgomery County, he got rid of Tammy McCarty, a preschool coordinator making $83,000 per year because he claims she wasn’t certified. Then he gave Anna those duties.
  • Page 63 – Dusso filed an EPSB complaint in early February. Then he went on vacation. During that timeframe, Powell had teachers submitting complaints about Dusso. You know, one of those frequent coincidences that seem to occur with him. When asked how teachers knew to all the sudden – at same time – to submit complaints? “It wasn’t from me because I had over a dozen teachers submit complaints and meet with me before Mr. Duso(sic) left.”
  • Page 63/64 – “And the only reason that those letters — because I always promise confidentiality. The only reason that those one letters got sent in for his termination to Mr. Owsley is because those were the ones on my desk. The other ones I kept at home. Mr.(sic) Johnston got those off of my desk without my permission or those wouldn’t have been included either. But I have about a dozen at home.”
  • Page 65 – Claimed he had to do 100% what the SBDM council wanted him to do. But, you know, there’s nothing in the Kentucky Revised Statutes suggesting such a thing. Then he said, “I don’t know if there’s a specific law, but it would probably be considered interfering with the site based council.” And claimed he had to get rid of people if a member of the SBDM council didn’t like them.
  • Page 65/66 – Wondering how Powell controlled hiring? Here you go: Q. And you put Phil in charge of the hiring committee last year for the high school? A. Yes. Q. And you knew Shannon White was one of the applicants? A. I did. Q. And you knew that Phil and Shannon were very close? A. Yeah. Q. You didn’t think that was a conflict? A. Not at all. Phil Rison wouldn’t do anything crooked for anybody, neither would Shannon White. And I also put Jacqui Johnston at Camargo as my designee. I put Lisa Stone at McNabb and Larry Bacon was hired as my designee and I took Mount Sterling Elementary.
  • Page 66 – When asked why he didn’t report the child abuse incident to EPSB, he said it was because “The police officers doing the investigation could get anybody to confirm a lot. So it didn’t meet that criteria.” He said he couldn’t get an investigation completed… yet he blamed Gene Heffington for not completing an investigation. Insanity, the stories this guy comes up with.
  • Page 67 – Sneed reads the KRS to him detailing his responsibility as a superintendent to report wrongdoing to EPSB
  • Page 67/68 – Tried to blame Jacqui Johnston for not reporting it. Then admitted he used it not just against Heffington but also against a school psychologist, reporting neither instance to EPSB as required by law.
  • Page 70 – Claims he provided EPSB with evidence that Gene Heffington was the devil. He didn’t or he wouldn’t have been held accountable for going after him.
  • Page 71 – In coming up with an excuse for why he didn’t just transfer Heffington: “You know, I asked Mr. Priest — things go really fast in a school environment. I know you’ve never worked in a school environment before and are quite unfamiliar with how one actually operations, but things go so fast. … We don’t cite statutes, 761 or any of those things, because we’re too busy doing real jobs.” Then he detailed how he dug up dirt to use against Heffington.
  • Page 72 – Admitted he didn’t provide Heffington with a particular letter because it… wait for it… would have given him a right of appeal. Sneed had to correct him, “It does not give him a right of appeal.” Then he claimed it wasn’t his idea.
  • Page 72 – Q. Do you really think you’re here because you’re an innovator? A. No. That’s not why I think I’m here. I think I’m here because of you.
  • Page 73 – “You don’t want me to answer. This doesn’t just come from me. It comes from one of your Board members.” When asked which EPSB member he had communications with, he said Terry Holliday. He claimed Terry Holliday told him that Sneed was going after him, apparently. Hahahahaha. And you wonder why Terry Holliday got his ass fired. Sneed had to go off-record in order to chap some ass.
  • Page 73 – Sneed had Powell read off references from his resume. “Terry Holliday, Kenny Goin (sic – Kenney Gulley), Lisa Stone, Patricia Shepherd, Artie White, Phil Rison, David Barnett.”
  • Page 73/74 – Q. And both Lisa Stone, Phil Rison and Artie White are references for you? A. Correct. Q. And Mr. White is supposed to be an independent examiner for the board? A. Yes. He was familiar with me as a superintendent. That’s the kind of people you call as witnesses, I think. (PEE ALERT)
  • Page 74 – Owsley Re-Examination
  • Page 76 – Claims ousting Gene Heffington was entirely Shannon White’s idea
  • Page 78 – “Where we have really awesome schools, our central office and stuff like that is the bottom of the barrel.” Then the Hearing Officer points out how he had tight control over Phil Rison, Jacqui Johnston, Lisa Stone and the like.
  • Page 81 – Hearing Officer points out that he evaluated the director of special projects. Then he said, “I only evaluate principals. That’s all I’ve ever done.” Not being a fan of bullshit, the Hearing Officer responded, “Except when you did the director of special projects?”
  • Page 82 – Here’s a big one: “The fear, I presume, from Owsley was if the job description of director of school improvement said that she’s going to supervise the director of special projects and the director of school improvement wasn’t there, then maybe that would possibly be perceived to fall back on the superintendent because it said designee or superintendent. I don’t see it that way, but I guess that was the reason we changed it.” Yes, he shot himself in the foot again.
  • Page 83 – The Hearing Officer: “So who evaluates who can just float around according to whatever it is that the superintendent wants, looks like to me.” Then she pointed out that Sharon Smith would have to suffer a pay cut when he transferred her.
  • Page 84 – Discussion of Michelle Henry’s “voluntary transfer”
  • Page 85 – Discussion of job descriptions
  • Page 88 – Much to the Powell crew’s chagrin, the Hearing Officer brings up due process hearings.
  • Page 89 – Hearing Officer schools Owsley on statutes governing due process hearings for demotions
  • Page 92 – Michelle Henry had administrative tenure but Powell didn’t give her the opportunity to pursue a due process hearing
  • Page 97 – Essentially said he would leave people hanging if he wasn’t going to approve their leave
  • Page 97/98 – Admitted that he allowed people to take time out of the school year to get married. You know, to have a wedding. Something that could easily be held on a weekend. But didn’t allow Jim Dusso to take time off.
  • Page 100 – Claimed Dusso manipulated the leave program and he was the only person who was required to have physically signed leave papers. You catch that? They came up with that on the fly.
  • Page 101 – When asked if the Chinese programs he’d started in other districts were ongoing, he conveniently couldn’t remember. (They’re not)
  • Page 101 – “People don’t embrace diversity like they should…” Says the guy who comes at me for my sexual orientation in a super-obsessive manner.
  • Page 102 – Hearing Officer pointed out that it was super-expensive
  • Page 103 – Owsley Re-Examination
  • Page 104 – Discussion of Michelle Henry
  • Page 107 – Sneed Re-Examination – Italy, Lisa Stone, Phil Rison
  • Page 109 – Phil Rison was the highest-paid administrator in the district. Then he admitted he was suspended and the school board had submitted paperwork with KDE to have him terminated.

If Powell wants to give me credit for taking him down, for cleaning out the school district, for him losing his certifications, for shining light on an extremely dark situation? I’ll take it.

But the rest of that? Utter insanity.

Next up are closing statements, beginning with Mike Owsley:

  • Page 111 – Owsley: I think we’ve heard 62 witnesses in these 22 days… I don’t believe the petitioner has met its burden here at all. Spoiler alert: Met the burden, guilty on all counts.
  • Page 112 – Praised Powell for winning Wayne Young’s awards, pointed out that Terry Holliday was in so deep with him that he nominated him for an award – even after the Union County nightmare and everything he was aware of that was ongoing in Montgomery County.
  • Page 113 – Owsley ignored the fact that Anna’s job description was changed after she was hired. Then this big, obvious, glaring lie: “Dr. Powell didn’t even know she was applying initially.” HAHAHA. Jacqui Johnston said Powell had talked about her applying A YEAR BEFORE she actually applied.
  • Page 114 – Owsley ignorantly attacked Adam Edelen and the entire office of the Auditor of Public Accounts. Just insane. A great way to make sure he never gets trusted in any capacity again. He claimed they don’t have the expertise to investigate school districts.
  • Page 114 – “They told us that Attorney General Opinions didn’t matter to them.” Yeah, not when they’re from 20 years ago and don’t have anything to do with the situation at hand, they don’t.
  • Page 115 – Claimed Shelly Williams “opined” that the hiring of Anna Powell was legal. What he failed to mention, despite nearly facing an ethical inquiry and reprimand earlier in the hearing, is that Shelly was passing along his “opining”. Straight up shyster.
  • Page 116 – Tries to claim a mountain of agencies said Anna’s hiring was legal. Which would be possible to do if not provided with the specifics of the hiring, the way it occurred, the specifics of the job description change, etc. Leaving out important pieces of information is an easy way to give you a bogus opinion.
  • Page 117 – “And Ms. Powell has saved the district over a million dollars in this position.”
  • Page 118 – Discussion of Jim Dusso, neglects to mention the unrest in the school was a result of Powell’s own disruption.
  • Page 120 – Owsley wants to talk about covering his butt. I think readers here can come up with some interesting things to say to him about that. Regarding Dusso: “He fills out a letter or prepares a letter to the Standards Board and OEA and he’s essentially saying I’m reporting Dr. Powell on Kelly Wallace. He does that in February, just before he takes vacation. I’ve heard of boot strapping, but that’s the biggest case of boot strapping. He’s doing that to cover his butt.
  • Page 121 – Michelle Henry – Claims she wasn’t punctual. Fascinating that they’d accuse her of not being punctual when Powell himself spent half an hour testifying about how he was always late and had to rely on other people to get him to meetings on time. Maybe it’s dementia for Owsley? Maybe he just forgot what had been discussed the same day? Or he’s straight up lying in a hearing.
  • Page 123 – Tries to blame SBDM Councils for Henry’s troubles instead of his own client, who got his rear end handed to him in this hearing
  • Page 124 – References testimony from Lindsay Tufono as if it was fact or verified and not made-up, anti-christian word vomit
  • Page 125 – Kelly Wallace – Claims Dusso manipulated the system for her
  • Page 126 – Claims Wallace sent a letter… but her name was nowhere on the letter and there’s no evidence it came from her. You’re just supposed to trust Mike Owsley, who has been involved with Powell for nearly a decade and who has lied throughout the hearing, to be honest. Okay.
  • Page 127 – Laid all the blame for the Office of Civil Rights/Title IX violations on Phil Rison.
  • Page 127 – “There isn’t anything that Dr. Powell did to get her nonrenewed.” Other than what he testified, under oath, to doing… like pushing people to come up with information to help support her termination. You know, exactly that – doing everything to get her nonrenewed in retaliation for Powell’s belief/Rison’s belief that she’d filed an OCR complaint against the district.
  • Page 128 – Jessie(sic – Jesse? These court reporters are terrible) Bacon – Claims Powell was unaware of any issues with Bacon despite a huge paper trail.
  • Page 129 – Gene Heffington rambling.
  • Page 130 – “Conflicts with him as athletic director between he and the Risons, that didn’t work out very well.”
  • Page 131 – More proof Owsley was always neck-deep in everything: “We drafted the letter, the letter that Dr. Powell had given him.”
  • Page 131 – Tried to blame Heffington for Anna’s failure to properly report alleged child abuse
  • Page 132 – “So these things, they’re just picky. We’ve been here 22 days and spent I don’t know how many dollars in public funds over something that to me we shouldn’t be here at all.” Then he goes on a rant about how terrible actions should be ignored because of magical test scores.
  • Page 132/133 – “It is just mind boggling to me that we’re here in a situation where the proposed remedy is to revoke his certificate.” And revoke it they did. “I think that is a travesty, and I think that Dr. Powell has been a force for innovative change in the state.” Travesty for holding him accountable for all that he’s done? And innovative? By doing things literally every other superintendent on earth has done? DELUSIONAL.
  • Page 133 – “Ms. Durant, Mr. Owsley, growing up my mother always told me that how I would be judged will be by what I do versus what I say. And I think it’s clear that the Board has met its burden here today just by looking at the evidence in this case.”
  • Page 134 – “But if you look at everything that happened under Powell’s tenure at Montgomery County, you see that he was a superintendent who had absolute power and people were afraid of him and people did what he said.”
  • Page 134 – “Within six months, he’s gotten rid of three principals. But the end of the year only one principal is left standing, Todd Wilson, and he tells you that he was told either you take a cap, a demotion or you leave and he left.”
  • Page 134 – “Gay Elliott… He didn’t try to work with her.”
  • Page 134 – “Sharon Smith Breiner, she was a popular principal who was removed. And they testified, they told you, it may have been a voluntary transfer form that I signed, but he got us in the office, he had the paperwork filled out, we didn’t feel like we had a choice.”
  • Page 135 – “You heard the tape. Michelle Henry was brought in there by herself with several members of the administration and basically brow beat for two hours of the tape of that conversation because Powell wanted her to not be an assistant principal. She had administrative tenure. She also had seniority over Mark Crane(sic), who eventually becomes the assistant principal, the only assistant principal.”
  • Page 135 – “You heard from Mr. Hawsley (sic – Halsey). He had been there since November. He didn’t have any kind of concept. Everything he was getting, he was getting from Mr. Powell.
  • Page 135/136 – “And the educators who later letter(?) testified in Mr. Powell’s defense, these are individuals who either worked with Mr. Powell’s cohort at Morheead where they were getting their principal certification or they’re individuals who, for whatever reason, were here because they support Mr. Powell. ANd they thought that this was all about Powell being innovative.”
  • Page 136 – “This is not about innovation. In fact, assuming that the test scores actually tested student achievement, it was a wondrous thing that happened here, but a lot of it, as you heard, happened because of these curriculum specialists, because of Lisa Stone, because of reorganizing the curriculum and quite frankly it changed. You went from an old testing system to a new testing system, new accountability model. Senate Bill 1 from 2008 is in place. Lots of things changed where you may not be able to necessarily compare the district under Powell to the district under Freeman.”
  • Page 136/137 – “So Michelle, she’s brought in. She asked to have her dad with her, and not because he’s her dad, but because he’s a knowledgeable administrator. I mean who do you know that you want to have in with you, somebody who has been through the trenches and can advise and who because of biological aspects will have your back, especially in a district where you have Tim Sutherland(sic – Southern) speak. It’s not like she could go to KEA. They were pretty much in Mr. Powell’s pocket the whole time.
  • Page 137 – “So Michelle’s daughter, everybody knows how much you care about your kids and she was making sure her daughter got what she needed. She’s single. She’s probably going to have to put both of her kids through college. … She’s going down there, not for vacation, but for her child…”
  • Page 137 – “She called by KEA, just showing how KEA was basically at least in Montgomery County affiliated with the superintendent. She’s called by them and told to come back after Mr. Hawsley (sic – Halsey) said I told her she could go. And any evidence that she didn’t get her work done before she left was all hearsay. You did not hear from anyone who said, oh, she didn’t get something done.”
  • Page 138 – “So Michelle crying on the side of the road has to make a decision between her child and her job, which I don’t think any person in this room would want to have to decide that. And yeah, she appealed that decision, and think about what was going on with Michelle. She testified, she was here. She told you she knew about what happened with Chris Barrier and Amanda Reffitt. She knew that Beth Barrier was out there and the superintendent sends Chris Barrier out to her house, and she’s worried. She’s concerned that rumors are spreading throughout the district that she’s having some sort of relationship with Chris and she didn’t want to go out and work with the woman who might think she’s having an affair with her husband. And that’s just natural, yet that’s where she assigned. And her health deteriorates and quite frankly, she’s left the profession.”
  • Page 139 – “You heard from Lisa [Stone]. You heard from Gay [Elliott]. You saw her recommendations. You’ve seen her personnel file. She was not a — she was a good educator and she’s been basically kicked out of the profession. She’s not coming back, and that’s what Dr. Powell did to her.”
  • Page 139 – “You’ve got Phil Rison and Jackie(sic – Jacqui) Johnston. They’re not going anywhere. They have to stay in that district. They know that. They’re too old to go someplace else. I mean Phill told you he had been trying to get jobs, so they’re stuck there. So in order to get along, they’ve got to get along with Josh and they’ve got to do what he says. And then half of Phil’s family is still working in that district. You’ve got his best friend Shannon who is being pulled back in, even though he’s retired, to serve as a SAM, to serve an interim principal.
  • Page 140 – “This is the crew that hires his wife. Now, Mr. Owsley would say they all did this based on advice of counsel, and you have the Larue County OEA report. This is vastly different than what happened here.”
  • Page 141 – Regarding Anna Powell – “Supervised means to direct or oversee. I’m not sure where the — why people seem to think that the synonym for that is evaluate. Evaluate means to assess. These are simple basic statutory interpretations. You go with what the dictionary says unless there’s a specific definition. In the statute it says otherwise.”
  • Page 141 – “So we’re confusing evaluate with supervise. If you’re a director, you direct. You have authority.”
  • Page 141 – “You heard from Teresa Combs. There is a lot of compliance issues in order to make sure things go correctly. You do not want to get sued for having your special ed out of whack.”
  • Page 142 – “And you heard from Josh Gruneisen, he’s like, well, Anna probably would have been a great director or she can’t direct. Nobody is in charge right now. It’s chaos. So you have a situation where she’s having to go to other people in order to get things done and that’s just inefficient in a district that size.”
  • Page 142 – “[G]oing back to that committee, and we have never stated and no one ever stated that Anna wasn’t the best person in that particular crew. The issue was should she have even been considered for that position. That’s the issue.”
  • Page 142 – “And she was interviewed and quite frankly if you look at the rubric, it’s for somebody who has authority over other people, where you have a principal, where you have a district level administrator. These are questions for someone who was going to supervise, under the definition that we all understand for supervise individuals in the district and not student teachers, which you are allowed to supervise if a classroom mate, if you are a superintendent’s spouse. And that is what the auditor found.”
  • Page 143 – “You do not have to have a law degree to read the statute and figure out what happened and whether this was correct or not. And again, look at all of the individuals who were on the panel. Catherine Bailey, whose husband is just hired in the district, she’s just hired in the district. Phil Rison, who we found out, his wife, his brother, his daughter and his son-in-law work in the district. So they’re all dependent on keeping their jobs in this district. Shannon White, best friends with Phil Rison, whose later hired as the interim and I think he was serving as the interim at McNabb for a while as well. … So he’s getting his retirement from KTRS plus a full-time salary of, I think, he testified of $100,000. They’re not going to pick Ms. Powell.(sic – ?)”
  • Page 144 – “Now, you’ve got all of the school psychologists right out of schools being evaluated by principals, who may or may not know what they’re supposed to be doing. Is this the most efficient to run the district or was this done in order to make sure that Ms. Powell had a job? Believe that the evidence is clear. KRS 163.80 was violated when Ms. Powell was hired as the director of special projects.
  • Page 144 – Jim Dusso. Everyone from Gene Heffington to Rocky Franz to Jessie Bacon all believed Dusso thought he had permission to take his trip. Contrary to Powell’s fantasy.
  • Page 145 – “In fact, he thought he had permission to the point that they had to put in writing on February 13th that he didn’t have permission. Think about that.”
  • Page 145 – “And you think about the meeting in December. There were six people in that meeting, Mr. Powell, Mr. Rison, Gene Heffington, Jessie Bacon, Rocky Franz and Jim Dusso. Everyone except Phil Rison agrees that Kelly Wallace was discussed. The OCR was discussed according to at least four of those individuals.
  • Page 145/146 – “Now, think about the Office of Civil Rights, United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, investigating a Title 9(sic – IX) complaint. The school district had been found to have violated Title 9(sic – IX). That could have impacted their federal funding. So this is a big deal regardless of what Mr. Powell has said or what Mr. Rison said You know, discriminating against women, female athletes, not having the same facilities for women as you do for men, that’s kind of a big deal.”
  • Page 146 – “You heard Bart Rison say well, not all sports are created equal and Heffington messed up by treating them all equal.”
  • Page 146 – “[F]our people in that room agree that basically Mr. Powell said Kelly Wallace is not coming back and her evaluations need to reflect that. Four people. And three of them really don’t have a dog in this fight. They didn’t even know this was going on. They found out about it a couple of days after Duso(sic – Dusso) files the complaint and doesn’t tell anybody. And they agree, this is how it happened. Kelly doesn’t even know about it at this point.”
  • Page 147 – “So that’s early February. All of a sudden all these other people start filing complaints and grievances about Mr. Duso(sic – Dusso). Some of them happen to be in classes taught by Mr. Powell. People are trying to get the evidence against Jim Duso(sic – crap reporter, seriously). And then finally the letter of February 13th saying hey, you go on this vacation, you’re getting fired.”
  • Page 147 – “Was termination the appropriate penalty.(sic – worst. court. reporter. in. Kentucky. Can’t comprehend punctuation to save their life.) Well, after he appealed he got all of that money back. And whether it was Mr. Powell saying the insurance company said to do that or counsel advising that this is the best deal, the insurance was going to pay for it. The same thing happened tow years ago with Michelle Henry, basically everything is set back to the way it was.”
  • Page 148 – “It’s the person he was trying to protect, Kelly Wallace. … Was she a little bit persnickety when she had to lose her office, she was, but she’s a coach. Think of all the male coaches out there screaming and cussing and having fits.”
  • Page – 149 – “It’s suspicious that Shannon White, has been brought back to the district after retiring, who’s brought back in to save the day after Duso(sic) evidently crushed everyone’s spirit in the school, which I find kind of interesting. You were constantly told about the incivility surveys, but if it was that bad, wouldn’t that — if Duso’s(sic) reign was that bad, wouldn’t that have showed in the incivility survey.(sic – ?)”
  • Page 149/150 – “You think about really, Shannon White had that much time there to make decisions about who he wanted and who he didn’t want and remember Phil Rison and Jackie(sic) have approached Jessie Bacon, Rocky Franz and Gene to sign an affidavit in support of the superintendent. Gene doesn’t sign it at all. He refused to sign it. Jessie and Rocky do sign it, but Jessie is very hesitant. Rocky signs it.”
  • Page 150 – “After these charges are released in July, Rocky is moved at that point to the alternative school where it seems like everybody goes who doesn’t make what they want happen happen.”
  • Page 150 – “That letter, the Durhurst situation, again, if it was that big of a deal what happened with Durhurst, why wasn’t it reported to the Standards Board, why wasn’t it reported to Child Services. If their police department couldn’t find anything amiss in it, why was it even held against Gene. And remember Gene didn’t do the investigation. Jessie did it.”
  • Page 151 – “So everyone in the situation that was reporting to Duso(sic) has had some sort of negative action on them.”
  • Page 151 – “[Powell] can hide behind the school based decision making council all he wants, but if you look at it, again, the statute for SBDM councils, they only hire. The decision to fire, to take action against someone all rests on the head of the superintendent, and he took these actions, not the SBDM council and not Shannon White.”
  • Page 152 – Here are the juicy bits. Remember, social media = Page One in their eyes. “Now, there have been a lot of red herrings through this hearing, and I’ll admit I’ve probably ran down a few rabbit holes with those myself, the social media. Social media is here to stay. That’s the way it is, whether you’re Woodward and Berinstein going after President Nixon Everybody at one point has somebody out there who’s going to find out if we do something wrong and they’re going to report on it. So whether it’s a blog site or its, again, the Herald Leader, if you’re in public office, you’ve got to put up with these things. So what was or was not published on social media should not affect the outcome of this hearing.”
  • Page 153 – “[I]f you’re doing what you’re supposed to do and you’re obeying the law and you can be compared to all of the other superintendents out there, are they obeying the law. No one cares about being innovative. In fact, we have statutes called four(sic) districts of innovation where we want districts to be innovated in this state.”
  • Page 153 – “Alice Anderson, poor Alice Anderson, she left the district not because of Mr. Powell. She testified clearly that Phil Rison was rude to her, and she was sick of it.” She went on to detail how they tried to use OEA to retaliate against Anderson.
  • Page 154 – “OEA, KEA, the Chinese program, all of these things popped up as red herrings. Mr. Powell testified that the reason OEA came after him in Union County is because KDE sicked them on it. Well, KDE has the authority to remove him if they wanted to. OEA has no power. They’re(sic – Their) only power under the statute is to investigate and make recommendations.” Re KDE: “They don’t need any henchmen to do their dirty work. They’re the Department of Education. They have all the authority they need to do whatever they want.”
  • Page 154 – “And finally me, that I am the cause of all of this. Again, these individuals, it’s their story you heard. This has nothing to do with the Standards Board. The Standards Board’s only authority is to make sure that the profession polices itself and that every single person who holds a certificate out there holds themselves to the code of ethics and state laws governing the schools.”
  • Page 154 – “You have Artie White, again, who’s supposed to be an independent auditor for the Montgomery County School Board, but serves as a reference for Mr. Powell. I’m not sure how independent your auditor can be if he’s going to be a professional reference for your superintendent. And, again, this wasn’t about finances. It’s nice that he believes Powell has done a great job, so did the people who chose him over Mr. Rison.”
  • Page 155 – “And you also have evidence of what Mr. Powell did after he was suspended from the Board. He wrote an eight-page letter, using information that he gleaned from Alice Anderson’s personnel file and sent that to the Commissioner of Education and that’s been published everywhere. He’s not someone who wants to be challenged. For those who do as he says or helps him, I’m sure he is polite and kid, but those who challenge him, he goes after.” This hearing has been filled with evidence of that occurring.
  • Page 155 – “Michelle Cannoy, she said he told her not to apply for the job. She did. … Within a month, Michelle is being brought into Phil Rison’s office and given a letter of concern. Her distrust of the KEA and the local district causes her to call another uniserve director to come with her to meet with Mr. Powell.”
  • Page 156 – “Cheryl Cooper gets bumped around. She’s the only person with a DPP certification and she doesn’t get hired for the DPP position. She gets hired on a part-time contract to assist Phil Rison, who told you well, I called up Eastern, I didn’t take the class, but they gave me a certificate for two years to be the DPP. Just little things like that that you have to question what was going on here.”
  • Page 157 – “Mr. Powell only holds administrative certificates. He has a DPP certificate, principal certificate, and a guidance counselor certificate. In setting the penalty, you need to look at the lives of the educators, as well as the good potentiality Mr. Powell could do in certain areas of education, if not today in a few years. This is not someone who should be a superintendent again, at least for a while. Should he be a principal, should he be a guidance counselor, should he serve as a director of pupil personnel, those are not situations at least, except for the principal position, in which you have control necessarily over the lives of other adults.”
  • Page 158 – “The old maxim power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, a superintendent and a principal both have absolute power, either in their school or in the school district. And I think you have a situation here in which an individual might have been corrupted a bit by the power that he had.”
  • Page 158 – “Count I, Mr. Powell committed an act that constitutes corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest conduct in violation of KRS 161 when he hired his wife, Anna Powell… He also committed corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest conduct when he retaliated against Jim Duso(sic) by terminating his employment for filing a complaint with the EPSB after he ordered him to ensure that Kelly Wallace’s evaluations reflected that she should not be renewed for employment the next school year.”
  • Page 159 – “He committed corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest conduct when he nonrenewed Kelly Wallace He committed corrupt, fraudulent and dishonest conduct when he retaliated against Jessie Bacon… The same with Gene Heffington when he coerced him into retiring early.”
  • Page 159 – “He violated state school law when he hired his wife for the director of special projects. His conduct in Montgomery County failed to maintain the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession. During his tenure in Montgomery County he failed to accord just and equitable treatment to all members of the profession when he exercised their professional rights and responsibilities.”
  • Page 159 – “During his tenure, he used coercive means in order to influence professional decisions. He failed to hire a person for the director of special projects only on the basis of professional preparation and legal qualifications. Anna Powell was not qualified for that position as posted.”
  • Page 159/160 – “And, finally, he knowingly falsified or misrepresented the records of facts relating to Michelle Henry’s, Jim Duso’s(sic) and Gene Heffington’s employment performance at Montgomery County Schools.”

Here’s the PDF:


There you have it. All 6,000 pages of it. Now you know why the Education Professional Standards Board revoked Joshua Powell’s certifications. Now you know what really occurred, what he did to people. Now you know who enabled and supported him. Now you have proof of who to believe.

The school year begins in Montgomery County in a matter of days and I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting time.

Again, if they want to give ME credit for taking everyone down? I’ll wear that feather in my cap. I gave people my word three years ago that I would stand up for them by telling their story, by reporting the facts, by shining a light on small town corruption and I got Frankfort to take action. Yeah, I’ll gladly and proudly take credit for that. I’ll share it with the hundreds of people who grew to put their trust in me as I conducted interviews and fact-finding missions throughout the state while covering this mess. The hundreds of people who suffered, panicked, begged for assistance. And the dozens of people who allowed me to use their names and their personal stories to highlight problems sinking Kentucky’s educational system. Montgomery County was ground zero.

I think I’ve proved for the millionth time that when I say I’m going to get to the bottom of something, I get to the bottom of it. Did it all with strained resources, insanely corrupt assholes constantly nipping at my heels and made it happen. Proof anyone can do it if they put forth a bit of grit and determination. Proof that anyone can stand up and do what’s right for their community.

Now, what’s next?

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Volume 21: The Crazy Train Has Rolled Back Into Town With You-Know-Who

Before you dig in to the rest of Joshua Powell’s testimony, get caught up on the previous 20 volumes of his Education Professional Standards Board hearing transcript:

  • Volume 1: Powell’s Scandalous EPSB Transcript [April 27, 2016]
  • Volume 2: Powell’s EPSB Transcript Gets Crazier [May 2, 2016]
  • Volume 3: The Powell Transcript Gets Real [May 5, 2016]
  • Volume 4: New Perspectives On Powell’s Exploits [May 9, 2016]
  • Volume 5: Board Member Drama Was Unreal [May 12, 2016]
  • Volume 6: Legal You-Know-What Hits The Ethical Fan And Things Finally Get Exciting In The Powell Hearing [May 17, 2016]
  • Volume 7: Jacqui Johnston’s Shady, Corrupt Colors Become Apparent, We Learn Why Catherine Bailey Fled & Get A Glimpse At Anna Powell’s Erratic Behavior [June 1, 2016]
  • Volume 8: Two Former Board Members & A Powell Confidant Go Out Of Their Way To Blame Page One For Powell’s Myriad Troubles [June 13, 2016]
  • Volume 9: A Board Member Reveals Scandalous Details And A Powell Confidant Has Extremely Selective Memory [June 27, 2016]
  • Volume 10: Testimony of Board Chairwoman Sheds Light On Joshua Powell’s Tenure As Superintendent [July 1, 2016]
  • Volume 11: Jacqui Johnston’s Scandalous Testimony Sheds Light On Her Role In The Powell Shenanigans [July 5, 2016]
  • Volume 12: Catherine Bailey’s Testimony Dogged The Powells & Phil Rison Was A Non-Stop Disaster [July 7, 2016]
  • Volume 13: Testimony From Joshua Powell Doesn’t Exactly Help His Case At The EPSB [July 11, 2016]
  • Volume 14: After Months Of Waiting, Anna Powell’s Testimony Finally Goes Public And You Get To Read It [July 13, 2016]
  • Volume 15: Powell’s Own Witnesses Fell Flat For Him When Testifying At His EPSB Hearing. Here’s Testimony From Six Of Them. [July 15, 2016]
  • Volume 16: Entertainment Has Arrived In The Form Of Testimony From An Entitled, Spoiled Teenager & Richard Hughes [July 18, 2016]
  • Volume 17: Phil Rison’s Entire Family Was Apparently Involved In Anything And Everything Related To Powell [July 20, 2016]
  • Volume 18: Three Of Powell’s Key Players Finally Hit The Hot Seat And Boy, Do They Ever Disappoint [July 22, 2016]
  • Volume 19: Union County’s School Board Got Fired By The Community Because Of Joshua Powell’s Shenanigans There [July 25, 2016]
  • Volume 20: Lisa Stone Returns And Joshua Powell Finally Takes The Stand Again [July 26, 2016]

Let’s dig in. Here are the highlights:

  • Page 4 – Owsley tells the Hearing Officer he may need to recall Anna Powell and has subpoenaed her
  • Page 5 – Testimony of Joshua Powell Continues
  • Page 5 – PEE ALERT: “Dr. Powell, turn off the phone, please. Maybe that’s what you were doing. I don’t know, but I want to be sure that you hear my questions, Ms. Sneed’s questions and Ms. Durant’s questions.
  • Page 8 – Five minutes prior he said he didn’t mention one of his goals was to be top 10 during his interview in Montgomery County. Now he’s claiming that was his number one point when interviewing with the board. So… okay.
  • Page 9/10 – He’s definitely psychic. “It talked about a lot of conspiracy, the, I would not likely have my job at the end of my contract. And most likely the board members would not be elected again.” Then he went on to talk about lawsuits.
  • Page 12 – Claims the board voted unanimously for something. And… it didn’t.
  • Page 13 – “I really didn’t trust anybody at the time. Especially the Risons.” And… “I was also warned several times about the Rison brothers. I had never met them before. But before I got here, I pictured both of them to be about 6-foot 8 and –” Owsley cut him off so Powell wasn’t allowed to point out that Rison is a tiny little thing.
  • Page 19 – Claimed Gay Elliott didn’t have the skill set to be a principal. Coming from him, that’s high praise.
  • Page 20 – You’ll see that he thinks the rules don’t apply to him when it comes to corrective action plans
  • Page 22 – Powell gave his impression of Mark Crain being in “Marine Mode”
  • Page 23 – Trashed Shannon Gross. Then he tried to get into Michelle Henry. Claimed the board was pressuring him to get rid of Gay Elliott, which would have been illegal. So that’s fun. Always gotta blame someone else.
  • Page 25 – Discussion of his “voluntary” transfers
  • Page 32 – “But when you would arrive at McNabb, you could see the deficiency in leadership and you could see it in virtually every classroom. Not a lot of wise personnel decisions were made there. A large number of highly ineffective teachers. In fact, there were at least two teachers that I know of that were so bad with the students that no students were assigned to those teachers all day long.” Q. What did the teachers do? He responded, “I don’t really know. But they had to keep the kids away from the teachers. One, because I don’t know if she was very stable mentally. And the other one because she probably ranks number one as the most cantankerous person that I have ever met.” He ALWAYS claims people have psychological problems when he dislikes them. Always. Claims they’re unstable, need to be on their meds, need to be drug tested, whatever he can come up with. It’s clearly projection.
  • Page 34 – Earlier he claimed the high school was a weak link. Now he’s claiming it had the “most talented group of high school teachers” that he had ever witnessed. Insane pivot, to say the least.
  • Page 35 – This guy sure seems to think he knows every teacher in Kentucky. “I would consider Lisa Stone to be the best instructional leader and most knowledgeable in Kentucky.”
  • Page 36 – His testimony is the strangest thing I’ve ever read. Rambling, disconnected, unreal. “There was one lady up there, the most hardheaded, liberal person that I’ve ever met, that we made, we promoted to curriculum specialist…” As if her political bent mattered.
  • Page 40 – He was so deep into rambling that his own attorney couldn’t keep up with which school he was talking about. In part because he didn’t bother to say which school he was talking about.
  • Page 43 – You won’t be able to figure out what he’s talking about. The only thing you’ll walk away with is that he doesn’t like the term “discretionary” for whatever reason.
  • Page 45 – Phil Rison allegedly handled all of Freeman’s corrective action plans, according to Powell
  • Page 46 – For the 100th time, Owsley tried to get Powell to focus on Todd Wilson. He didn’t tell him, he went on a rant about Liz Prater and Lisa Dickerson.
  • Page 47 – Owsley again asks about Todd Wilson, asked him why he didn’t return. Powell claimed it was because “he had some bad things on his evaluation.” Owsley had to prod him again.
  • Page 50 – He put Wilson on a corrective action plan.
  • Page 52 – Claims Wilson wanted to work in buildings and grounds like Phil Rison
  • Page 53 – Finally, page after page after page, Powell says Wilson resigned
  • Page 54 – Sharon Smith Breiner finally comes up.
  • Page 56 – “I talked to Steve Osborne an uncountable numbers of hours on the phone at nights…
  • Page 56/57 – For whatever demented reason, he claimed the person who was principal prior to Sharon had “had what appeared to be obsessive compulsive disorder.” Hello, potential HIPAA violation, meet the guy who claims everybody else has a psychological disorder.
  • Page 60 – Regarding Sharon: “Her behavior was very erratic. And sometimes I would come down there and no one was allowed to use the bathroom. No kid could go to the bathroom, you know.”
  • Page 62 – “And then I thought that maybe that’s just, you know, maybe she just has this horrible reaction to me, you know. Maybe it is just me.” Then he claimed Sharon targeted a kid who had lice (she didn’t, according to others who testified). And he admitted for the second time to discussing personnel matters with Osborne.
  • Page 63 – Here comes the crazy train: “I learned that she had, one more than one occasion, specifically with Mr. Osborne’s child, Mr. Osborne’s child did something to another kid, maybe a kindergartener, 1st grader. And as punishment, she would allow the kid to punch Mr. Osborne’s kid in the face.”
  • Page 64 – Sarah Woodford discussion – claims she went on a tirade against Sharon, started crying, Hearing Officer then shut him down
  • Page 65 – One of the many reasons the guy isn’t on the school board: “I said, that’s the priority, because Lisa — I love Steve Osborne. I do not want to get sideways with him.”
  • Page 66 – “You know, Sharon Smith told me, you know, well, you know, I know that you can read peoples’ minds and know everything they are going to do because you’re a psychologist, you know. And, you know, it was obviously, I sure wouldn’t be here today if I could read peoples’ minds.” WTF?
  • Page 68 – Accused Sharon of shopping on her iPad instead of working
  • Page 69 – Q. At what point did you determine that a leadership change needed to be made at that school? A. I talked to Steve Osborne a lot about it I said, you know, Steve — More ruh ro.
  • Page 70 – Claimed Lisa Stone helped him prepare Sharon’s corrective action plan because he “really was not too involved with Jacqui at that time.”
  • Page 71 – More evidence that Artie White is hardly independent. “I say that affectionately with Artie.” Then he went completely off the rails.
  • Page 75 – Owsley spent probably 30 minutes trying to get him to tell the hearing what Sharon Smith allegedly did. Then he finally said, “She transferred. She selected to transfer.” Which you know isn’t exactly the whole story. Or even half of it.
  • Page 76 – Powell claimed that if a parent wanted their kid in the gifted and talented program, they got into the program. But that’s not based in reality. Not in Union County, not in Montgomery County.
  • Page 77 – Michelle Henry comes back up.
  • Page 79 – When asked if he had a working relationship with Henry, he said she was Lisa Stone’s responsibility. Which, as you know from coverage the past few years, harms his argument(s) regarding Henry.
  • Page 80 – “I didn’t have any contact with Michelle Henry until Lisa –“ Q. How did you become aware of any issues involving Michelle Henry. A. What issues?
  • Page 81 – Claims he first became aware of issues with Henry during her unemployment hearing. You know that’s a load of dookie because he and Cravens Priest went balls-to-the-wall after Henry during her THREE unemployment hearings. You’ve even heard recordings of them.
  • Page 82 – Owsley went round and round with Powell, trying to get him to detail his first interaction with Henry and he could never get him to do so. And despite all the claims to the contrary – that Henry was a terrible employee, that she sucked at her job? Here’s what Powell said: “I don’t recall having a lot of issues with her until it just sprung up one day.” Henry’s case against Powell and the school board is already strong but this just strengthens it.
  • Page 83 – Neglects to mention that the board planned to make “reductions” based on his recommendation
  • Page 84 – Claimed Halsey was trying to become superintendent
  • Page 85 – Sometimes he loves Shannon Gross, sometimes he’s angry at Shannon Gross. Couldn’t keep his story straight and it was bothering Owsley. He also couldn’t stay focused on answering questions about Michelle Henry.
  • Page 86 – “Now, let’s go back to Ms. Henry, because that’s who we are talking about.” Owsley had to repeatedly say this.
  • Page 87 – Claimed Henry was having emotional outbursts in hallways. Which is surprising, since all the people Powell mentions – including Halsey, the guy he accuses of informing him – say that never occurred. Owsley brought up the recording of the Henry meeting with Powell – the one he’s trying to claim under oath was his first big interaction with her.
  • Page 88 – A minute ago, Powell claimed Henry was saying he called her stupid and dumb. Now he’s claiming that the purpose of the meeting – you heard the recording – was to discuss why SHE was calling HIM stupid and dumb. It was such an absurd moment that Owsley had to correct him: Q. Well, she didn’t call you dumb and stupid. She said you called her dumb and stupid? A. Yeah You shouldn’t say that to people. That’s just unprofessional. It got worse from there because he went off on another tangent talking about someone else.
  • Page 89 – Q. So why were you discussing with Ms. Henry this transfer? A. I have no idea actually. That just caught me by surprise. Then he tried to put the “voluntary” transfer blame on Russell Halsey. Again, he can never keep his story straight.
  • Page 90 – Discussion of the recording where Powell forced her to sign a “voluntary” transfer. He claimed his interpretation of the meeting was a lot different than Henry’s but here’s the deal: there’s a fucking recording of the hours-long meeting. There is no alternative interpretation. There are no alternative facts.
  • Page 92 – Powell claimed she was going to remain in her position. You already know that’s not true. And you’ll see him flip-flop in just a moment when he changes his story.
  • Page 93 – Halsey didn’t call Powell to claim Henry had taken an unauthorized trip. Halsey testified to that. And Powell’s own legal team introduced evidence to prove that Halsey had even submitted paperwork for Henry to be paid for her leave. Fun stuff.
  • Page 94 – “Peace and I have had multiple conversations about Ms. Henry.”
  • Page 96 – Moments ago Powell testified that Henry was going to remain as assistant principal. But now he’s testifying that he fired her and was only going to reinstate her as a teacher.
  • Page 97 – Now he’s admitting he was going to place Henry at Hope Hill.
  • Page 98 – Claimed he had no input in Henry’s evaluations. Unfortunately for him, everyone else says otherwise. So that’s fun.
  • Page 101/102 – Check out this farce: “The Hope Hill teaching assignments are positions that are usually fought for because they carry 20 extended days.” Which must be why they had vacancies in the middle of the year all the time? Heh.
  • Page 102 – He testified he didn’t know anything about Henry but all the sudden he’s aware of her punctuality? Fascinating. Claims she showed up at 9:30 or 10:00 multiple times per week. What he fails to mention is that there’s no proof of that. But what there IS proof of? When her kids showed up at school when she dropped them off. You know, in the schools she worked in. So that’s fun.
  • Page 103 – Discussion of illegal hiring of his wife, Anna
  • Page 104 – Claims he didn’t want Anna to apply for the job. Pbbbbbt.
  • Page 105 – Claims he wanted Anna to stay home with their five kids, all under the age of 9. (Meaning they were waaaay too young to be playing sports in Union County, as a previous witness testified.)
  • Page 106 – Powell claims he and his wife had other income that far exceeded Anna’s $90,000+ salary so they didn’t need the extra income. Which must be why she fled to Florida to take a much lower-paying job. Because she didn’t need the money, right? Also must be why he now claims to be financially destitute. Because of all that other income. But here’s the deal – if you read closely? Check out what Owsley brings up: Q. That she wouldn’t be able to draw? A. Yes. Because it is — and the cost of childcare is not exactly, you know, cheap. Plus some other benefits, financial benefits.
  • Page 106 – Claimed he had a need to fill Anna’s position. But it remained open for months and months and months and no interviews were ever conducted.
  • Page 107 – Claims he didn’t know Anna applied for the position. Claims he was considering hiring Leslie Robertson from Owen County, who now (then) works in Oldham County. Someone hew knew through Lisa Stone. “Lisa Stone and I knew of her. So we wined and dined her. We really did. We took her to Malone’s and tried to talk her into, without the wine, coming to work for our district.” But then he admitted she didn’t even apply for the job. Hahaha.
  • Page 108 – Claims Jacqui Johnston is the reason there were concerns about Michelle Cannoy
  • Page 110 – “If you receive, I’m using my hands again, if you receive, let’s just say, a million dollars of federal money in the year before, you spent $2 million with local money/general fund, then you have to show that you are continuing to spend that money to, in order to be eligible to receive the million dollars from the federal government.”
  • Page 112 – “This is how districts lose money a lot.”
  • Page 113 – Claims the only people Michelle Cannoy recommended for jobs attended her church. You know, just like Kenney Gulley, Phil Rison and Sammi Hatfield. Projection much? It certainly wasn’t something Powell did because he only attended church when he first made it to the district and that was in order to network.
  • Page 113/114 – “And, you know, that was pointed out by Jacqui. And I decided, hey, look, you know, maybe 100 percent of the people you attempt to hire should not come from your church.”
  • Page 115 – Dena Amburgey didn’t like Cheryl Cooper
  • Page 118 – Tried to claim he’d changed Anna’s job description long before she was hired.
  • Page 127 – After hours and hours of rambling, they finally got back to the original questions about Anna Powell’s illegal hiring.
  • Page 128 – Here’s another rub. Powell admits that he DID become aware that Anna Powell applied for the job before she was hired. Fun how his story changes with every breath.
  • Page 129 – Owsley claimed Powell got legal advice from Shelly Williams regarding hiring Anna. Reality, though, is that Shelly was providing information that Owsley gave her. Shelly said during the hearing – it’s on-the-record and you’ve already read it – that Owsley misled her. Powell claimed Teresa Combs okayed Anna’s hiring but her own testimony suggests no such thing – she didn’t approve the specifics and there’s no evidence that she was ever given details of the particulars.
  • Page 132/133 – Brings up opinions of the Attorney General, which did not deal with the particulars of Anna’s hiring. You can read them for yourselves to easily determine that.
  • Page 134 – Claimed Lisa Stone was afraid he would interfere in Anna’s hiring to prevent her from getting the super-high-paying job. Pbbbbbt.
  • Page 136 – Wait – here it comes – he admits that he had not sought advice from Shelly Williams prior to hiring Anna. Funny how facts work with him. “I didn’t speak to her until after…”
  • Page 138 – “Jacqui specifically said that it was perfectly legal. There is nothing wrong with it…” Which doesn’t mesh with Jacqui’s own testimony.
  • Page 137 – Admitted that he discussed it with former board chair Kenney Gulley, who told him it was no big deal
  • Page 139 – After previously testifying that he was fine with Alice Anderson and Sharon Smith Breiner, all the sudden he’s claiming his relationship with them was bad from the start.
  • Page 141 – He directed Rison to send that memo to the board. The truth finally comes out. Surprise, surprise.
  • Page 143 – Claims he doesn’t believe Anna’s job description needed to be changed. But he changed it anyway.
  • Page 144 – Owsley reminds the hearing that it was his advice to change the job description. As if anyone could forget that he and the rest of ELPO were butthole deep in everything from day one. In going after people in unemployment hearings, in giving bad advice about illegal hirings, in dealing with government agencies, in attempting to demonize and threaten me, and even in fudging things up at the EPSB hearing.
  • Page 145 – Tried to claim if he really wanted to help Anna, he could have done something else, that the board was too ignorant to know what he was up to
  • Page 148/149 – Apparently there are hundreds upon hundreds, according to Powell, of people in Montgomery County who are mentally disabled
  • Page 152 – Finally back to Anna after countless derails.
  • Page 155 – When he first learned that the Auditor of Public Accounts was investigating Anna’s illegal hiring
  • Page 156 – Gulley’s letter to the auditor, written by Owsley, the one some other board members had never seen
  • Page 157 – Claims he learned of the Auditor’s report on… wait for it… Page One. “It was on Page One. And someone had printed off a copy and dropped it into my office.” What these folks also fail to mention? It was available on the Auditor’s website. It was a public record. They think I worked some special magic to obtain it and I did – I filed an open records request to get my own copy. In addition to it being available on the website in PDF form.
  • Page 160 – Said the Gulley letter drafted by Owsley was circulated to board members. But it wasn’t. And there’s no evidence that it was, no email trail, no paper trail. Claims there was consensus among board members to reject Edelen’s findings regarding Anna’s illegal hiring but here’s the deal: That’s not true. THREE board members at the time told me as much. And one of them was not Donna Wilson. Fun to see these folks continue making false claims about things that were disproved years prior. Embarrassing, really.
  • Page 162 – Powell wasn’t doing what Owsley wanted him to do so he had to beg to take a break. “I really thought Dr. Powell had this specific paragraph down. Could we take a short break and just let him identify them so that he could then come back and handle them more expeditiously?”
  • Page 164 – Powell says the auditor’s report made claims that weren’t true. But they were. Which is why he lost his certification.
  • Page 165 – See him lie about what he claims to have done years prior to hiring Anna.
  • Page 167 – Lots of stuff from Owsley because even he didn’t understand what Powell was rambling on about
  • Page 168/169 – Powell claims supervisory specifics weren’t changed from Anna’s job description. And then, wait for it… Owsley points out that they were changed.
  • Page 171 – Shot himself in the foot again. Regarding the check box about whether Anna is the superintendent’s spouse/relative, “According to the auditor’s report, she should not have been considered if she marked that.”
  • Page 173 – Now Powell is a legal expert who can discern intent of legislation.
  • Page 173/174 – Admits that Anna observed and supervised, even going so far as to report things to the school board
  • Page 175 – Anna used funds to buy iPads for teachers
  • Page 177 – Anna had so much power that she changed special ed policies. “It generated lots of extra funding because more kids qualified…”
  • Page 178 – Powell tried to claim that making supervisory decisions was not actually supervising. The Auditor and the entire EPSB disagreed because, you know, reality.
  • Page 178/179 – Tried to misconstrue what the Auditor’s folks said, threw in SBDM council laws for added confusion, and rambled on a bit more
  • Page 179 – Here’s what this constitutional law genius said, “I don’t think that a state auditor’s office can make a determination, especially when considering Teresa Combs’ testimony, what the duties and responsibilities of a director of special projects is for a district.” But spoiler alert – they can!
  • Page 179/180 – “[S]he has helped the district, and Medicaid reimbursement being able to retrieve it when it was just not completed. Well over a million 5.”
  • Page 181 – Tried to claim Sneed had okayed Anna’s hiring. She didn’t. Then said, “I mean, every attorney, both my life and I, contacted KEA. And they have their legal department. They issued e-mails to both Peace and Tim saying everything is perfectly fine.”
  • Page 182 – Jim Dusso and Kelly Wallace came up again. Admitted that he chaired the council that hired Dusso.
  • Page 184/185 – “I’m kind of an old country boy. And so are Alton and Jeff Arnett. I don’t mind a lot of things. People make mistakes, do all kinds of things. But stealing money, you know, maybe that’s just, I guess anybody in a desperate situation would steal money. I certainly would to feed my kids.
  • Page 186 – Claimed Dusso was unstable
  • Page 188 – Tried to insinuate Dusso wasn’t certified to serve as principal. Spoiler alert: he was.
  • Page 191 – “I don’t have an OCD issue with a tablecloth, but it manifests itself in other ways. I wish I did have that because my vehicle and house would not be able to be condemned by the health department. It is — it’s a burning desire of mine.”
  • Page 191 – Remember when folks testified that Powell wasn’t a smooth talker? Here’s what he had to say: “If you would have probably known me in college or high school, you would have said, well, he could be a politician because, you know, he’s smooth and he can tell anybody what they want to hear.”
  • Page 192/193 – “[S]he sized me up pretty quick and knew that, you know, here’s some guy that’s maybe the coach type person or, you know… She goes, you used to play basketball and stuff? Well, yeah.”
  • Page 194 – “Then I would say, well, I bet they don’t have shoes in Pikeville, not knowing that Pikeville has the most percentage of millionaires –” Sneed shut him down and Owsley said, “You are wandering. You have got to get to the point of why you brought him back.” He never got to that point.
  • Page 195/196 – “I can see what can happen if you just make the changes, which makes me really stupid to the politics sometimes. Kenney Gulley and Kelly Murphy see that side of me. And I think they like me. So they provided me some good advice one day. I talked to them after a board meeting at Mappleton(sic, it’s Mapleton. There’s one P in Maple.) Elementary. I said I have to make a change at the high school. I have to. It is a disaster. You just don’t understand. Kenny and Kelly have never overstepped their boundaries as board members ever. Kenney says, said, he indicated — sorry — you know, you are known as the turn around superintendent. Try being a sustainability superintendent.”
  • Page 200 – Claimed he was just being helpful to Jim Dusso by coming up with a bogus corrective action plan and evaluation
  • Page 201 – Here Powell basically gives Jim Dusso a victory in his lawsuit
  • Page 202 – Claimed student attendance was better than teacher attendance. HAHAHA
  • Page 203 – Here’s some schadenfreude for you: “All individuals are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.”
  • Page 204/205 – How dare Jim Dusso require appointments for meetings in order to keep all the (as Powell claimed) mentally disabled people of Montgomery County from just barging into his office!
  • Page 208 – Claims three people told him to be cautious in meeting with Jim Dusso: Peace Ifeacho, Tim Southern and Dena Amburgey. His circle j… his inner circle of people who are always, for some reason, involved in all of his scandals.
  • Page 209 – “I had a concern that I would be set up.” Projection.
  • Page 211 – “I think most of that stemmed from Shannon Gross, which I’m to blame here, because, I mean, we obviously made up after that. I was on his — I helped him get his doctoral degree. I was on his committee.” He went on to trash Gross, detailing all of his problems. He went after him. Yet they were miraculously able to make up? Must be why Gross concedes to people that having Powell “help him” get his degree was allegedly in exchange for him keeping quiet. These people are terrible at keeping their mouths shut.
  • Page 213 – Tried to blame Dusso for doing all the things he had done or has been accused of doing. Surprise, surprise. Always gotta blame others. Projection.
  • Page 214 – Kelly Wallace again. Dusso wanted to hire her as department head.
  • Page 215 – So, naturally, Powell derails again and starts talking about Wallace’s “issues with her attitude on the bus” – re: coaching. Because he can’t seem to remember that Wallace wasn’t let go because of coaching. Heh.
  • Page 216 – Admitted to using Dusso’s desire to make Wallace a department head (really, he was just trying to get her paid for the work she’d already done) against him
  • Page 217 – “And then Phil would do something called parroting. Oh, so you guys are saying that you want to do this, this and this. Well, you guys have already figured out the problem. That’s pretty much every meeting was like that for us.”
  • Page 217 – “So in this particular meeting he said, I want to hire Kelly Wallace for the PE department chair. I said, well, I’m not going to pay her a penny.”
  • Page 218 – Went off on a tangent about unrelated hiring processes and Owsley had to nudge him, “Back to Kelly Wallace.”
  • Page 218 – “So I said, she is not getting a penny from us. I’m not going to pay her a penny. I’m not going to authorize one dime to her.”
  • Page 219 – Watch him make up a story as he’s going and then correct himself: “You know, I would, whatever he said, it was positive. And I go, well, in looking at her evaluation, I go, I said, I didn’t get to that point, I said, so any other issues that she has with professionalism?”
  • Page 220 – They went after her for sitting “Indian style”
  • Page 220 – Powell said this about Wallace, “She is the best PE teacher that we have, which I would agree, because she is actually, I try not to say anything unless it’s accurate.”
  • Page 221 – Powell a few minutes prior claimed Wallace had professionalism issues. Now he’s talking about how she’s so great he appointed her to the district’s program review.
  • Page 222 – Q. Did the issue of the investigation by the Office of Civil Rights, the so-called OCR investigation, come up in the course of the conversation? A. You know, I have had time to reflect on notes and other records recently. I used to move so fast when I was working and doing all of these things. I had assumed that it did. But a couple of witnesses in this proceeding reminded me of something I used to do, right or wrong, that’s what I used to do. Mr. Dusso could not tolerate someone being late. And oftentimes I’m late to things, which is why Phil Rison accompanies me a lot of times so I’m always early.
  • Page 223 – “I would generally go talk to Nora Riddick (sick, it’s Reddix. Nora Reddix.) or, it was usually Nora. Nora has, you know, she can tell you about everything that’s going on in the district at any time.”
  • Page 223 – After spending an entire hearing trying to make it seem as if he was heavily involved in athletics? Here’s what he said, “I’m not one that has ever been involved in athletics. … I’m certainly not the superintendent that is involved in athletics in any form or fashion.”
  • Page 224 – Regarding the OCR complaint, “I don’t think I was in the room when it was even discussed.”
  • Page 224 – More: “Frankly, I didn’t read it or open it. That stuff goes straight to Phil. There is no way that Cindy Kincaid would ever have put anything from KHSAA or anything involving athletics in my mailbox.”
  • Page 225 – Q. That was something Phil negotiated? A. 100 percent.
  • Page 225 – Finally, back to Kelly Wallace. “I said, well, how is her evaluation going? Because, you know, I’m going to non-renew her contract at the end of this year. And when she gets in front of me, I want to review her evaluations and I want to know what to tell her because we have talked about this several times. I want to know what to tell her about her evaluations.”
  • Page 225 – Q. Let me interrupt you. Why were you going to non-renew her contract if she was a good PE teacher? A. I’m trying to make a point here.
  • Page 225/226 – “And I go, well, have you guys talked about these professionalism issues with her? Well, you know, where do you evaluate? How do you evaluate? She’s really good with instruction. And I go, I don’t know, what teacher standard could you possibly link — Q. Professional? A. — professionalism with. And Mr. Dusso would say, I don’t know. You know, I’m looking through it and I can’t find anything. I go, well, just think hard. What portion of this, the teacher evaluation, could you link these behaviors to? No one was able to tell me how they could relate that to a teaching standard. And for everybody, you know, I know you’re aware, the last teaching standard is professionalism.
  • Page 226 – At this point, Powell had a panicked reaction and asked, “What’s that? What is it?” And Sneed responded, “Nothing.” HAHAHA. He was super-paranoid.
  • Page 227 – Owsley asks, “So when you were saying to Mr. Dusso and the others, you know, I intend to non-renew her at the end of the year…”
  • Page 227 – “I was completely flabbergasted that no one could associate her behavior to any teacher standard. … I would have thought somebody would have caught onto something. And I even asked questions like, so I guess everybody has been evaluated?”
  • If you’re not paying attention, this is both Powell and his attorney admitting during the hearing that he targeted Kelly Wallace for non-renewal.
  • Page 229 – Denied instructing Dusso to falsify Wallace’s evaluation
  • Page 230 – Claimed an evaluation form submitted as evidence wasn’t a district form. Which… hahaha. Wow.
  • Page 240 – Apparently Michael Manly (sic – it’s Michael Manley, married to Leah) was up for non-renewal according to Powell.
  • Page 243 – Discussion of Dusso’s vacation
  • Page 246 – Powell tried to introduce some Jacqui Johnston-related gossip and Owsley cut him off
  • Page 248 – Owsley referred to Dusso’s performance as “crappy”
  • Page 249 – Powell was asked if Dusso’s termination went forward to a tribunal or if it was resolved. Probably because he likely didn’t give him the option for due process. Here’s the relevant discussion: A. It was resolved. Q. And in what manner was it resolved? A. The insurance carrier elected to pay the remainder of Mr. Dusso’s contract. Q. For the year in question? A. For the year in question from some kind of other fund that they had. Q. Not district funds? A. Not district funds.
  • Page 251 – Discussion of Kelly Wallace being non-renewed.
  • Page 254 – Despite being in charge of the SBDM council, Powell claimed he had no role in her being non-renewed. Pro-tip: The council acts on HIS recommendations.
  • Page 257 – After Kelly Wallace was told she’d be non-renewed, they kept the position they’d promised her and gave it to Matt Daniels, the basketball coach
  • Page 260 – All the sudden Powell claims it’s up to principals to make hires in their schools. But… only the superintendent has the ability to hire.
  • Page 263 – Powell trash-talked Jesse Bacon, blamed his non-renewal on Shannon White, claimed he and Rison tried to get White to rescind his non-renewal. Pbbbbt.
  • Page 265 – And here’s the rub. Q. But it wasn’t — it really was your call as to whether or not to non-renew him, wasn’t it, ultimately? A. Well, technically, yes. DUN DUN DUN.
  • Page 266 – Discussion of Gene Heffington.
  • Page 269/270 – More on Powell playing Heffington and Rison against each other: “It was always some kind of power struggle between Gene and Phill over things like did you, you know, custodial equipment where it was stored. Just stuff that was excruciating to hear. Then they would talk about with the maintenance supervisor, they would talk about how the budget was off.”
  • Page 270 – Praised Rison, said his word was gold, almost as if he was reminding Phil to keep his mouth shut
  • Page 271 – Heffington went to Powell with a list of concerns and when asked if he listened to them, he said, “No, I didn’t.”
  • Page 272 – Powell, who prided himself on athletics and claimed to be a coach on at least one of his applications in the past, made it clear that he hated talking about athletics or having anything to do with them.
  • Page 273 – “I think that was the year Happy was there and left, which I blamed Gene for a large portion of that.” Then claimed Heffington was mad that Montgomery County had made it to the final four, which you know isn’t based in reality. No one would be upset about that.
  • Page 274/275 – Claimed he threatened to give Melody Claypool responsibility for athletics
  • Page 276 – “Phil knew what I was doing. And I did not plan to really remove Phil from athletics.” You’ll recall that Phil testified that he didn’t know what was up. Huh Imagine that.
  • Page 278 – For the fourth or fifth time claimed he ignored Heffington. Then tried to put blame for the child abuse incident Anna failed to report on Heffington. The incident with special ed teacher Chris Durhurst. Powell said, about Durhurst, “There was something, in my believe, wrong with the guy.” Hello, HIPAA fun, meet Joshua Powell again.
  • Page 279 – Speaking of HIPAA, here’s Powell revealing that the child in question had “30 or 40 surgeries. You know, has cystic-fibrosis. On his IEP he is actually allowed to sleep sometimes in class because of physical deformities, issues with breathing, you know, stuff like that.”
  • Page 280 – “And Gene didn’t do anything about it.” But you already know he did. And Anna Powell admitted that he’d reported it to her.
  • Page 280 – You know how Powell claimed he wasn’t supervising his wife? “And I said, Anna, you better get this done do something. So she e-mailed him.” So there goes his lawsuit against the school board. His own testimony shot himself in the foot for the millionth time. The dumb ass admitted to giving his wife a directive while under oath and said there’s an email trail.
  • Page 281 – Claims Phil went to the police.
  • Page 284 – “When that happened with Happy, Happy is, remains one of the most important people in my life. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back with me for Gene.” Here’s Powell admitting he retaliated against Gene Heffington because he was upset that Gene had embarrassed him with someone he worshipped. Whatever the Happy incident was because, really, no one cares.
  • Page 284 – “Gene in his testimony said that I cost him $700 a month because I didn’t let him stay another year. What he doesn’t understand is I’m responsible for all five of his highest years of retirement because that takes five to get your highest five for your retirement.” Just in case you were wondering how full of himself he was. But there you have it – admitting he was helping people pad their retirements.
  • Page 287 – “And so Jacqui had me write up my curriculum and instruction, little concerns based on conversations that I had with him. And also the failure to investigate and report the child abuse, which he wasn’t the only employee that did that, that failed to address it.”
  • Page 288 – “Jacqui and Shannon got the documentation together and Phil, because Phil knew all of the athletic director stuff.” That’s how they went after Heffington.
  • Page 289 – “I met with him because Cindy made me.”

Here’s the PDF:


Get ready. The rest comes tomorrow.

Do You Have A Fun DNC Hangover?

The best part of this – or maybe the most terrifying – is that Republicans in Frankfort have worked hard to fight needle exchanges that prevent this sort of thing. Kentucky saw a dramatic increase in the rate of hepatitis C infections among women ages 15-44 in recent years, according to a new federal report that offers further evidence of growing problems in the state from intravenous drug use. [H-L]

Bernie Sanders again urged his supporters to rally behind presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, telling them it’s much easier to jeer and boo than it is to deal with the reality of Donald Trump as president. [HuffPo]

Eight years ago, Olivia Ann Morris Fuchs stood on the turf at what was then known as Invesco Field at Mile High and watched as other Hillary Clinton delegates gripped the backs of the chairs in front of them – some of them in tears – waiting for Barack Obama to accept the Democratic nomination for president. [C-J/AKN]

President Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments about NATO show he is unprepared to address issues of foreign policy. [The Hill]

While questions loom about the University of Louisville’s future, its new Board of Trustees met Thursday and took no significant action. And then they called of a special meeting on Tuesday. [WFPL]

An Alaska law requiring doctors to notify the parents of girls under the age of 18 seeking an abortion violates the state’s constitution and cannot be enforced, the state’s top court ruled on Friday. [Reuters]

A local Richmond man wants to say “thank you” to a Madison County Sheriff’s deputy who showed him an act of kindness. [Richmond Register]

A federal agency sends thousands of letters a year to health providers closing out complaints about HIPAA violations. Though the government could make those letters public, it doesn’t. ProPublica has started to do so. [ProPublica]

Boyd County Coroner’s Office issued a warning about a deadly batch of heroin circulating in the area on its Facebook page Friday night. The office reported eight overdoses and one death in the last 12 hours. [Ashland Independent]

Kevin Green’s lawyers were pleading with the governor for mercy. It was spring 2008, and Mr. Green, a 31-year-old who had shot and killed a grocery owner, was on Virginia’s death row. His woes, his lawyers said, dated to childhood; he was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, repeated three years of elementary school and never learned to tie his shoes. [NY Times]

Only linking to this because the headline mentions “hot mess” – a huge win on any account. [Glasgow Daily Times]

After a lengthy debate and a deal between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party’s rules committee voted to created a “unity commission” that would dramatically limit the role of convention “superdelegates,” binding roughly two-thirds of them to the results of state primaries and caucuses. [WaPo]

Developer Dudley Webb has released the final renderings for the downtown CentrePointe project. [H-L]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) labeled Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a fraudulent plutocrat dividing the country by race, religion and gender to empower the oligarchy, in her speech Monday at the Democratic National Convention. [HuffPo]

Volume 20: Lisa Stone Returns And Joshua Powell Finally Takes The Stand Again

Get caught up on the previous 19 volumes of testimony from Joshua Powell’s Education Professional Standards Board hearing transcript:

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  • Volume 12: Catherine Bailey’s Testimony Dogged The Powells & Phil Rison Was A Non-Stop Disaster [July 7, 2016]
  • Volume 13: Testimony From Joshua Powell Doesn’t Exactly Help His Case At The EPSB [July 11, 2016]
  • Volume 14: After Months Of Waiting, Anna Powell’s Testimony Finally Goes Public And You Get To Read It [July 13, 2016]
  • Volume 15: Powell’s Own Witnesses Fell Flat For Him When Testifying At His EPSB Hearing. Here’s Testimony From Six Of Them. [July 15, 2016]
  • Volume 16: Entertainment Has Arrived In The Form Of Testimony From An Entitled, Spoiled Teenager & Richard Hughes [July 18, 2016]
  • Volume 17: Phil Rison’s Entire Family Was Apparently Involved In Anything And Everything Related To Powell [July 20, 2016]
  • Volume 18: Three Of Powell’s Key Players Finally Hit The Hot Seat And Boy, Do They Ever Disappoint [July 22, 2016]
  • Volume 19: Union County’s School Board Got Fired By The Community Because Of Joshua Powell’s Shenanigans There [July 25, 2016]

Because we’re going to dig in to more testimony from Lisa Stone today and then wade into Joshua Powell’s return to the bench to testify.

Here are the highlights:

  • Page 3 – Testimony of Lisa Stone Begins
  • Page 5 – Owsley had Stone dig up some sort of information about Union County, something about Race to the Top, blah blah blah
  • Page 8 – Apparently, the Reader’s Digest – you know, the educational journal (HAHAHAHA or, really, the thing your grandmother reads on the terlit) – wrote about turning schools around.
  • Page 11 – Stone said, “[T]here was great improvement in Union County.” Unfortunately, she wasn’t privy to reality, because former Union County board members testified that test scores had plummeted. RUH RO.
  • Page 12 – Claims Melody Claypool was happy to be ousted from her job by Powell
  • Page 14 – More discussion of school turnaround
  • Page 18 – Turns out Lisa Stone was also involved in Jefferson County Public Schools’ diagnostic review for KDE. Which should terrify the living shit out of anyone paying attention to what’s gone on in Louisville the past several years. This makes two Powell people who have played a role in potentially screwing up JCPS.
  • Page 21 – She claimed Powell was politically astute when making decisions. HAHAHAHAHA. G-d. Hahahahahahahahahaha.
  • Page 21 – Sneed Cross-Examination Begins
  • Page 23 – She couldn’t recall a time she’d demanded anyone leave their position without giving them a chance to improve
  • Page 24/25 – Discussion of Race to the Top. Stone didn’t even know Arne Duncan’s title.
  • Page 26 – Stone agreed that school boards and the commissioner could remove superintendents
  • Page 28 – Stone claimed a document she’d brought in was from 2010, claimed it was what Powell used to help him become a turnaround agent. Then Sneed had her read the copyright information, which was 2015. Heh.
  • Page 28 – Read the exchange regarding all the times she has served as a reference for Powell. You’ll note that she never directly confirms that she is, in fact, Powell’s professional reference: Q. Ms. Stone, do you also act as a reference for Mr. Powell? A. A reference, can you clarify? Q. On a resume, a reference for finding employment? A. I don’t know as if I am presently a reference for Dr. Powell. Q. Have you acted as a reference in the past for him? A. I don’t recall if I was a reference for him for Montgomery County. Q. And you worked with him in Union County? A. I was a consultant for Union.
  • Page 30 – Sneed called her out about referring to Powell as a turnaround agent. Because he’d only worked in two school districts. Then Stone had to conceded that she had never seen Powell model lessons for people and had never seen him in a classroom. Then she claimed he taught a high school psychology class… despite not being certified. Whoopsiedaisy. Turns out, he was just a guest speaker.
  • Page 31 – Owsley Re-Direct
  • Page 34 – Trash-talking of Sharon Smith Breiner
  • Page 35 – Sneed Re-Examination
  • Page 35 – Pee Alert – after trashing Sharon Smith Breiner, she was forced to conceded that she never had the opportunity to work with her. She also had to conceded that she hadn’t had the opportunity to work with Gay Elliott, another person Owsley used her to trash. Something tells me her new employer, AdvancEd won’t enjoy reading her testimony.
  • Page 36 – Hearing Officer Questions.
  • Page 36 – She consulted on curriculum in Union County
  • Page 39 – Discussion of test scores and PR efforts
  • Page 40 – Turnaround models.
  • Page 41 – Admitted that when she left Montgomery County, all of the principals were new hires. Powell had gotten rid of everyone in just over a year.
  • Page 41 – Owsley Re-Direct – he tried to suggest that the local newspaper in Mt. Sterling would have focused on test scores prior to Powell. Reality? It didn’t. Not until Kristi Carter was hired with feeding them 24/7 nonsense. And not until Powell himself started “leaking” the nasty letters he’d written to people.
  • Page 42 – Sneed Re-Examination
  • Page 42 – Another pee alert: Stone conceded that there were new accountability modems and new test scoring models.
  • Page 43 – It gets better. Stone volunteered that testing changed in 2011. “I think that was 2011. I think it was 2011 when the assessment system changed.” So all this talk of Powell changing test scores on a miraculous level is horse shit. Owsley got freaked out.
  • Page 44 – Owsley Re-Direct
  • Page 45 – Hearing Officer Questions.
  • Page 45/46 – Hearing Officer forced Lisa Stone to concede that test scores were not a real indicator of child intelligence. Parents could think their kids are brilliant after testing and then get report cards to find out they’re in need of serious tutoring.
  • Page 47 – Michelle Henry’s forced resignation.
  • Page 48 – Discussion of Hope Hill, which Powell referred to as a “Psych School”
  • Page 49 – Owsley said that’s where Michelle Henry was assigned to go and the Hearing Officer shut him down.
  • Page 51 – Hearing Officer refused to allow Owsley to admit evidence against Michelle Henry because, legally, Powell could not have her go to training while she was on medical leave. Whoopsiedaisy.
  • Page 54 – Owsley tried to slip records in ab out Henry that were irrelevant to the hearing and the Hearing Officer shut him down again. He tried to play the failing memory card. The Hearing Officer was not having it: “I’m going to deny it. I don’t think it’s sufficiently relevant and it may well just cause confusion as to why in the same(sic) hell it’s in there.”
  • Page 57 – Owsley introduced service reports as evidence that ultimately made Michelle Henry’s entire case. It’s a pee-worthy moment.
  • Page 59 – Owsley and Powell tried to trash the service report once they realize they’d screwed themselves but the Hearing Officer shut them down. Again.
  • Page 61 – Powell claimed he met with Dusso once or twice a month to discuss his corrective action plan and weekly on the components of it. And, of course, Powell kept no record of that because it didn’t happen. He claims Jacqui Johnston kept written notes of all of those meetings. But… they don’t exist. SURPRISE!
  • Page 62/63 – Powell claimed his memory had been refreshed. Then Sneed called him out: “I’m going to object. I mean there’s refreshing your memory and then there’s just entering into the record things that you’re reading from Jackie’s(sic) notes.” The Hearing Officer agreed with Sneed.
  • Page 64 – Claimed Dusso took professional leave to visit other school districts without permission. But fun fact? There’s no proof of that. Powell, this paragon of memory, integrity and record keeping, seems never to be able to produce documentation to back things up.
  • Page 66 – Claimed Dusso repeatedly cornered a special education kid so he could suspend him
  • Page 67 – Powell attacked Dusso for trying to eliminate smoking from the school. OH GOD DUSSO SAID A CUSS KILL HIM WITH FIRE OH GOD
  • Page 69 – The Hearing Officer again called Owsley and Powell out. [H]e can’t refresh his recollection from a document that he didn’t write and he’s never seen before.” These shady-asses had no ethical compass.
  • Page 70 – “Jackie(sic) has probably the worst handwriting of any female that I’ve ever known.” Because that matters.
  • Page 71 – Powell criticized Dusso for pink-slipping someone he claims hadn’t been given a chance to improve. You know, the thing Powell did with dozens of people.
  • Page 75 – Owsley asked Powell repeatedly about Dusso taking a trip to Mexico but he couldn’t get a straight answer from him that wasn’t a rambling mess. “In the interest of time, I’m going to move on past this.”
  • Page 77 – Hearing Officer shot Owsley down for the millionth time for attempting to submit documents as evidence that had absolutely nothing to do with the hearing.
  • Page 88 – 11 pages later and Owsley is still trying to sneak in material that has no relevance
  • Page 89 – Owsley tried to submit emails from people who not only didn’t testify but about topics that didn’t come up during the hearing
  • Page 100 – The Hearing Officer got so tired of Owsley’s circus act that she started responding with, “Denied.”
  • Page 104 – “No, not admissible.” and “Yeah. No, not admissible.” It went on like this for ages.
  • Page 107 – Powell tried to claim, in reference to Kelly Wallace, that employees could have four years of perfect evaluations that are, in his words, “completely unrelated to their actual performance.” Seriously!
  • Page 108 – Hearing Officer accused Joshua Powell of invading Jim Dusso’s privacy
  • Page 113/114 – Powell claimed a document proved Dusso manipulated allocations of money. Then the Hearing Officer called him out. “[I]s this an agenda? It is an agenda. So it’s not — it’s just an agenda. I don’t think it proves that he manipulated it to do it. It indicates he went through the site based decision making council…”
  • Page 117 – Powell claimed something happened and Sneed shut him down by pointing out that something else happened, that it was in the minutes and available via open records
  • Page 120 – Hearing Officer shot Powell down again
  • Page 126 – Powell tried to claim something was policy before it actually was. No one is surprised.
  • Page 134 – Powell claims he received a letter with falsified signatures on it about Kelly Wallace. Moral bankruptcy, indeed.
  • Page 136 – Powell tried to go after Brian Wallace and even Mike Owsley shut him down
  • Page 137 – From the Hearing Officer: “It’s got a pickle bar quiz in it. What does that to do with her evaluations?”
  • Page 146 – Owsley, who claims not to have read Page One, tried to submit a bunch of Page One articles and the hearing officer shut him down.
  • Page 146 – Owsley tried to submit a judicial ethics opinion as evidence. They were grasping. at. straws. like. woah.
  • Page 149 – Owsley tried to claim that a superintendent’s spouse being hired before they become superintendent is the same thing as hiring your spouse after you become superintendent and then changing her job description in an attempt to cover your ass
  • Page 151 – Hearing Officer and Sneed shut Owsley and Powell down. They tried to do something based on Anna’s new job description, not the one for which she was actually hired.
  • Page 155 – Reminder that Anna Powell accused Michelle Cannoy of accessing her (Anna’s) computer and printing things off
  • Page 158 – Looks like Powell tried to introduce articles from the local newspaper about his magical test scores and the Hearing Officer shut it down
  • Page 160/161 – Remember when we proved Powell PAID to get a “100 best places to work” b.s. award? He and Owsley tried to submit it as evidence that the district was perfect under his leadership.
  • Page 165/166 – Owsley tried to submit a list of awards received by the district in the form of a press release Powell put out
  • Page 167/168 – The “culture and civility” surveys that Powell came up with
  • Page 169 – Powell tried to justify his survey by claiming Allison Hubbard picked them (from Dena Amburgey) up and had them verified by a school psychologist. Translation: Someone like Catherine Bailey. Heh.
  • Page 177 – “Research has shown that females tend to do these more passive aggressive behaviors than males and when you’re in a female dominated profession like education, you have to have your principals have ongoing training and also your staff to recognize the kind of behaviors.” Please, tell me again that this guy doesn’t have issues with women. Good grief. It’s bad enough that he – according to EPSB – targeted women. But his obsession with them, much like his obsession with my sexual orientation, is borderline obscene.
  • Page 182 – Here’s a healthy dose of delusional hypocrisy for you: Q. [Owsley speaking] In this proceeding you are accused using people, not treating people well, specific instances and generally. What do these survey results tell you and your administrators about how the district is doing? A. The results indicate that we’ve done extraordinarily well in that area. Now, I understand I’m the boss of making sure a lot of change and transition is happening. Everything that I’ve ever said or done, given the opportunity, I would have done it better each time, but I think everybody could say that.
  • Page 183 – Here’s your ruh ro moment of the day. The Hearing Officer asked: “How do these various surveys on culture and inflating engagement and civility and such, how does this relate to your dissertation research?” He denied that it had anything at all to do with his research and his time at UofL.
  • Page 188 – Here’s the rub: “They changed the graduation rate from 2012 to 2013.”
  • Page 192 – Powell mentions his fancy trip to Milan
  • Page 193 – Powell claims incivility decreased from 48 to 21 from 2011 to 2013 in Montgomery County. Sorry for the lack of a pee alert.
  • Page 195 – After all of those teachers and board members testified about what a disaster they thought testing was, here’s what Powell had to say: “And let me say this about our testing system, that it is probably the best in the United States…”
  • Page 198 – Braggadocio about going from worst to best in no time flat, as if that’s possible. Spoiler alert: It’s not.
  • Page 199 – “I think you heard that from Larry Bailey and his frustration that he thinks they’re testing too long and it’s not an accurate reflection.” Heh.
  • Page 201 – Powell tried to submit an article from Afton Fairchild Spencer and the Hearing Officer shut him down. He then said he framed her article and it was placed in central office. What was that, again, about me being wrong about them having strong ties? Yet another talking point of theirs down the drain.
  • Page 210 – Powell points out that Blake Hazelton(sic – it’s Haselton) was one of his witnesses. Which is not a great thing for UofL right now, to say the least.
  • Page 211 – Powell considers Haselton a friend. Which is eye-opening. This guy is a product of Robert Felner. Joshua Powell is a product of Robert Felner’s College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville.
  • Page 213 – Hearing Officer shot down another attempt of Powell’s to claim Gene Heffington was demoted in Oldham County. Sneed said during the discussion that she’d spoken with Oldham County and Powell was wrong.
  • Page 215 – They brought up the child abuse incident that Anna Powell didn’t report to authorities. They were still trying to blame Gene Heffington for that.
  • Page 218 – PEE ALERT! A reminder that Terry Holliday nominated Joshua Powell as superintendent of the year at the American Association of School Administrators. Dahahahaha.

Here’s the PDF:


Take the time to read it all.

We’ll pick back up with Volumes 21 and the rest of Powell’s testimony in the next installment. His testimony will roll into Volume 22, as well.

Stay tuned.

Matt Bevin Is Donald Trump Lite

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That was the main message coming out of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week. [Tom Eblen]

Donald Trump now says his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention featured a call to expand his proposed ban on Muslim immigration to the United States, after the GOP presidential nominee appeared to temper his language on the subject during his remarks. [HuffPo]

Matt Bevin is the kind of guy who has children of color and an African American lieutenant governor and STILL supports the most racist bullshit imaginable: Donald Trump. This is the modern Republican Party of Kentucky. It’s Trump Lite. [C-J/AKN]

Bernie Sanders Sunday called on Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign following email leaks from within the party that showed officials tried to undermine his presidential campaign. [The Hill]

Kentucky high school students and 2016 graduates should check their Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) accounts for accuracy. [Richmond Register]

The U.S. Department of Justice unveiled its largest-ever criminal healthcare fraud case against individuals on Friday, charging the owner of Miami-based assisted living facilities and two others in a $1 billion scheme to swindle Medicare. [Reuters]

I’m a lifelong New York Yankee fan, but after watching the Republican National Convention crown a New Yorker as its presidential nominee it was something Jack Buck, the great broadcaster, once said which came to mind. [Ronnie Ellis]

A top staffer at the Democratic National Committee has apologized after suggesting that the organization use Bernie Sanders’ religious beliefs against him in the Democratic primary. [Politico]

The Office of Education Accountability said in a July 8 finding that Rowan County School Supt. Marvin Moore, RCSHS Principal Ray Ginter and RCSHS Athletic Director Jen Williams violated state law regarding the operation of the Viking football program. [The Morehead News]

After Donald Trump presented a dark picture of the country at his convention in Cleveland last week, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats plan to project a more optimistic and inclusive vision of the future when they convene here starting Monday. [WaPo]

In addition to all the 2016 races for which candidates had to file by late January, a few races that never have primaries will be on the ballot in November, and the filing deadline for those is coming up at 4 p.m. on Aug. 9. [Glasgow Daily Times]

The GOP nominee is totally unhinged. But a better, cooler, more polished demagogue could rise in his wake. [Slate]

A state judge said it is “problematic” for Kentucky’s Republican governor to entirely replace the University of Louisville board of trustees, calling into question the new board’s authority on the day it met to discuss the school’s billion-dollar budget and higher student tuition. [H-L]

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Sunday that he would consider pulling the United States out of the World Trade Organization should he end up winning the election. [HuffPo]

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