Scott Jennings Whines That Democrats Aren’t “Tolerant” Of Backward-Ass Bigots Like Betsy DeVos

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This editorial dangerously misses Matt Bevin’s typical, backward, slick, Republican point. That point? That poor people should pay more money to the state via consumption taxes. To suggest it’s about honest, fair tax reform is as shady as Bevin himself and the people defending him. The paper’s editorial board knows better and that’s what is most alarming. [H-L]

HAHAHAHA! This is the man people like Scott Jennings are tacitly defending. They own this huckster. OWN HIM. They have to own this mess and it’s going to be painful and hilarious to watch them have to eat it. Donald Trump on Wednesday ignored shouted questions about his administration’s reported ties to Russia. [HuffPo]

Here’s giant pussy, Scott Jennings, whining about TOLERANCE! Regarding school choice, which he says is scientific. HAHAHAHA! Seriously. You’re going to need to take a pee break before you read this one. This fucker is going to own every last idiot the Trump Administration has appointed each and every time he says this shit publicly. Make this dumb fucker own it, Democrats. Let him know that whining about how “intolerant” people are of his intolerance/racism/bigotry/whatever doesn’t compute. P.S. He’s going knee-deep on DeVos because of her money. His Super PAC. McConnell’s Super PAC. [C-J/AKN]

How did Sergei Krikov die? And why did the NYPD close the case? He was found just before 7 a.m. on Election Day, lying on the floor of the Russian Consulate on the Upper East Side. The man was unconscious and unresponsive, with an unidentified head wound — “blunt force trauma,” in cop parlance. By the time emergency responders reached him, he was dead. [BuzzFeed]

Citing “increasing public interest and media attention,” Kentucky State Police on Wednesday announced the creation of a dedicated unit to investigate police shootings across the state. [WFPL]

Donald Trump is a racist bigot and people like Scott Jennings, Damon Thayer and Jeff Hoover are all about him. Fortunately, people like Whitney Westerfield maybe see through the bullshit? Either way, the FBI has released documents related to Dildo Trump’s rental discrimination case and they are scandalous. Be sure to read what Trump’s doorman told the FBI he was directed to tell black people. [FBI]

House Speaker Jeff Hoover says Kentucky’s Republican governor will have to testify before a legislative committee and offer his personal, public guarantee that he won’t block a bill aimed at overhauling driver’s licenses in the state. [Richmond Register]

The intercepts alarmed American intelligence and law enforcement agencies, in part because of the amount of contact that was occurring while Mr. Trump was speaking glowingly about the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin. [NY Times]

The City of Ashland is poised to acquire the old Ashland Oil building for free. Louisa Community Bank will donate the vacant, seven-story building on Winchester Avenue to the city, pending approval by the board of city commissioners during Wednesday’s commission meeting. [Ashland Independent]

Trump’s ouster of national security adviser Michael Flynn, and the circumstances leading up to it, have quickly become a major crisis for the fledgling administration, forcing the White House on the defensive and precipitating the first significant breach in relations between Trump and an increasingly restive Republican Congress. [WaPo]

Cave City has received the best audit report it could receive from an auditor. David Gilbert with Gilbert and Gilbert, a certified public accounting firm in Glasgow, reviewed the city’s 2016 audit report with city council members Monday night. In doing so, he pointed out the change in the city’s net position, which was $1,237,401. [Glasgow Daily Times]

The ex-wife of President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee told “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that he “vowed revenge” when she made public spousal abuse allegations, according to a 1990 tape reviewed by POLITICO on Tuesday night. [Politico]

Of course Damon Thayer and his handlers want to further corrupt politics in Kentucky. Lawmakers in Kentucky are looking for more of that sweet, sweet cash. A bill that would double the amount donors can contribute to a campaign passed the Senate Wednesday on a party-line vote after it got out of the Senate State and Local Government Committee committee earlier in the day. [H-L]

Multiple Russian military aircraft came close to a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea on Feb. 10, incidents considered “unsafe and unprofessional,” a U.S. official said on Tuesday. [HuffPo]

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2 thoughts on “Scott Jennings Whines That Democrats Aren’t “Tolerant” Of Backward-Ass Bigots Like Betsy DeVos

  1. Jacob, you were fine with Jennings and Mitch when they were paying you hush money? You have as much blood on your hands as anyone for putting people like Bevin and McConnell and Trump in office. Think about that when they continue to oppress gays, women and poor people. Your turning a blind eye to them when they were running for office because you were getting paid illegal soft money allowed them to get by. You ruthlessly attacked good people like Comer, Edelen and Grimes and now we have idiots like Bevin, Harmon and Hampton in the highest spots. congratulations. Your criticism is too little too late

  2. Tell me more about this hush money. Because I’d like to find it. Just as advertising dollars for a newspaper don’t turn that newspaper into a mouthpiece, they don’t turn me into a mouthpiece.

    Reporting on very real conflicts of interests, ties and misdeeds of Democrats does not put blood on anybody’s hands. Just as I’ve always called Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin out, I’ve always called out people like Jack Conway and Adam Edelen.

    Your argument quickly falls apart. You’ve spent a long time claiming I have zero credibility. Now you’re claiming I’m powerful enough to have influenced elections. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to use some stupid Edelen talking point to soothe your political butthurt of the moment.

    I’ve always called Scott Jennings out. Always. And when he recently ratcheted up with homophobia and last year with anti-Mexican sentiment? I ratcheted up the criticism to his level. While the rest of you Democrats sat. on. your. hands. You, Jennifer Moore, Joni Jenkins, Jonathan Miller, et al, have remained silent.

    I’ve spent years going in on Matt Bevin. But where were you people? Instead of dealing with Jack Conway’s messes, you ignored them, hoped they’d go away, sometimes worked to cover them up. Those messes took him down and allowed Bevin to roll into power.

    Jamie Comer? You mean the guy who allegedly abused an ex-girlfriend, paid for her abortion and then went after her instead of ponying up documentation he claimed to have? The same Jamie Comer who, along with Holly Harris, created the current mess within the hemp program? (There’s a pending suit against the hemp commission) The guy who decided to turn homophobic in order to get elected? Yeah, okay.

    Where were you when I was – for eight years – pointing out the bullshit the Beshear Administration was conducting with people like Tim Longmeyer and Chuck Geveden? Oh, that’s right, attempting to stifle any criticism.

    You can blame people who are equally critical of both political parties all you want. But it won’t change that you own this mess more than anyone bothering to report on what’s happened the last decade in Kentucky.

    Fuck you people. Your generation can’t die off quickly enough.

    P.S. Commenting from a coffee shop didn’t prevent me from seeing the cookies that have been on your device since the first time you visited.

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