Louisville Showed Up To Protest The New Republican Racism (Or Fascism, If You’re Being Technical)

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The city of Lexington is not a sanctuary city for those in the country illegally, Lexington city officials said Monday. [H-L]

Former President Barack Obama released a statement on Monday expressing solidarity with those protesting his successor’s ban on travelers and refugees entering the United States from certain Muslim-majority countries. [HuffPo]

In front of overflowing and cheering crowds that packed by the thousands into the Muhammad Ali Center amphitheater Monday night, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Monday blasted President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from seven nations. Be sure to check out all the photos Chris took, as well. [C-J/AKN]

National security experts and media figures denounced President Donald Trump’s “dangerous” decision to give his chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, a prominent role on the National Security Council. Bannon is an extremist anti-Semite who formerly ran the white nationalist “alt-right” website Breitbart. [Media Matters]

$528,000 is inconsequential? It wasn’t inconsequential when Greg Fischer shuttered half of Louisville’s WIC clinics because he couldn’t come up with $500K-$800K. Funny how that works. [WFPL]

This will probably remind a lot of people of a certain former school superintendent. [NY Daily News]

After calming down toward the end of 2016, officials have seen a dramatic uptick in drug overdoses to start the new year. [Richmond Register]

More than 17,000 students are in legal limbo because of Donald Trump’s bigoted and backward executive order – mostly in STEM fields. [FiveThirtyEight]

The Ashland Board of City Commissioners on Thursday named five members to the city ethics commission, which had been vacant since 2011. [Ashland Independent]

Donald Trump is dumber than you thought. Sure, that’s saying a lot. But he’s the dumbest president of the modern era. George W. Bush is a genius in comparison. [NY Times]

Despite one of the wettest Januarys in recent memory, the new Rowan County Detention Center is still close to on schedule. [The Morehead News]

Donald Trump never had a plan to fight ISIS. None of his people ever had a real plan. [WaPo]

Memories are fading of illustrious faculty and alumni of Lexington’s all-black Dunbar High School, which closed 50 years ago as the Fayette County Public Schools were desegregated in 1967. [H-L]

If you haven’t read that insane press release, you’re missing out. After more than a decade on the White House press list and every other government list you can imagine, I can say that it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever read. Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday night, hours after she said the Justice Department would not defend Trump’s executive order on immigration. [HuffPo]

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3 thoughts on “Louisville Showed Up To Protest The New Republican Racism (Or Fascism, If You’re Being Technical)

  1. I think Michelle Henry’s case is settled or about to be. But these people have legal fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, so no one is going to walk away with a pay day. They’re just getting justice because it forces the district and their insurance (along with their shitty, barely competent insurance attorneys) to bleed cash.

    Kelly Wallace has mediation again next week, according to two members of the school board… who spoke to me in defiance of their informal agreement to stop talking to me because I started calling them on their bullshit. (heh) After Kelly Johnson tried to blackmail/threaten me and then bribe me (seriously – emailed me FROM HIS HOME IP ADDRESS threatening me, and then sent a bunch of cash to me – which was immediately returned – in an attempt to bribe me into being quiet) when I wouldn’t start attacking Alice Anderson, they all shit their pants and got scared. Alice Anderson and Shelly Williams nearly had strokes when I sent them proof and Johnson shut up super-quick after Williams explained that he could not only be removed from the board for such action – but arrested if I went to law enforcement. Fucking scumbag people.

    Oh – Johnson also – TWICE – tried to illegally and unethically push the board to hire him as a dentist to provide unnecessary dental services for incoming students. It’s all in meeting minutes. He ignorantly put together a presentation that contained photos. Had to be repeatedly tabled because he was too stupid to realize he was about to be eaten alive. OEA is investigating. I can’t believe Joshua Powell isn’t somehow using that against the board in his lawsuit against them.

    Deener traveled across the country to depose Wallace’s husband and I hear the board is supremely unhappy about what little she accomplished. The Wallace case is scheduled for a March trial.

    A few weeks ago, I had to threaten legal action against the board because Deener was trying to go after people she perceived as my sources. Despite THE ENTIRE BOARD being a source and several board members being individual sources (these are all things that have been previously reported, I’m not revealing anything here). Deener is apparently that stupid. Can you imagine what would have happened if the board hadn’t pulled her back? You can’t believe what would have been immediately made public. Once this is all over, I’ll write more about it.

    Amanda Reffitt is in Alabama posting flashy photos of motorcycles and new houses, despite not having yet settled her case. She was apparently supposed to turn over a bunch of recordings but has allegedly not done so.

    That school board has turned into a nasty mess, just like the previous board. Despite the best efforts of Alice Anderson, it’s now just a shitty, corrupt little pustule of awful. Typical small town nonsense.

    If I sound bitter, I’m not. I just find it hilarious that these people are so incompetent.

  2. Face. Palm. I might just have to run in 2020. It would be against Alice, but they need people on the board who don’t care about hurting feelings or about appearances. It’s supremely embarrassing, to be polite about it

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