A Deeper Look At Corrupt MoCo Schools Scheme

Last week we revealed details of Montgomery County Schools superintendent Joshua Powell retaliating against a board member. If you haven’t read it, do so now. His futile attempt to bring down Alice Anderson — the only member of the school board to question him regularly — may be one of the most obvious, corrupt things the man has yet done. Yes, this is another inside baseball story that assumes you’re up-to-date with everything in Montgomery County.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s explore one of the people involved in that mess: Special Education Consultant Dena Amburgey. She was one of the people working to hang an imaginary problem around the neck of Anderson.

Some relevant excerpts from the OEA report:

Everyone in the hallway confirmed that Ms. Amburgey did not appear to be upset by the fact that they would be moving classrooms or that Ms. Anderson was going to volunteer. At least one member of the staff advised that the possibility of a move had been discussed several days earlier.


Everyone interviewed advised that it appeared that Ms. Amburgey was in charge of coordinating the move that day. All agreed that it was a disorganized process and no one seemd to know what to do or when to do it. It was reported that Ms. Powell kept asking where Ms. Anderson was because she said “we do not know what to do.”


The majority of individuals interviewed who were at the ELC during the move advised that there was no intimidation or threatening behavior by Ms. Anderson and no one reported hearing Ms. Anderson fussing at Ms. Carter, Ms. Powell, or M.s Amburgey.

Who is Amburgey, really? After a bit of digging, it’s become clear that she’s exceptionally close with Joshua Powell and his wife, the illegally-hired Anna Powell.

During the most recent school board meeting, Amburgey, also a KEA representative for certified employees, whined that her children couldn’t attend Montgomery County Schools because Powell is being persecuted (paraphrased) by the media. It was a hoot and we’ll publish video of it at some point.

The kicker on the Alice Anderson front? Turns out, Amburgey illegally campaigned against Anderson on behalf of Steve Osborne. Osborne was one of the original board members who hired Powell as superintendent. After Terry Holliday personally called all members of the board to push for his hiring, of course, after being involved in some nightmarish scandals in Union County.

Here she is with Osborne:


Spoiler alert: KRS 161.164 prohibits school district employees from participating in specified political activities involving school board elections.

Naturally, Osborne lost, as people in the county were just beginning to get upset about hiring Powell.

But Amburgey was deeply involved. Tight with Osborne (Anderson’s opponent), tight with the Powell crew. Involved in the attempt to frame Anderson for something the OEA says she didn’t do. That’s the back story.

And you wonder why Montgomery County can’t have nice things.

6 thoughts on “A Deeper Look At Corrupt MoCo Schools Scheme

  1. You won’t have to look far to find someone who has been harassed, intimidated and/or subjected to lies and innuendos by Amburgy. Custodial staff subjected to cursing and breaking furniture, certified staff being bullied and lied about, administrators being falsely accused of affairs with other employees who were on Amburgy’s long list of imaginary enemies and classified employees treated like servants. And you are absolutely correct, she and Anna Powell are thick as thieves. As the MCEA local president, she has destroyed KEA’s credibility in Montgomery County because of her relationship with the Powell’s and her actions against the very employees she is supposed to be supporting. It’s a sorry situation.

  2. Not only has Powell broken laws, so has a supporter …….

    Somehow, I suspect there may have been more laws broken by more supporters of Powell.

  3. It seems these people constantly break the laws. I suppose they think because it’s them they are exempt from the law. My opinion Ms. Amburgy’s crocodile tears were all planned thinking the general public would buy her nonsense . I’m beginning to wonder how many hours Powell and Crew spend plotting and planning their next move on some poor unsuspecting soul.
    With Amburgy and Southern representing KEA no wonder no one wants to join.
    It’s plain to be seen with Jake’s investigative reporting we know now why Alice Anderson is being targeted and will probably continue to be targeted. I do believe Powell and Crew has themselves a plan if they can oust Anderson they can appoint Osborne as board member.
    If Powell thinks getting rid of Anderson to put Osborne in her place will solve his problems he’s badly mistaken!

  4. Carter County schools are doing pretty much the same thing. The superintendent’s wife was hired to follow every step he makes and draw a huge salary while doing so.
    Anyone who speaks up is immediately “destroyed” in the district and the kids are suffering because of it.

  5. Common: If you have proof, send it to me.

    Carter County is even easier for me to dig into and raise a stink. Already have a network of people there to help and it won’t take me months to build it.

  6. Comical: I’m glad I’m not the only one that found Amburgey’s speech hilarious. Myself and other members of the audience were looking at each other and mouthing ‘is she for real?’. It all makes much more sense now. I’ve heard more convincing and sincere monologues in cheesy Hallmark movies.

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