Grimes Paid Son Of Arnold’s Ethics Savior

You know what’s beyond shady?

Not that Elmer George, of the waste of time and money Legislative Ethics Commission, contributed to Alison Grimes and other Democrats. And then cast the deciding vote letting prominent Lundergan (Grimes) confidant/family friend/contributor John Arnold off the hook for sexually harassing minority women working for state government.

What’s shady is the apparent reason Grimes refuses to discuss the matter.

George’s son works for her campaign. Via the Federal Election Commission:


As of December 31, he’d made at least $2,332.83. The Grimes campaign has not/will not address George’s employment with us for some reason.

Which… yeah, nothing to see here. Other than a gaping hole in the Grimes tent (one probably “rented” to her by her father) that allows the outside world to see the extremely close good old boy ties.

You thought Alison was different than her father? A breath of fresh air? Hardly. She’s deep in the same world.

UPDATE — Here’s a photo:


Nice sticker he’s wearing.

In fact — The George and the Lundergan (Grimes) Families are so tight that they promoted the store one of Alison’s sisters recently opened in Lexington:




So let’s table the talking point that there’s no strong Grimes tie to the Ethics situation.

Sure, anyone can share posts on Facebook. But the above actions further solidify ties.