Let’s Toll All KY Roads Just For The Heck Of It

As a property owner, would you rent to someone who has a history of missing rent payments, maybe even a couple of evictions, and who moves a lot? Probably not. But what if you looked deeper and discovered the person is a victim of domestic violence who has been forced to move out of harm’s way with little or no resources? [H-L]

A jump in interest rates has had a big impact on the housing market. That’s a warning sign for a Federal Reserve seemingly bound and determined to withdraw stimulus from a still-shaky economy. [HuffPo]

This continues to be one of the dumbest waste of taxpayer dollars in Kentucky – fighting to stop the sales of booze in Kroger. Kentucky’s post-Prohibition era ban on wine and liquor at grocery stores is constitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday, saying the state has every right to restrict the sales, “just as a parent can reduce a child’s access to liquor.” [C-J/AKN]

The first half of the Obamacare open enrollment period is over, and [Monday], federal health officials announced sign-up figures from the first three months. [ProPublica]

Just what the poor people of Eastern Kentucky need – more taxes! A plan to widen, modernize and extend the Mountain Parkway in Eastern Kentucky will require a return to tolls — a move Gov. Steve Beshear and legislative leaders said Wednesday is necessary for the region’s future. [CN|2]

A drug investigation of officers at six Air Force bases, including two that operate nuclear missiles, has been widened to include allegations of cheating on certification tests, defense officials said Wednesday. Well, that should certainly make everyone feel safe. [CBS News]

The national trend toward greater acceptance of marijuana may not have reached Kentucky — but there are subtle signs of a shift in public opinion. [Ronnie Ellis]

Is this the ugly truth about charter schools? Or are these just the most extreme cases? [AlterNet]

It’s been nearly four years and a family is no closer to knowing who killed their loved one. Sue Jones was found dead in her Scott County home on February fourth, 2010. [WKYT]

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was named the North American Car of the Year on Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. [USA Today]

Yet another motion for trial continuance has been granted in the case of a former sheriff’s office employee, which was set to begin Monday, after both the prosecutor and defense attorney revealed they had not had sufficient time to review the abundance of evidence related to the case. [Hazard Herald]

WikiLeaks exposes what Obama’s secret trade deal would do to the environment. WikiLeaks published a leaked draft of the environment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Wednesday, and environmental groups are lining up to take a swing. [HuffPo]

The case against a Kentucky jailer has been dismissed under a diversion agreement as long as certain conditions are met. Mason County jailer Gerald Curtis was indicted last year on charges of abuse of public trust and official misconduct. [H-L]

The inside story of how Obamacare became an insurance-industry bailout. [David Sirota]

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  1. I have always believed that the biggest economic boost and deficit reduction for our country is reducing healthcare cost.
    During my 2010 congressional campaign I promoted a “Public Option”, but now I believe a “Single Payer” system is the way to go. After so many years of being denied healthcare coverage, I know the joys and relief that so many are experiencing with the Affordable Care Act. But we must address the cost of the worlds highest healthcare system if we want to be competitive with other nations that have figured out a better way.

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