State House Republicrat Videurtape Update Time

The House Republicans released their first weekly roundup video of the 2014 legislative session:

Really? Allowing private companies to develop state park lands? How much campaign cash has Imes received from corporations itching for what is essentially a government handout?

Get over yourselves, Frankfort. There is zero reason to give/sell/rent the opportunity for private businesses to develop our increasingly rare (in this world) park lands.

2 thoughts on “State House Republicrat Videurtape Update Time

  1. Maybe private companies could retrofit rooms at KenLake and Barkley so that you can’t hear your neighbors sneeze and fart..not to mention other noises.

  2. I’m sure a hotel like the Hilton would step right up and put in a big resort at Kentucky Lake, you know to attract the campers. Imes is a genius and obviously has spent countless hours researching this important legislation.

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