Racism and Poverty: The 1950s Are Baaaaack!

This is just outrageous – he and his attorneys are apparently the worst people on earth. Former state lawmaker Steve Nunn filed an appeal with the Kentucky Court of Appeals about an exemption to his garnished pension. Nunn says it should be exempt from paying to Amanda Ross’ estate, and he wants the court to return the $3,589.60 that has already been garnisheed. [H-L]

One reason for the big drop in unemployment in December was that many, many people dropped out of the labor force — 347,000, to be exact. They stopped looking for work, which made them no longer “unemployed” in the eyes of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [HuffPo]

Eric Crawford is a quadriplegic and suffers from glaucoma — and he says his best medicine is marijuana. “It takes my pain away. It makes me feel normal,” said Crawford, a 41-year-old from Maysville, Ky. “And I don’t want to be blind.” [C-J/AKN]

Need another reminder of how much drugmakers spend to discover what doctors are prescribing? Look no further than new documents from the leading keeper of such data. [ProPublica]

A drop in federal food assistance has struck a county in Kentucky’s Appalachian region hard. [WYMT]

When the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on Monday in a case involving soda bottler Noel Canning Corp., presidential appointment power will be the main dispute, but the case will also put on display one of Washington’s most politically polarizing agencies – the National Labor Relations Board. [Reuters]

Allowing the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes could result in a system riddled with abuse, the Kentucky Senate’s top leader said Friday in staking out a position against an issue reviewed by a House panel. [BGDN]

A national strategy funds state political monopolies. Since the Republican Party of Kentucky is inches away from taking over control of the legislature, you can bet this sort of thing is a big deal in Kentucky at the moment. [NY Times]

Breaking from the recent tradition of rhetorical back-slapping, House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover opened Thursday night’s Kentucky Chamber Dinner with some sharp remarks skewering House Democrats and Gov. Steve Beshear. [Ryan Alessi]

A senior American official has said the United States is “very open” to building a new relationship with Cuba. [BBC]

Last February, Freedom Industries sent state officials a form telling them the company stored thousands of pounds of a coal-cleaning chemical called 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol in the storage tanks at its Etowah River Terminal. [W.V. Gazette]

Ten patient stories: when attorneys refused their medical malpractice cases because they couldn’t get rich on them. [ProPublica]

In another sign that the 2014 U.S. Senate race has kicked into a higher gear, a conservative group allied with Louisville businessman Matt Bevin is opening five field offices as part of the effort to defeat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. [H-L]

The War On Poverty: a deep divide on how to help. [NPR]

Racism is alive and well in Possibility City. It’s 2014 and people still have these disgusting thoughts. [The ‘Ville Voice]

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  1. I certainly agree Nunn is possibly the worst person on earth, but he’s representing himself in that pension appeal according to the article. Says his pleadings were handwritten.

  2. all of those postings concerning the arrest in Kroger shooting embarrass me as a Louisvillian and a Kentuckian.. while I am aware such views do still exist it is still a shock to see it in print along with names and pics of who it is.. with little or no feeling that it is soooo wrong…Just have no clue on how we can educate the stupid…as Ron White says stupid is forever….. which is unfortunately true…

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