KY’s Mainstream Ignores It But We’ll Never Stop

The mainstream media is still essentially ignoring the Siedle pensions report but outlets in Rhode Island have given it tons of recognition:

Rhode Island pension reform came under national attention in 2013, when former SEC lawyer and Forbes Columnist Edward Siedle first wrote in April a column entitled “Rhode Island’s Public Pension Reform Looks More like a Feeding Frenzy” for the financial publication — which was then followed up by “RI Pensioners 3% COLAs will go to pay Wall Street 4%+ Fees.” Soon Rhode Island’s pension reform — and General Treasurer Gina Raimondo — faced intense scrutiny in both the national and local press.

The heat was turned up even further whenRolling Stone star reporter Matt Taibbi, who’d written such articles as “How Wall Street Killed Pension Reform” and “Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail,” turned his critical eye on Rhode Island when he wrote “Looting the Pension Funds.”

In Kentucky, some of those mainstreamers have complained to our advertisers for continually bringing this up. Blackstone’s lobbyist, at one point, went after one of our largest supporters. All because we focus on corruption and ignorance at Kentucky Retirement Systems.

One of the mainstream reporters in Louisville once told us that there was nothing wrong at KRS, no reason for upset. Now she works in an agency of state government loosely overseeing KRS. Kinda like that time Nancy Rodriguez willfully ignored the Robert Felner scandal and even misreported information… only to take a high-paying job in higher education with state government.

And you wonder why the Commonwealth can never get a leg up.

This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things.

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