You Know They Wiretap Rand Paul So Hard

Federal prosecutors want a 27-month prison sentence for former Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer and for him to pay $120,500 in restitution to the state. [H-L]

Congress may be in a state of paralysis when it comes to dealing with gun violence, but the White House inched forward Friday with two new executive actions aimed at boosting the federal background-check system. [HuffPo]

This is beyond hilarious: legislators like Damon Thayer are claiming that Kentucky will meet its pension obligation. Spoiler alert: HAHAHAHA. [C-J/AKN]

Mold, mice and zip codes: Inside the childhood asthma epidemic. Why children in low-income neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from asthma. [NBC News]

Capital Day School librarian Mary Payne Coblin hasn’t been able to keep a field guide on her bookshelf for more than two years – and she blames a group of eight boys. [WLEX18]

Caught up in a Medicare drug fraud. At another time in her life, Denise Heap might have tossed aside the insurance forms listing the drugs prescribed to her mother. [ProPublica]

Since 1990, Kentucky has been viewed as a leader in education reform, first with passage of the landmark Kentucky Education Reform Act in 1990 and then with passage of Senate Bill 1 in 2009. [Ronnie Ellis]

A Kentucky theme park to be built around a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark may sink unless investors purchase about $29 million in unrated municipal bonds by Feb. 6. [Bloomberg]

The teabagger myth of health care’s free market. Has it ever occurred to you to negotiate with the pilot of the plane you just boarded about her pay? [Newsweek]

If you missed it last week, Montgomery County Schools finally responded to the nepotism audit. It’s one of the most bizarre things we’ve ever read from government/education officials. [Page One & More Here]

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) asked on Friday whether the National Security Agency has trained its surveillance apparatus on members of Congress. “Has the NSA spied, or is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials?” Sanders asked in a letter to NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander. [HuffPo]

Public schools in this Appalachian town pocked with shuttered factories and vacant storefronts got an average of $8,362 to spend on each student’s education in 2013, the least they had gotten in five years. Several hours away, at the public K-8 school in the wealthy Jefferson County suburb of Anchorage, revenue rose slightly to $19,927 per student, more than twice as much as Barbourville’s. [John Cheves]

It’s always about Rand, never his constituents. Rand Paul announced Friday night his intent to lead a class-action lawsuit seeking to stop some controversial National Security Agency programs. And he hopes to raise some money for the effort along the way. [Roll Call]