DSCC Afraid Or Trying To Make Meemaw Nervous?

From Sam Youngman:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) on Saturday blasted out a fundraising plea, calling the results of a poll sponsored by the liberal group MoveOn.org “troubling.”

The poll, conducted by Lake Research, showed Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes tied at 37 percent with McConnell.

“This is bad: Republicans are rebounding from their post-shutdown slump and are aggressively coming after Democrats,” said the fundraising email, obtained by the Herald-Leader. “They see this as their golden opportunity to take back the momentum and the Senate.”

We’re gonna go with trying to make the meemaws of the world a little nervous.

We’ll also go a step further. If Alison loses, it’ll be her fault/her father’s fault. If she wins, it’ll be McConnell’s fault.

Outrage in 3, 2…

3 thoughts on “DSCC Afraid Or Trying To Make Meemaw Nervous?

  1. You should try reading the DSCC’s daily talking points; if you think the fundraising stuff is sad, wait till you’ve seen the policy points.

    In the 12 months remaining in this U.S. Senate campaign, maybe a handful of things that happen in the next six months will matter. Grime’s fundraising totals are one of them; the media’s hyperventilating over her alleged lack of TV time right now won’t.

  2. The Democrats had a wonderful opportunity to take this seat from who is one of the most despised men in America. The problem is the Democrats are just too ignorant to take the seat back. The man who should be running against Mitch is David Garvin of Bowling Green, not the loser the Democrats picked.

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