Jim Gray Slammed For Arrogant WSJ Letter

Remember that silly letter Jim Gray wrote for the Wall Street Journal?

People outside Kentucky realize he was just being a skilled politician proclaiming reform without actually solving any problems:

Of course 76% of beneficiaries supported the mayor’s reforms: They kept almost all their benefits while doubling the city’s contribution paid by taxpayers. If having beneficiaries contribute 1% more to their pensions while keeping their ability to retire after 20 years’ service (25 years for new hires) is the kind of major breakthrough that should serve as a national model, the naivete index is alive and well.

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Unfortunately for Gray, he forgot that there’s a federal lawsuit pending that could unravel his entire scheme:

A retired Lexington police officer and firefighter have filed a federal lawsuit against city officials, challenging changes to the police and fire pension fund that would affect retirees.

Lexington has become the new Possibility City, leaving Louisville’s silly shenanigans in the dust.