Corporate Media Hard At Work Ignoring The KRS

From the Department of Things That Just Won’t Matter… Kentucky state auditor Adam Edelen plans to hold a summit in northern Kentucky to address corruption after a multitude of cases in the area. [H-L]

Forget the warnings of economists and the treasury secretary that a default of United States debt would be catastrophic. Senior Senate Republicans are flirting with the idea anyway, saying the nation can breach the fast-approaching debt ceiling without calamitous results. [HuffPo]

John Yarmuth yesterday: Congressman Yarmuth and 199 House Democrats call on Speaker Boehner to stop playing politics with the full faith and credit of the United States and bring a clean bill to the Floor that raises the nation’s debt ceiling, allowing the government to pay the bills it has already incurred. [Press Release]

Just as the federal agency that oversees mine safety has had to furlough most of its workers, three U.S. miners have been killed on the job over three consecutive days — a back-to-back-to-back tragedy not seen in more than a decade. [HuffPo]

Rather than waste time writing about Jack’s self-promotional contest to scare kids, we’re telling you to go read about it elsewhere. [WTVQ]

The first high-profile oral argument of the new Supreme Court term comes Tuesday morning in a campaign finance case officially called McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. Across the street, the dispute may come to be known instead as McConnell v. Donation Limits. [Roll Call]

The Kentucky Division of Forestry is showing off a project this week in eastern Kentucky where it has planted hardwood forest seedlings and American chestnut plantings at an old mine site. [H-L]

Over the past several months, the Obama Administration has defended the government’s far-reaching data collection efforts, arguing that only criminals and terrorists need worry. [ProPublica]

Kentucky’s 2014 U.S. Senate race is already heating up and one of the candidates made a stop on Monday in Eastern Kentucky. [WYMT]

The mainstream media in Kentucky may have ignored Matt Taibbi’s work on pension corruption. But everyone else is still talking about the Wall Street effort to loot public pensions. [Bill Moyers]

Kentucky ranks high among states for recent efforts to curb the scourge of drug abuse, but the commonwealth has the third-highest rate of fatal overdoses — the vast majority from prescription pills. [C-J/AKN]

In fact, here’s a 20-minute interview with Taibbi. The Kentucky chart appears during the sixth minute. [HuffPo]