What Does Damon Thayer Have To Hide?

Really, what does Damon Thayer have to hide?

The Seven Counties Services bankruptcy case continues to inch along. A hearing has been set for Sept. 10 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on a motion on behalf of state senators Damon Thayer and Christian McDaniel. The motion seeks to stop Seven Counties from requiring documents from them as they appeal Seven Counties’ attempt to compel them to testify in the bankruptcy case. Seven Counties is a state-supported mental health agency seeking to walk away from its pension obligations. Seven Counties subpoenaed the two senators to testify about the participation of non-government agencies in the state retirement system. (The two have no special expertise in this matter, and both have worked to dismantle the current pension system, raising questions about what Seven Counties is up to.) The senators objected to testifying, citing legislative privilege, but bankruptcy Judge Joan Lloyd sided with Seven Counties. That ruling has been appealed to U.S. District Court.

One would think Damon would relish the opportunity to foam at the mouth in this situation.

2 thoughts on “What Does Damon Thayer Have To Hide?

  1. Thayer was very defensive and supportive of KRS Executive Director Mike Burnside at a Legislative hearing that covered the bad church land deal

  2. We think it’s highly suspicious that Thayer and McDaniel are being called as expert witnesses. The bankruptcy case hinges on whether Seven Counties qualifies in a legal sense as a government agency for the purposes of federal bankruptcy law. As the state Senate notes in its filings, neither Thayer or McDaniel are lawyers. They have no expertise in such matters. What is Seven Counties up to? Are they angling for special legislation in the next session to allow them to walk away from their obligations?

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