A Terrific LRC Pee Alert For Your Morning

This is effing hilarious! You know Francene is cackling somewhere. Because she remembers the covering up of Williams’ alleged affair(s). And that time a legislator got his aide pregnant. And everything Stumbo has done. One of three women who filed a sexual harassment complaint against a Western Kentucky lawmaker said Tuesday she thought both the lawmaker and Legislative Research Commission Executive Director Robert Sherman should resign. [H-L]

The Obama administration is laying the groundwork for potential military action in Syria in the coming days, with intelligence agencies readying additional evidence about last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack and high-ranking U.S. officials declaring there was “no doubt” that Bashar Assad’s government was to blame. [HuffPo]

Some weeks there simply is too much news to cover, at least when you’re a one-person bureau in a state capitol embroiled in legislative redistricting, political intrigue and sexcapades. [Ronnie Ellis]

Republicans in Warshington don’t want to fund Meals on Wheels but they want to bomb the shit out of the Middle East. [Think Progress]

The toll rates for the Ohio River Bridges Project are to be revealed at a meeting next week, Kentucky officials said Monday. [C-J/AKN]

Older people are more likely than their younger peers to flout ObamaCare’s mandate to buy health insurance due to cost concerns, according to new research. [The Hill]

A Westwood woman alleges in a civil lawsuit against the Boyd County Sheriff’s Department that a deputy coerced her into performing a sexual act on him by refusing to investigate a burglary at her residence if she didn’t. [Ashland Independent]

The right’s bigoted crusade against Al Jazeera America. Jingoists aren’t so angry about other foreign-owned media like Fox News and its Saudi co-owner. Here’s the reason. [Salon]

Sharp opinions on the federal Affordable Care Act were aired Tuesday in Lexington at a U.S. Congressional field hearing and at a news conference by two conservative groups that said U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell should do more to block the law. [H-L]

Regulators overseeing the nation’s largest financial institutions are distrustful of their bosses, afraid to speak out, and feeling isolated, according to a confidential survey this year of Federal Reserve employees. [HuffPo]

Here’s yet another article written by the LRC that Greg Stumbo is claiming to have written. [Floyd County Times]

Growth in US house prices remained strong in June, according to a closely watched survey. The Standard & Poor’s/Case Shiller index showed that prices were 12.1% higher in June compared with a year earlier. [BBC]

Here’s how folks in the western part of the state are taking the radio ads that scold Mitch McConnell over health care reform. [WPSD]

2 thoughts on “A Terrific LRC Pee Alert For Your Morning

  1. A tale of two Stumbos (from the same Stumbo):

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…yeah, let’s stop on that one. It was the age of foolishness.

    It was the age of the uninformed Speaker Stumbo:

    “House Speaker Greg Stumbo said he had ‘heard some rumors but I was never advised directly. I know (LRC) Director (Bobby) Sherman at one point had contacted us. We direct him to follow his protocol and protect the employees.’” (Ronnie Ellis, “Sexual harassment complaints shake capitol,” The Daily Independent (Ashland, KY), August 21, 2013.)

    It was the age of the fully informed Speaker Stumbo:

    “In a statement released Monday, Stumbo said he thought until earlier this month that the mediation process had been successful.
    ‘It is the speaker’s understanding that this process was successful, and in fact that the parties were satisfied with the efforts of the counselor as recently as the week before the special session’ that began Aug. 19, he said.” (Jack Brammer “Fallout from sexual harassment allegations continues in Kentucky House,” Lexington Herald-Leader, August 26, 2013.)

  2. Al Jazeera America: Do not knock it until you’ve watched it. Seriously.

    I have watched it from the beginning and have enjoyed (what I think) is balanced reporting.

    And they cover NEWS. What a concept!! I’ve not run across the warm-fuzzy segments that take up way too much time on news shows.

    And they report the news. They do not make the news for their own purposes.

    Try it on.

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