Rand Paul May Be Squashed By Chris Christie

After more than three days of testimony, a Franklin Circuit Court judge said Wednesday that state lawyers still need to explain why they deleted key information from case files of abused kids who died or were critically injured. [H-L]

Will this be the next Citizens United? McCutcheon Supreme Court case targets campaign contribution limits. [HuffPo]

If you missed it, Matt Bevin has been endorsed by an organization that’s published some of the most racist garbage we’ve ever seen. [Page One]

Big Money often gets what it wants in Washington. But not always. In few policy debates is that more true than in the proposed overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. [NPR]

Way to go, Franklin County! Franklin County Sheriff, Pat Melton says an investigation lead to the arrests of 35-year-old, Robert Washington and 35-year-old, Heather Hughes. “There has been a quantity of heroin recovered,” says Melton. [WKYT]

There’s no shortage of items left on the Senate agenda before the August recess, but it’s a routine spending bill that best foreshadows September. [Roll Call]

In Kentucky’s 2010 Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, the national party stayed out until after Jack Conway defeated Daniel Mongiardo. This time around, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee already is gearing up to help Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. — even though she is in a primary with three other Democrats. [C-J/AKN]

Liberal group PCCC, using pollster PPP, says 40% of Kentuckians approve of Mitch McConnell’s job, 51% disapprove, 9% undecided. 44% would vote for McConnell now, 45% for Grimes, 11% undecided. 38% say McConnell deserves re-election, 54% say no, 8% unsure. [Press Release]

Have you grabbed your giant bag of popcorn and settled in to watch the Rand Paul-Chris Christie fight? [Wonkette]

A Kentucky judge is seeking input from the state attorney general’s office before deciding whether a law exempting spouses from testifying against each other applies to two women in a civil union from Vermont. [H-L]

Two things: Marfy Jane lives! And Alison just needs to let her meemaw handle all the events. She sells much better than people like Greg Stumbo. [WaPo]

The number of Medicaid providers in Kentucky dropped by 8 percent since the introduction of a managed care system of delivering medical services to Kentucky’s poor and disabled, according to a report released Tuesday by Auditor Adam Edelen. [Ronnie Ellis]

A pro-Mitch McConnell super PAC has raised $1.2 million since it was created in April, bringing in donations from big names such as Donald Trump and deceased megadonor Bob Perry. Trump contributed $50,000 to Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, and Perry, who died in April, gave $100,000, according to reports filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission. [Politico]

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  1. Was the Mary Jackson from LaRue County, who ALG talked about and introduced at the second launch, the same woman who is on the LaRue County Democratic Executive Committee and who is the member of Women for Obama who helped organize Kentucky’s participation in Obama’s “Listening to America” campaign to set up the Dems’ 2008 platform?

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