Jack Conway Backing Away From Rosemond Mess

Imagine that! Jack Conway is now trying to back away from the John Rosemond mess:

Attorney General Jack Conway today clarified some misinformation that has been reported recently by some media outlets and in some editorials regarding the John Rosemond case.

“Mr. Rosemond, a nationally syndicated advice columnist, was sent a cease and desist letter by the Kentucky Board of Psychology. I did not write that letter, I did not authorize that letter and the letter was not sent on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General,” General Conway said.

In Kentucky, state boards and agencies may hire attorneys from the Office of the Attorney General to serve on an hourly basis as board or agency attorneys. In this capacity, as counsel to the board, an attorney from the Office of the Attorney General sent this letter. The attorney sent the letter at the direction of the board and sent the letter as the board’s attorney. The action had nothing to do with the Office of the Attorney General.

The attorney inadvertently printed the letter on Office of the Attorney General letterhead. This is not proper procedure, and all attorneys in the Office of the Attorney General have been reminded that if they are doing business of behalf of a board, they should use the letterhead of that board.

Conway could have cleared things up days upon days ago but his staff were singing a different tune when the mess initially hit.

Too little, too late, probably.

4 thoughts on “Jack Conway Backing Away From Rosemond Mess

  1. Although I can see how the mix-up could happen, if Conway had nothing to do with it, you are right, Jake, a big, fat “Whoa, what’s going on here?” should have been heard in the hallways of the Capitol about 30 seconds after learning of it.

  2. Really? Really? Who is in charge at the Attorney Generals office if they are sending out letters on OAG letterhead on behalf of Jack Conway that really are not on behalf of Jack Conway??

    Are the assistant attorney generals so incompetent as licensed attorneys that Conway has to personally hold their hand to make sure that they don’t use the wrong letter head paper??

    If they are so stooopid, incompetent, or in pillbilly mindset- then how can we trust the Attorney Generals Office IN ANYTHING when they can’t even put letters on the right letterhead paper???

    What about OAG legal opinions? Are they trustworthy?? Or is that an oopsie, wrong letterhead kind of thing we have to worry about in every single action that involves OAG?

    Way too little, way too late.

  3. The reality is that Jack’s office DID have something to do with it. An attorney in his office was involved and used official letterhead.

    That means his office had something to do with it.

    And, no, all OAG opinions are not trustworthy. We already know that.

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