More On Jamie Comer’s Lavish Spending Habits

We told you earlier this week that Jamie Comer’s D.C. trip for hemp was a wild, crazy time. Errrr, that’s what the House Democrats have been saying, anyway.

And you know Comer spent way too much money on dinners at five-star restaurants.

So… here’s the latest proof that he’s a terrible, wasteful person who allowed his employees to use your tax dollars on over-the-top meals:

Sure, we’re being facetious. But can you believe there are a handful of bitter Democrats in Frankfort still trying to eat Comer alive over that trip?

The stupid is thick in Frankfort these days, kids.

2 thoughts on “More On Jamie Comer’s Lavish Spending Habits

  1. The extra BBQ sauce is outrageous! It doesn’t matter that there was no charge. It is clear evidence of gluttony. And a Turkey Burger? What the heck is wrong with a good, old-fashion hamburger? It wasn’t even Thanksgiving.

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