State Finds Surprise Mountain Of Funtimes Money

Just read this:

Kentucky finished the fiscal year that ended June 30 with $40.5 million more than originally expected, according to final revenue numbers released Wednesday.

The state won’t have a final tally of how much it spent until later this month, so it’s still not known if there is a budget surplus or deficit, said State Budget Director Jane Driskell.

This is the third straight year that Kentucky’s General Fund revenue has increased. Taxes and fees collected for the year totaled $9.34 billion, or 2.8 percent more than fiscal year 2012.

The state can’t afford things like the Kinship Care program but often minds mountains of cash like this. And does things like give health department employees in Fayette County brand new desks.

But can’t be bothered to find a way to make the Kinship Care program work.


1 thought on “State Finds Surprise Mountain Of Funtimes Money

  1. It would have been nice if the MCO’s had reimbursed the health departments so that they wouldn’t have had to lay off employees underhandedly and leave them unemployed almost 6 months later. It amazes me how the state can “find” money like this. There must be some A #1 accountants up there.

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