Still Not A Way To Contribute To Alison Grimes

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes faces tough odds in her campaign to unseat U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, but the race remains competitive, political pundits said Tuesday. [H-L]

The government approved a horse slaughter plant in Iowa on Tuesday, its second such move in four days, but at the same time it renewed its appeal to Congress to ban the business. [Reuters]

Alison Grimes’ spokesperson says this was not her announcement of candidacy. Says it was just an announcement of her intention to run. Uh, newsflash: that’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard, ever. [WHAS11]

Pro-tip to the Washington Post guys: Alison Grimes told people what she was doing weeks ago. It’s why her family traveled to Florida last week and why she started asking her supporters to show up several days prior to her announcement. [WaPo]

For the first time since a devastating derailment four years ago, miniature trains are again ferrying patrons around the outer reaches of the Louisville Zoo. [C-J/AKN]

FiveThirtyEight says that Mitch McConnell will likely be re-elected, but it’s not guaranteed. [NY Times]

After two nominations and two votes Tuesday, the city of Versailles is without a mayor to succeed Fred Siegelman. The stalemated city council might not be able to reach consensus over the next 29 days, and if that is the case, Gov. Steve Beshear will appoint a new mayor. [H-L]

The stereotype of pot smokers as lackadaisical loafers is supported by new research: People who smoke marijuana regularly over long periods of time tend to produce less of a chemical in the brain that is linked to motivation, a new study finds. [HuffPo]

In a new plea for help in the search for a missing Madison County teen, the Kentucky State Police on Tuesday asked property owners to pay particular attention to freshly turned earth, unusual smells, ditch lines and remote areas. [Richmond Register]

The Obama administration said on Tuesday it would not require employers to provide health insurance for their workers until 2015, delaying a key provision of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law by a year, to beyond the next election. [Reuters]

Federal law enforcement officials and Louisville police and prosecutors are set to discuss the results of a crackdown on violent crime in the city. [WKYT]

The older authority figure wins the trust of the young target by cultivating a false friendship, having heart-to-heart conversations, giving gifts, offering protection. And then the sex ensues, sometimes forced, sometimes seemingly consensual. [ProPublica]