Rand Paul Still Says Sequestration Is No Big Deal

Lenny Stoltz resigned Monday night as director of the Bluegrass Area Development District, a week after the group’s executive committee gave him an ultimatum to leave or be fired. Stoltz will receive a severance package of $128,000, which includes about $4,857 for each week of service, $38,362 for accrued vacation time and $22,032 to buy a year of retirement in the state retirement system. [H-L]

Here’s a tasting of some of the Alison Grimes coverage from yesterday. [Politico, HuffPo, Daily Caller, CNN, ABC]

University of Louisville Hospital has agreed to pay the federal government $2,833,408 to settle allegations that it submitted false claims for payment to the Medicare program. [C-J/AKN]

Janina Riley noticed a woman muttering behind her in the checkout line as she paid for food at a Giant Eagle grocery store in Pittsburgh last April. “I can’t believe she’s buying that big-ass cake with food stamps,” the woman said, according to Riley. [HuffPo]

A lot of Democrats in Kentucky and across the nation got an early dose of fireworks Monday when Alison Lundergan Grimes announced she will challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014. [Ronnie Ellis]

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Monday asked the Federal Election Commission to treat married gay couples the same as opposite-sex spouses, part of an early push to bring federal statutes in line with the Supreme Court’s decision last week striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act. This is in large part because the head of the DSCC is gay. Republicans, on the other hand, are too afraid to be honest about their sexual orientation. [WaPo]

You can’t even stop to ask for directions in Lexington these days without getting shot. [WKYT]

On June 9, a U.S. drone fired on a vehicle in a remote province of Yemen and killed several militants, according to media reports. It soon emerged that among those who died was a boy – 10-year-old Abdulaziz, whose elder brother, Saleh Hassan Huraydan, was believed to be the target of the strike. [ProPublica]

Starting [yesterday], thousands of low-income Kentucky families are losing child care help due to budget shortfalls on the state level. Meanwhile, some low income family advocates say it could actually end up costing taxpayers more. [WDRB]

The man charged with murder in an April 19 shooting at Eastland Bowling Lanes was captured on surveillance video firing a gun randomly over his shoulder into a crowd, a Lexington police detective said. [H-L]

US manufacturing recovered in June from an unexpected dip in May, according to an industry survey, although the level of hiring in the sector was the weakest for nearly four years. [BBC]

The WikiLeaks website says Edward Snowden, the American who admitted leaking National Security Agency documents, is seeking asylum in 19 more countries, including China. [HuffPo]

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  1. If Adam Edelen audited the area development districts across Kentucky, it would make the KLC and KACo situations look like taking a couple of Lincolns out of the “take a penny, leave a penny” cup.

  2. Rand Paul says sequestration is no big deal — tell it to Ft. Knox and Ft. Campbell. Tell it to those who can’t depend on closed Head Start programs.

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