56th District Race: So Dumb It Will Melt Your Brain

Oh, yes, more about the 56th District Special Election and the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party’s unbelievably reckless choice of a candidate.

During Tuesday evening’s candidate forum, James Kay used question about the restoration of voting rights for felons to bring up that he has worked as an attorney. While we have verified that he has handled at least one case involving a fraternity brother’s drug charges, we have not been able to verify that he has worked for felons as an actual attorney. It’s highly unlikely that the felons he allegedly represented are clients that he picked up while working for Ben Chandler and Greg Stumbo. We’ve already proved that he wasn’t an active attorney, really, until this year.

Here’s Kay’s response:

Well, I disagree with Mr. Crews. Uhh. As an attorney I’ve represented felons. Umm. I-I’ve represented folks…uhh…wh-who have committed a felony…uhh…that, you know, it was a situation where they were either young or-or they made an extremely bad decision, but it didn’t necessarily mean they were a bad person. They did their time. They paid their debt to society. It wasn’t a violent crime. They didn’t do anything…uhh…that there was no murder, there, you know, a situation where there was some type of violent crime or other, you know, unconscionable act. So I do think that some felons are able to be reformed, and they should be allowed back into the process, as long as they have met those requirements and paid their debt to society.

So what on earth was this guy talking about?

Most likely an internship he had in college with the Kentucky Innocence Project. An internetship!

More from a February 2009 story in the Kentucky Kernel:

UK law students working on the Kentucky Innocence Project may gain real-world legal experience, but working to prove prisoners’ claims of innocence is the most rewarding part, said the project’s director.

UK is one of four law schools in Kentucky that offers its students the opportunity to participate in the KIP externship, which helps prove actual claims of innocence by Kentucky prisoners. The program was founded in 2001 and is administrated by the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy.

To enroll in the year-long, four-credit-hour course, students must be a second- or third-year law student.

Third-year law student James Kay said he has received a hands-on way to work with clients. It also provides a valuable service, he said.

“Our justice system isn’t perfect, sometimes people fall through the cracks, but it’s good to look back on things because the system doesn’t always work,” Kay said.

If you want more information about that internship/externship, take a look at the 2013 course listing (Warning: External PDF Link).

So his work as an “attorney”? Appears to be work he did as a student and not as an attorney. Work he did as an intern under the supervision of a real attorney. Things like legal research, speaking with clients and such after all other appeals had been exhausted.

Really helps establish a pattern of his loose grasp on reality. His own personal narrative appears to be an exaggeration in every capacity.

It was also alarming when Kay answered a question about the death penalty by saying that he had a class on the death penalty in law school. Avoiding a real answer. When pressed on whether or not he supported the death penalty, he chose to say he needed time to look at that issue. Because majoring in political science, going to law school (and getting into trouble, encountering a big ass waiting period with the bar exam) where he took that class and all of his time in politics working for congress and the state house haven’t afforded him enough time to examine the issue closely.

Really, the stupid is so thick you could cut it with a knife. No wonder his campaign handlers refused to let him appear on Newsmakers this Sunday. Lyen Crews also declined to appear, giving the entire show to John-Mark Hack.


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  1. John-Mark Hack, the sole guest on Newsmakers?
    This is a great chance to hear his platforms without the children/candidates play-fighting on the sidelines. How very grown-up and civilized! Tune in!

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