Lexington Actually Grasps Its Pension Problem

Lexington’s Urban County Council approved increasing the city’s contribution to the police and firefighters pension fund by more than $3 million for fiscal 2013. [H-L]

The government-appointed monitor overseeing mortgage practices as part of last year’s robo-signing settlement between five big U.S. banks and dozens of government agencies found few violations after grading the banks’ compliance with ambitious new standards, according to court documents filed Tuesday. [HuffPo]

Lyen Crews just dropped $20,000 on radio advertising for the final week of the race in the 56th District. [Page One]

Gov. Rick Scott is targeting yet another state in his effort to poach out-of-state jobs — and this time the other governor is firing back. Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, a Democrat, took issue with Scott’s characterization of the Bluegrass State as a land of high taxes and anti-business regulation. [Miami Herald]

Senate President Robert Stivers said the legislature will vet the cost and effects of Gov. Steve Beshear’s decision to expand Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act — and could undo the governor’s move in the 2014 session. But Stivers, the Manchester Republican who just finished his first session as leader of the upper chamber, said he believes Beshear had the power to make the decision but shouldn’t have done so without legislative vetting. [Ryan Alessi]

Harry Reid has been threatening to change the Senate rules on nominations, so that a minority of senators can’t prevent a president from filling vacancies in the judiciary or his own administration. [NY Magazine]

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will visit a Louisville early childhood development center Thursday morning. Duncan will be at St. Benedict Center of Early Childhood Development on 25th Street in the California neighborhood of Louisville Thursday morning and then participate in a discussion about early childhood development issues. [Ronnie Ellis]

Same-sex couples face significant levels of discrimination in the rental housing market, according to a landmark government study released on Tuesday. [HuffPo]

Armed with ceremonial shovels, Governor Steve Beshear (D) and Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson unearthed souvenir wooden nickels at the groundbreaking of the Ohio River Bridges Project on Tuesday. [WHAS11]

Shares of U.S. hospital operators have been on a tear this year, on average posting triple the gains of the broader stock market, as investors tallied up the benefits of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform. [Reuters]

Turns out Whitley County is still a hot mess. Investigators say it sends a clear message that drugs will not be tolerated. More than 20 inmates at the Whitley County Detention Center face new charges after they failed drug tests. [WKYT]

In the months following the October 2001, passage of the Patriot Act, there was a heated public debate about the very provision of the law that we now know the government is using to vacuum up phone records of American citizens on a massive scale. [ProPublica]