Kentucky Always Gets The Environmental Shaft

Kentucky State Police say they have found 42 tons of fertilizer that had been reported missing from a company in Ohio. [H-L]

Congressional Republicans, who have been more receptive to immigration reform since last November, now appear increasingly unlikely to widely back the Senate immigration bill unless they can extract significant concessions from Democrats. [Politico]

Representatives of the company seeking to build a pipeline carrying pressurized, flammable natural gas liquids across the northern tier of Kentucky tried to assure a Nelson County audience that they would be a safe and cooperative neighbor. [C-J/AKN]

The Congressional Budget Office estimated Tuesday the Senate immigration bill would reduce deficits by $197 billion over 10 years, handing supporters a new economic argument for the bill as the upper chamber marches toward a final vote. [The Hill]

We hear through the grapevine that someone has filed whistleblower paperwork over the University of Louisville Foundation 990. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The head of America’s electronic spying agency has told Congress surveillance programmes leaked by Edward Snowden helped thwart 50 attacks since 2001. [BBC]

None of the Democrats we’ve spoken to seem to have any excitement at all about the current candidate – or any of the potentials that often get named. [Ryan Alessi]

The World Bank is concerned about the spillover effects on developing countries of a slowing of U.S. money creation and will move to provide affordable capital when borrowing costs rise, its president said on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Oh, god. Greg Leichty, a U of L professor in the Communications department, announced on Sunday that he would be making a bid for U.S. Senate. [The Cardinal]

There is one basic question that keeps being asked about the U.S. auto industry: Is it on the rebound? [NPR]

Two Eastern Kentucky men convicted last year of kidnapping and assaulting a gay Letcher County man will spend time in federal prison, a judge ruled Wednesday. [H-L]

What makes choosing good security tools hard is that despite the news, we don’t know what government agencies like the NSA are really doing on their wiretaps and with their court orders. [ProPublica]

New laws approved during the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2013 regular session go into effect on Tuesday. [Ashland Independent]

Right-wing media outlets cherry-picked data from a Congressional Budget Office report on the Senate’s immigration reform proposal to claim that immigrants who would benefit under the bill will drive down the wages of U.S. workers. In fact, while CBO predicts a slight decrease in wages in the first decade, that decrease would be outweighed by the larger increase in wages in the following decade. [Media Matters]

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