Alison Grimes’ Bad Judgment: Blowing Media Off

Alison Grimes needs to stop dodging the media. Her latest behavior is both disingenuous and cowardly. Any Democrat defending her actions without seriously considering the consequences is delusional.

From Ryan Alessi:

That nine-second clip was all I was able to capture of Grimes answering questions. When asked for an interview, she said not when the speaking at the rally was about to start. Then she left early.

On her way to the black SUV parked behind the Fayette County Democratic Headquarters, Grimes said she was late for a meeting with veterans and couldn’t stop for an interview. I told her I wanted to ask her about a few issues, as well as the campaign she had come out support that afternoon. She responded that she would “try to call” me.

I never heard from her.


Grimes has been contemplating a run for U.S. Senate since late March. In that time she’s been reluctant to stop for interviews and when she does, it hasn’t been for very long.


Kentucky voters might be surprised to know that it’s not common for public officials to do that in other states.


The first political column I wrote for the Herald-Leader on Labor Day 2004 was about how then-U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning kept reporters at arms-length in his re-election campaign. That became a theme throughout the race that went from an expected blow-out to a narrow 2-point victory over Daniel Mongiardo.


It’s one thing to blow off reporters. All we can do is complain about it. But if voters feel like they’re being blown off — that’s another story.

She may be a great person and may even be great at her job but she knows better than to behave like an entitled brat when it comes to the press. The very press she’ll be begging to talk to her when she decides to run for office again.

It’s time for her to stop listening to the elderly white guys giving her advice. It’s not working. They have no grasp on modern reality and truly believe that behaving as Mitch McConnell does is acceptable. Alison is suffering as a result.

And before anyone has the nerve to attack me personally – yes, Alison behaves as an entitled brat and all she has advising her are elderly white men. Her father, Dale Emmons and the people in their wheelhouses. There is no diversity of thought.

If Alison hopes to beat Andy Beshear in the future, she needs to get a damn grip. The good old boy suit does not fit her well. Probably also needs to ditch the fist shaking and raised voice.

Horribly disappointing watching someone with such potential piss it away like a drunk legislator at a Kent Downey party.

3 thoughts on “Alison Grimes’ Bad Judgment: Blowing Media Off

  1. I know what it’s like for Alison to be badgered by the media for interviews or to just ask a few questions. Heck, I get calls all day long from the media and I got to tell you, they are interrupting my fundraising call time. I think I’ll call up my friend Bennie Smith and sing him my song “What About Us” just to get a break from the media hounds!

  2. If Ed Marksberry wants to win, he should legally change his name to “Alison Lundergan Grimes.” Then, if he is willing to undergo a routine sex-change operation…or at least dress in drag from now until November 2014, he might have a chance. At the very least it would help his fundraising ability.

    What do you say, Ed? Are you willing to be the woman Kentucky wants?

  3. Call me delusional, but I believe Alison would have a very solid chance of beating the old turd if she ran. He can raise many millions, yes, but the electorate is tired of these lifetime politicians especially Mitch McConnell. She’s a young, fresh, well-spoken lady — a stark contrast to the old turd. Women would vote for her in droves.

    Perhaps I’m naive but I believe the above facts can trump McConnell’s millions. Plus, if she ran and lost, she’s young and can recover politically. Look at our current governor. He lost to McConnell once.

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