Little Todd Thinks You’ve Forgotten About That

Remember February 2011 when Todd Hollenbach sent out his first communication with the press in four years?

When he said everything was puppies and rainbows with Kentucky Retirement Systems?

Or when his Democratic opponent, Steve Hamrick, pointed out he was asleep at the wheel as the pension barn was burning down around him?

It’s going to be impossible for Hollenbach to deny knowing anything about the problems when he inevitably tries to run for Secretary of State or Auditor. His daddy won’t be able to walk him through that one because there’s no way the KRS/KTRS/KERS/CERS is going away.

Since he’s got a guy on state payroll doing all of his political work, he’s definitely feeling his way around for a future run for something. It’s going to be fun watching that one.

3 thoughts on “Little Todd Thinks You’ve Forgotten About That

  1. Why do the few in Frankfort protect this man. Dig up the KET footage from his debate from Hamrick. It’ll make a great hit piece for anybody who runs against him.

  2. I’m sure his BFF, Conway will protect him by using his highlights to deflect attention like a force field. Since Hollywood is remaking movies, Little TT should be casted as The Leprechaun

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