Richie’s Sense Of Entitlement Beyond Expected

An Owsley County man died Saturday and a second man was shot after the two allegedly got into an argument involving an all-terrain vehicle. [H-L]

Your hospital may be hazardous to your health. An interactive investigation into patient harm. [ProPublica]

With U.S. Sen. Rand Paul edging ever closer to a presidential run in 2016, the question we hear more and more is, “Can he still run for reelection as Senator if he runs for president?” [Joe Gerth]

The decades-old fight over genetically modified food has reached a fever pitch in Washington. [The Hill]

Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo on Monday filed an answer to a federal court action seeking to compel state legislative redistricting. [Lane Report]

Six years ago, the FBI took on a challenge: To review what it called cold-case killings from the civil rights era. The investigation into 112 cases from the 1950s and 1960s is winding down, and civil rights activists are weighing the FBI’s efforts. [NPR]

The people who live near Highlands Park, just off of Georgetown Road, say they’ve always felt safe letting their kids play there, but they say that sense of safety is gone after a man exposed himself to a teenage girl near the park. [WKYT]

The 4% of GDP deficit forecast for 2013 is even more remarkable when one notes that the figure for 2012 was 7%. That’s a breathtaking pace of fiscal consolidation. CBO reckons that the deficit will continue to fall and will drop to 2.1% of GDP in 2015. [The Economist]

American Legion Post 43 in Greenup County was charged with two counts of selling alcohol in a dry territory and two counts of promoting gambling in the second degree, according to a release from the Public Protection Cabinet’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and the Department of Charitable Gaming. [Ashland Independent]

President Barack Obama comes out of what was arguably the worst week of his presidency with his approval rating holding steady, according to a new national poll. [CNN]

The memorial is a great idea. But that $130,000 could probably be spent at the Salato Wildlife Education Center in a much better way… maybe in making sure all the wildlife doesn’t die all the time. [H-L]

During the summer of 2010, the dozen or so accountants and tax agents of Group 7822 of the Internal Revenue Service office in Cincinnati got a directive from their manager. A growing number of organizations identifying themselves as part of the Tea Party had begun applying for tax exemptions, the manager said, advising the workers to be on the lookout for them and other groups planning to get involved in elections. [NY Times]

During the trial of former Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer the federal government plans to raise instances of alleged misconduct by Farmer outside of the specific crimes charged in Farmer’s indictment. [Richie Funtimes]