Teabaggers Melt Down Over Medicaid Expansion

Steve Beshear, as you already know, decided to expand Medicaid in Kentucky.

Sure, it took a massive Republican-led lobbying effort to get him to take action. But action is action and Steve Beshear is to be commended.

It only took a few minutes for the teabaggers (not Tea Partiers) to lose their minds:


Because, as we all know, it’s an absolutely terrible thing to allow the poorest of our working people access to health care.

It gets better. Ever wondered how aware these teabaggers are? Here:

Head – desk.

3 thoughts on “Teabaggers Melt Down Over Medicaid Expansion

  1. One would think that if you’re going to have a strong opinion on something as complicated as the most efficient way to deliver healthcare to the poor that you would also realize when the next gubinatorial election is and that the current Governor is term limited.

  2. Poor little David Adams has clawed, scratched, whined and uber self-promoted himself to the point that the press now turns to him for an easy, predictable quote from the party of tea baggers. It has been quite humorous to watch his machinations since he lost the job with Rand following the GOP primary. Sangfroid lessons for him anyone?

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