Sylvia Lovely’s More Presidential Than Rand Paul

Domestic violence takes place all over the Lexington area but Stan Lee continues to support it by voting against protections. [H-L]

President Barack Obama met behind closed doors with energy executives Wednesday in a session the White House said was arranged to discuss the industry’s response to Hurricane Sandy last year and preparations for this year’s hurricane season. [Politico]

If you haven’t noticed the federal budget sequester that may be about to change. School superintendents are wrestling with budget shortfalls suddenly amplified by the sequestration cuts and they’re likely to “pink slip” teachers to help cover the cuts. [Ronnie Ellis]

Once you get over the borderline maddening stereotypes this guy features in his story about Sandy Hook, Kentucky – and the silly buzzwords he used to make clear he didn’t spend much time in town, there’s a more glaring tidbit missing. The Democratic Party isn’t strong in Elliott County and Eastern Kentucky because of government intervention or the new deal. It’s because the good old boy system is alive and well and the crime syndicate that is the Kentucky Democratic Party thrives on it. And you wonder why Eastern Kentuckians are suspicious of outsiders. [HuffPo]

It’s called “zombie debt” — outstanding bills that continues to haunt the financial system long after the debtor thought it had been paid off. [C-J/AKN]

Law firms, brokerages and other companies that analyze the U.S. government for investors could be forced to disclose client lists and other sensitive information under legislation that a top Republican lawmaker hopes to soon resurrect. [Reuters]

Rand Paul has introduced three amendments to a bill before the Senate that environmental groups say would gut protections for the environment. [WFPL]

Can we talk about the difference between a genuine scandal and a made-up one? In a real scandal, an administration has to actively do something illegal, or at least bad, like say, break into an opposition party’s headquarters in the dead of night or sell arms to an enemy and funnel the profits to death squads or start a war based on demonstrably false intelligence. [Wonkette]

State Auditor Adam Edelen has some financial issues with the Knox County Fiscal Court, and Wednesday he released his office’s findings on the court’s 2012 audit. [Times-Tribune]

How much money has your physician received from the drug industry? Do a quick search to find out. [ProPublica]

The Kentucky State Fair begins August 15. Have you started entering your goodies yet? [Click the Clicky]

Sen. Rand Paul says he’s only “considering” running for president. But he’s doing much more than mull it over. [HuffPo]

Turns out that Louisville is the fastest warming city in the United States. Primarily because of that city’s mayor and government. [The ‘Ville Voice]

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  1. Re: The Elliott County story —

    I have a difficult time explaining Kentucky politics to my out-of-state friends. They seem shocked to realize that the Democrats rule Kentucky, when the state is considered a red state via the way it votes in presidential and Senate elections. They don’t understand why Kentucky predominately elects Democrats to statewide and local offices, when both senators and five of six congressmen are Republicans. I try to explain the good ol’ boy network that runs county and city governments, the patronage system that runs wild in state government, etc., but I fail miserably. Fletcher/Farmer/Grayson/Comer notwithstanding, I don’t see Republicans getting and keeping the upper hand in state government anytime soon, which astounds me given the way Republicans dominate federal elections. (Clinton notwithstanding).

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