Some Trailer Park Funtimes With Nathan Smith

An eastern Kentucky mayor who previously announced his resignation has changed his mind and decided to stay in office. [H-L]

Consumer prices fell in March for the first time in four months as the cost of gasoline tumbled, providing scope for the Federal Reserve to maintain its monetary stimulus to speed up economic growth. [Reuters]

Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie has co-sponsored a bill that would allow individuals to ignore portions of the Affordable Care Act that violate their religious beliefs. [WFPL]

Private equity mogul Stephen Feinberg is exploring a bid for Freedom Group, the Bushmaster rifle manufacturer that his firm, Cerberus Capital Management LP, put up for sale after one of its guns was used in a Connecticut school shooting late last year, three people familiar with the situation said on Tuesday. [HuffPo]

Okay, are we the only folks who pee a little bit and cackle with laughter every time we see one of those Nathan Smith trailer park ads on the teevee? [CLICK THE CLICKY]

A representative for families of the Newtown shooting victims has asked Senator Mitch McConnell to hold a meeting with them, according to sources familiar with the request. McConnell’s office initially declined the request on the basis of scheduling, a source says — and now family members are set to call McConnell and reiterate the request personally. [WaPo]

Uh, on what planet will Mitch McConnell face a tough battle in Northern Kentucky? No one with a lick of sense believes that. [Cincinnati Enquirer]

The image of Saint Ronnie in this story is absolutely hilarious. Also, teabagger rage is ripe and equally hilarious. [Wonkette]

A Pulaski County couple died Tuesday in an apparent murder-suicide, according to a news release from the office of Sheriff Todd Wood. [H-L]

Andrew Richards remembers that he had just sat down in front of the TV when the lightning bolt struck. “It was almost like it went through my ear because I could hear it. It was kind of like, ‘fwomp,’ right through my head,” he says. [ProPublica]

It’s been talked about for years, and although not set in stone, Judge Executive Jim Ward says plans are still underway to bring a federal prison to Letcher County. [WKYT]

Patients who suffer complications after surgery are lucrative for hospitals, which get paid more when they treat infections and other problems, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association today. [HuffPo]

The county jail once again was the main topic of conversation as Carter Fiscal Court met early Tuesday. [Ashland Independent]

The want ads posted by the anonymous buyer on, a sprawling free classified ads Web site for guns, telegraphed urgency. [NY Times]