Breaking News: Rand Paul Isn’t In Love With Mitch

One of the five men shot at Eastland Bowling Lanes Sunday night described the scene as a “war zone” and “battlefield,” with more than one person shooting. [H-L]

Leaders of California’s $255 billion public pension fund gave initial approval on Tuesday to accounting changes aimed at bolstering the fund’s long-term finances that would further raise contribution rates for cities and counties. [Reuters]

A powerful incumbent Republican U.S. Senator seems vulnerable in a state long ruled by Democrats and which still has a Democratic edge in registration. But despite public polling which indicates 2014 might be the year when Democrats could take out Mitch McConnell, the Republican Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate, they can’t seem to find a viable candidate. [Ronnie Ellis]

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are awaiting answers as they consider how — or whether — to attempt improvements of the national security apparatus following Monday’s deadly twin bombings at the Boston marathon. [The Hill]

The agreement on how to change the Kentucky Retirement System and pay for increased contributions into the pension fund was heralded as the crowning moment of the 2013 legislative session. [CN|2]

With a decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline looming, supporters and opponents are putting everything on the table, fighting tooth and nail for the public’s — and the president’s — attention. [Politico]

Two people are in jail after an overnight robbery in Southern Kentucky. The dude was hiding under a bed. Yes, they have beds in Laurel County. [WKYT]

How Congres quietly overhauled its insider-trading law. The legislative process on Capitol Hill is often slow and grinding. There are committee hearings, filibuster threats and hours of floor debate. But sometimes, when Congress really wants to get something done, it can move blindingly fast. [NPR]

Budgeting is always an uncertain business in the school world, and with the federal government throwing the sequestration issue into the mix, school financial planners are facing still more uncertainty. [Ashland Independent]

The Pope has approved a report criticising the leadership of the largest group of American nuns. The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is accused by the Vatican of “radical feminism” and of failing to obey church teaching on such matters as the possible ordination of women as priests. [BBC]

The University of Kentucky announced three finalists Tuesday for provost, all of whom will make campus visits next week. [H-L]

Chatting with reporters over breakfast this morning, Sen. Rand Paul dished on his likes, dislikes and his plans for the future. He only considers McConnell a colleague and not a mentor. [The Blaze]

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Rand Paul Isn’t In Love With Mitch

  1. “Mitch & Rand: A Match Made in Hell”

    Mitch aide: “Senator, Rand is out-pacing you as the biggest name in KY. We need to do sumpin.”

    Mitch: “That damn brat can stick to his heroes–Ayn Rand and Thoreau. I don’t need his ass.”

    Mitch aide: “Wish you were pollin’ better, Senator. Oh, well, at least the Dems still haven’t come up with a warm bod.”

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