Newsflash: Frankfort Is Still A Disaster, Carry On

A bipartisan nominating commission has recommended that Gov. Steve Beshear consider a state appeals court judge and two other lawyers for an open state Supreme Court seat in Northern Kentucky. What the paper won’t tell you is that the “timetable” is likely next Wednesday. [H-L]

A group of hardline conservative members of the House are coming out in favor of immigration reform, writing in a letter to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) dated March 21 that they support his efforts to negotiate a comprehensive bill. [TPM]

A leadership breakdown in Frankfort cost Kentucky a chance to take up a constitutional amendment to allow casinos and has imperiled a deal on shoring up Kentucky’s public pension system, state Rep. David Osborne, R-Prospect said. [Ryan Alessi]

Matthew Barzun, a businessman and Obama fundraiser, will become the next U.S. ambassador to the royal court of the United Kingdom, CBS News’ Major Garrett reports. [CBS News]

A federal court has ruled that a Kentucky coal mine owes the government $1.67 million in fines for more than 1,200 safety violations over a six-year period. [C-J/AKN]

Coming soon to a Kentucky legislator near you. Lawmakers in Arizona are weighing a law requiring transgender people to use public toilets of the gender listed on their birth certificate. [BBC]

Now Jim Deckard is trying to get involved in the Murray State shenanigans. [WEKU]

Conspiracy theorists are going to lose their marbles over this one. If you’re a vehicle owner and happen to have a car accident in the near future, it’s likely the crash details will be recorded. Automotive “black boxes” are now built into more than 90 percent of new cars, and the government is considering making them mandatory. [NPR]

A Johnson County grand jury has indicted the son of an Eastern Kentucky couple found buried on their farm. Willie Blanton is charged with for two counts of murder, two counts of tampering with physical evidence, and one count of being a persistent felony offender. [H-L]

Way to go, Lexington, you’ve made all the national news sites over something embarrassing. Let’s blame Jim Gray for not having the guts to stand up for what’s right. [Consumerist]

The Kentucky Supreme Court will decide if an inmate involved in a 2009 prison riot received a fair disciplinary hearing after an officer prevented any witnesses from testifying on his behalf. [WKYT]

Professional Bible-humper Pat Robertson — who uses his teevee show The 700 Club to golden shower the faithful with handy advice like how to avoid icky adopted children cooties and how to get the Satan out of your Goodwill sweaters — has some new tips for clean living. [Wonkette]

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  1. “Pot & Kettle Talk from Pat Robertson”

    So, he wants us to beware of religious “scamsters”–except for him. Oh, how these human toads fool the lame, ignorant, innocent, and desperate. I can see Jesus now–weeping for them and shaking his head at greedy Pat.

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