What A Crazy Evening Round-Up This Turned Into

Child care agencies contracting with the state of Kentucky are barred from discriminating against children on the basis of religion under a settlement announced Wednesday by state officials and multiple groups. [H-L]

Hillary Clinton has double-digit leads over two favorite sons of Florida in the 2016 presidential race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll on Thursday. [Politico]

As Kentucky Democrats make a last-minute push to allow U.S. military personnel overseas to vote online, Florida is reporting what appears to be the first case of someone trying to manipulate U.S. voting through the Internet. [C-J/AKN]

In the buttoned-down world of government officials who oversee computer contracts, Poland’s Andrzej Machnacz cut a colorful figure. He enjoyed fine cigars and tooled around Warsaw on a motorcycle. Salesmen beat a path to his office, where the big-screen television was usually tuned to the fashion channel. [ProPublica]

Louisville Metro government continues to round up vehicles they say have been used for illegal dumping of trash, tires and even appliances. Really, this type of legislation needs to spread around the state. [WHAS11]

The US Federal Reserve has said that the economy has strengthened “moderately” but still needs stimulus measures to underpin recovery. In a statement after a two-day meeting, the Fed said it would keep its policy of buying $85bn a month of Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities. [BBC]

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management has denied a pending permit for a coal ash landfill in Trimble County. [WFPL]

Walk-in clinics are popping up in shopping malls and main streets across the United States and private equity is helping fund the expansion. [Reuters]

The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday disbarred famed Cincinnati trial attorney Stanley Chesley over his involvement in a notorious $200 million settlement involving the diet drug fen-phen. [H-L]

As gay marriage heads to court, a look back at the bumpy ride. Gays and lesbians have adopted the phrase “it gets better” as a kind of slogan to assure young people that life won’t always be so tough. [NPR]

A central Kentucky cave won’t be destroyed for the purpose of building a landfill. Here’s how it’s being covered in the rest of the state. [WKYT]

Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was dismissive on Thursday of conservative critics such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, saying their arguments against immigration reform were misguided. [HuffPo]

Let’s talk about the Democrats responsible for HB 279 for a moment, folks. [Page One]