What On Earth Is Up With Carter Co’s Judge-Exec?

Here’s the latest:

Carter Judge-Executive Charles Wallace disputes allegations that he has held up rate increase negotiations with the US Marshals Service.

In a letter addressed to USMS Assistant Director David Musel, dated Feb. 21, Wallace informed “pertinent individuals” that he had appointed magistrates Mary Ellen Greenhill and Clifford Roe “to work on the IGA agreement.”

Wallace said Tuesday that he asked Greenhill and Roe to bring facts to the Fiscal Court, not to actually negotiate a new daily rate for federal prisoners in the Carter County Detention Center (CCDC).


The judge-executive also disputed the claim that the Fiscal Court had voted to raise daily rates by $10 during a meeting in June 2011.

Yet, the official minutes of the Fiscal Court meeting of June 29, 2011, show that Roe offered such a motion and that it was seconded by Ronnie Greenhill and approved by unanimous vote.

Goodness gracious.

It’s like they spread the stupid on thick in Carter County. Is it some kind of circus? Someone send Grayson some help, pronto.