Rep. Reggie Meeks Confused On Military Voting

Here’s what State Rep. Reggie Meeks had to say about Senate Bill 3 in his latest blast:

SENATE BILL 3 – In what could only have been scripted in D.C., no better example of political misjudgment and miscalculation can be ascribed to what happened to SB 3. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.

SB 3 related to ENSURING THE VOTES OF OUR KENTUCKY MILITARY PERSONNEL ARE COUNTED. You should know that, according to our Secretary of State, some 300 of the votes of our military personnel DID NOT GET COUNTED in the last election because they arrived after the time given for ballots to arrive in Frankfort by mail. Clearly, a situation everyone wants to correct; right? The Secretary of State, the Senate President–an agreement was had by all soon after the problem revealed itself. Then, Senator McConnell sends word down from Washington to nix the agreement.

Whoa! Hundreds of our fighting soldiers’ votes are not counted, and because Sen. McConnell has a problem with Secretary Allison Lundergan Grimes POSSIBLY being a future political opponent, their voices get shelled out of existence?! I wonder how those soldiers, their families, and the public-at-large are going to feel about that. . . Frankly, I wonder how YOU are going to feel about that.

Oh, that’s not what we were told, of course. Minority Floor Leader Jeff Hoover voted against the bill to solve this problem–supposedly because of the way one of his members was stopped from pontificating on the floor of the House and ruled out of order during the vote. Others voted against the bill to ensure our soldiers’ votes are counted by claiming the technology for transmitting their votes might be compromised, and therefore not “secret” as required by the Constitution and the King James version.

Never mind that 24 other states take care of their soldiers and ensure their votes are counted using the technology involved here. Or that we and the military routinely use encrypted transmission of info and data. Never mind that Kentucky has the third highest number of citizen soldiers in the country and something like 80,000 citizens overseas in various places and capacities who could potentially vote. . . Senator McConnell didn’t want this fix passed; at least he did not want Secretary Lundergan Grimes to get credit for its passage, and that was all that mattered. I will keep you posted on what happens to this bill when it reaches the Senate. Anyone want to bet what that might be??

We love calling Mitch McConnell out for his idiocy more than most but let’s not obfuscate.

Unfortunately for Meeks, he’s sorely mistaken. McConnell didn’t kill the legislation. It was Democrats who killed it – because they’re afraid of Alison Lundergan Grimes (and her father) stepping on their political toes.

Aaaaand… here’s where we’re going to get a little big ageist… It was primarily elderly old men who have zero concept of technology and security. Liberal old men like Richard Beliles, in fact. People who have no idea what “encryption” means. Folks so old that they’ve forgotten that physical ballots can be opened and tampered with – especially when mailed from foreign, hostile territories – much more easily than something cast electronically.

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  1. Reggie must be confused, since Senate Bill 1 is the military voting bill, not Senate Bill 3.

    Should we be concerned Meeks is voting ‘yes’ on bills he’s not reading? Maybe he has an excuse since Stumbo and Adkins tell him what to do.

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