Rand Paul Turned The Senate Into Dookie Show

Sen. Rand Paul blasted Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement that drone strikes could be carried out on U.S. soil under extreme circumstances, with the Kentucky Republican suggesting that means Americans could be killed while they’re “eating dinner” or “at a cafe.” [Politico]

A week after a first attempt, a hemp bill made it out of the state House Agriculture committee with a nearly unanimous vote Wednesday morning. But the bill still could die if House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, blocks a vote on the House floor. [H-L]

If Staten Island’s Great Kills Marina Café is able to reopen this spring after Sandy ripped apart its interior – blowing out windows and punching through walls – it will be thanks to assistance from the federal government. [ProPublica]

The bill for a statewide smoking ban is favored by three-fifths of Kentucky adults, but is dead for this session of the General Assembly. [Al Cross]

A group of ex-US drug enforcement chiefs say Washington must crack down on marijuana use in two states that recently voted to legalise the drug. Eight former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) leaders urged the Obama administration to sue the states. [BBC]

The bill which lays out guidelines for Kentucky farmers to grow hemp and sets up regulatory framework within the Kentucky Agriculture Dept. passed out of committee with a 24-1 vote Wednesday morning. But by the early afternoon, House Speaker Greg Stumbo said the bill “had problems” and was going nowhere. [CN|2]

President Barack Obama must work with a deeply skeptical partner as he tries to undo painful spending cuts and set U.S. finances on a more sustainable course: the liberal wing of his own party. [Reuters]

We love to give London crap for being awful but this day’s award goes to Richmond. Some lady tried to eat a bunch of “evidence” (pills) while detained. [Richmond Register]

Federal officials warned Tuesday that an especially dangerous group of superbugs has become a significant health problem in hospitals throughout the United States. [NPR]

URGENT BREAKING NEWS! A tree fell on a car in Lexington. Can you believe that? A tree fell and it was newsworthy. [WKYT]

Numerous lawmakers, including Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), said on Tuesday that they want to pass legislation to legalize cellphone unlocking. [The Hill]

Remember Ernest Lee? He has resurfaced! Former Gov. Ernie Fletcher is scheduled to speak at a Republican dinner in Cynthiana on Saturday. [H-L]

The Dow hit a record high on Tuesday, but who’s winning? The conditions of America’s jobless recovery detailed in this essay nearly two years ago have only continued. [Mother Jones]

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  1. rand paul is a wreck looking for an accident.

    Don’t kid yourself, paul is simply grandstanding. If he didn’t use this so-called reason, he would have found another.

  2. I’m not here to defend Rand….. I am hear to say go back to Tennessee. No one likes your kind (Tennesseans that is).

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