Ugh, UK Racism Allegations Spread Far & Wide

You know that little racism allegation floating over the University of Kentucky’s head?

It’s getting more attention:

The University of Kentucky Medical School (“UK”), and Dr. Frederic C. de Beer as its leader, are facing heightened criticism for the medical school’s alleged discrimination against current and potential black medical students. When Dr. de Beer was hired by UK’s Medical School, UK’s Provost, Michael Karpf said “it was vital to have a leader who could move the college forward in all forefronts and he felt Dr. de Beer demonstrated that he had the qualities and experience needed to help UK achieve its goals.”

Former students and UK alumni have criticized the racism at UK for many years, yet nothing has been done to address their concerns. In fact, numerous requests under the Kentucky Open Records Act have been made for UK to disclose pertinent data to verify the enrollment, retention, and graduate rate for African American students but each request to date, have been denied.

Little has changed with the board mindset since the racist days of Happy Chandler.

One can only hope UK some day takes these complaints a bit more seriously.