Frankfort Is Apparently As Silly As The Weather

Watching the 2013 General Assembly is a bit like watching Kentucky’s weather; if you don’t like what you hear one day, just stick around for what they say the next. [Ronnie Ellis]

How much could it cost to keep teenagers from having sex? More than $100 million per year over the course of five years would be a good starting place, according to a bill introduced last month by a bipartisan duo of congressmen. [HuffPo]

The sky was gray and sometimes spitting snow here Saturday afternoon as people remembered what happened one year ago, when the sky was black and spitting tornadoes. [H-L]

President Barack Obama said on Friday he felt compelled to weigh in on a California same-sex marriage case before the Supreme Court because of his and society’s “profoundly positive” evolution on gay rights. [Reuters]

The capital of this year’s redistricting map controversy is unquestionably Elliott County. That’s not only because a powerful House Democrat hails from that county but also because legislators are having to get creative with the math when it comes to the federal prisoners who are housed in Elliott County. [Ryan Alessi]

This story is absolutely why we rolled our eyes at Joe Gerth’s story about Ashley Judd’s breasts. [Wonkette]

Joe Gerth got tired of thinking about Ashley Judd’s breasts. Plans for the Kentucky House to draw legislative districts have hit yet another snag as the new House map could not be readied in time for a Democratic caucus meeting slated for Monday afternoon. [C-J/AKN]

And just like that, this story killing a liberal Super PAC spreads to the dumbed down mainstream media. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell lambasted a liberal group on Saturday for criticizing the Asian heritage of his wife, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, calling its Twitter messages “racial slurs” and “the ultimate outrage.” [CBS News]

With only seven days remaining in the legislative session, House and Senate leaders on Monday were no closer to reaching an agreement on on how to fix and fund the ailing pension system. [Bluegrass Politics]

How bad credit reports keep people unemployed. Emmett Pinkston served in the military for 30 years, first in the Marines, then in the Air Force, then in the Army. He helped coordinate security for President George W. Bush during the G8 Summit on Sea Island, Ga., in 2004, and worked as an intelligence analyst in Iraq from 2005 to 2007, some of the deadliest years of the war. [HuffPo]

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced a $5.2 million grant for out-of-work coal miners in eastern Kentucky. [WKYT]

When news of the two latest drone strikes emerged from Pakistan’s tribal belt in early February, it seemed to be business as usual by the C.I.A. [NY TImes]

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  1. “To Be Fair and Balanced”

    Since Joe Gerth is so interested in Ashley Judd’s body, it is only fair that he should draw similar attention to the sagging bod of Senator Mitch. (Admittedly, his bod is the least of his problems when it comes to destroying Amurka.)

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