Ronnie Ellis Just Brings It For The Millionth Time

Be careful what you wish for, my mother used to tell me. I should’ve listened. The 22nd day of the 30-day session concluded Friday, and so far as I can see, not much of significance has happened. [Ronnie Ellis]

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has lambasted a liberal group for criticizing the ethnicity of his wife, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. [WaPo]

What the living hell is wrong with people?! The Logan County Sheriff’s Department, along with the Logan County Humane Society and Logan County Animal Control, took into custody 26 dogs from an Olmstead home Friday morning that appeared to be severely neglected. [News Democrat Leader]

There are few things in life more joyful than discovering a giant oil or natural gas field in Texas. You’re suddenly rich beyond your wildest dreams. [NPR]

A bill that would strengthen people’s ability to ignore Kentucky regulations or laws that violate their religious beliefs is now headed to the Republican-controlled Senate. This is what we call a bill set to be used to hate the gays. [Bluegrass Politics]

The U.S. government stumbled headlong on Friday toward wide-ranging spending cuts that threaten to hinder the economic recovery, after President Barack Obama and congressional leaders failed to find an alternative budget plan. [Reuters]

Kentucky babies are more likely to die in their first year than infants in Cuba, Croatia and Slovakia. Sorry, these statistics are not surprising to anyone remotely paying attention. [C-J/AKN]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday the GOP was determined to keep $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade in place. [Politico]

What? A formerly decent newsweekly libeling people? Surely not. That’s obviously never happened in the past. Cough. [Curt Morrison]

While President Obama and administration officials have framed the drone program as targeting particular members of Al Qaeda, attacks against unknown militants reportedly may account for the majority of strikes. [ProPublica]

This may be some of the most important news in several weeks. A western Kentucky restaurant and bar is on a quest to offer the world’s largest selection of bourbons. [H-L]

The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service is bracing to take a financial hit from sequestration — even though it’s being spared from the $85 billion across-the-board cuts themselves. [The Hill]

Commercial vehicles with unsecured loads, improper hitches and unqualified drivers could go undetected — posing serious risks on Kentucky’s highways — if a bill pending in the Kentucky Senate becomes law, according to the Louisville Metro Police. [C-J/AKN]

At the voting rights argument in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts tore into Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, grilling him on his knowledge of voting statistics. [NPR]