Stumbo Stopped Pretending To Run For Senate

Hey, gays, you’re going to get a big kick out of this one! A man Time magazine once called one of America’s most influential evangelicals has claimed that people who disagree with homosexuality are in danger of being “ostracized” like the Ku Klux Klan. [HuffPo]

The House passed its version of a state pension overhaul bill Wednesday, along with a proposal to help fund the ailing pension system by expanding the Kentucky Lottery and instant racing at horse racetracks. [H-L]

The nomination of John Brennan to be CIA director has prompted intense debate on Capitol Hill and in the media about U.S. drone killings abroad. But the focus has been on the targeting of American citizens – a narrow issue that accounts for a miniscule proportion of the hundreds of drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen in recent years. [ProPublica]

The Republican state Senate surely wasn’t expecting LaRue County to follow its lead. Surprise! [Ronnie Ellis]

As U.S. oil and natural gas production booms, the Obama administration’s energy policy has been “fluid” by necessity to adapt to the huge economic opportunities and climate challenges posed by growth, the top White House energy and climate adviser said on Wednesday. [Reuters]

The Kentucky Department of Education has appointed a state manager for the Monticello Independent school district. [WKYT]

Getting economists to agree with each other isn’t easy. But Congress and the White House have managed to unite them. [NPR]

Greg Stumbo said that Ashley Judd can beat Mitch McConnell if she challenges him in 2014. Greg Stumbo also said he wasn’t playing politics with Ernie Fletcher and said he wasn’t going to run for Lieutenant Governor with Bruce Lunsford. [C-J/AKN]

Here, let us explain at you about the Voting Right Act and what it is, and what certain people (YOU KNOW WHO WE MEAN) are saying about why we don’t need it, and what will probably happen to it. [Wonkette]

While some Kentucky Democrats have been skeptical of a potential Ashley Judd candidacy for U.S. Senate, House Speaker Greg Stumbo is no longer among them, saying Thursday he would encourage her to run. He thinks he’s going to change her position on coal – HA! [Ryan Alessi]

It’s kind of sad that this Republican Congresscritter is admitting he has a vagina. Also sad that he has no idea what a transvaginal ultrasound is, as his side has been pushing them for years. [HuffPo]

Hemp advocates turned up the political heat Thursday on state House leadership and Rep. Tom McKee, saying they have a “last chance” for a vote on Senate Bill 50 or will face the wrath of voters. [H-L]

2 thoughts on “Stumbo Stopped Pretending To Run For Senate

  1. “A Holier-than-Thou Nut Case”

    The wrong Rev. Land’s remarkably stupid remarks urge me to ask him these questions: (1) Did you know that the American Psychiatric Association, in the mid-1970s, stipulated that homosexuality is NOT “abnormal”?; and (2) Rev, have you ever walked in the shoes of gay people rather than those of the KKK?

  2. “A Congressional Nut Case”

    It is indeed pitiful that Rep. Duffy (R-Wis.) can make a laughing matter out of states’ forcing women to have invasive, totally unnecessary procedures such as trans-vaginal ultrasounds, which many sane folks equate with legislated rape. Duffy may not have a hole beneath his abdomen, but he seems to have a rather big one in his head.

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