Kentucky Progress Turns Into Walking Disaster

Here’s the whoopsiedaisy moment for the faux Super PAC called “Kentucky Progress” – run by Shawn Reilly and Curt Morrison, from Politico:

Group under fire for McConnell tweets also faces FEC questions

The super PAC under fire for posting racist tweets about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife failed to disclose its December fundraising numbers and received a warning notice from the Federal Election Commission.

Progress Kentucky, which was formed in December to oppose McConnell, received a letter from the FEC Feb. 19 asking for the super PAC to disclose its donors and expenditures.


“The failure to timely file a complete report may result in civil money penalties, an audit or legal enforcement action,” the letter states. “The civil money penalty calculation for late reports does not include a grace period and begins on the day following the due date for the report.”

Shawn Reilly, executive director of the super PAC, told POLITICO in an email that Progress Kentucky has sent its report via regular mail since receiving the letter. In its letter, the FEC also recommended that the group send their reports via overnight delivery or courier service to avoid further delays in disclosing information.

When it rains? It pours.

Also, Karma is a real bitch.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Progress Turns Into Walking Disaster

  1. Faux in that it’s not going to raise millions now. Faux in that it’s not really a large organization working against McConnell. It’s a couple people.

    And it’s not fledgling. Neither Shawn Reilly nor Curt Morrison are new to speaking in public or handling politics. They both have eight years in this. Reilly a bit longer, actually.

  2. Faux, as in they are NOT progressives. They have been courting the Tea Party from day one.

    Their “treasurer”, Doug Davis (Davis_Douglas) tweeted
    @ProgressKentucky “Change is coming to Kentucky. Right or Left, McConnell’s days are numbered.”

    RIGHT or left? Faux, indeed.

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